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Sea buckthorn

Planting, gathering, useful features and application recipes of sea buckthorn

Botanical characteristics of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a tall shrub or small tree with numerous thorns. This plant has a very developed root system that is shallow. The sea-buckthorn roots go deep into the soil to 40 cm sea Buckthorn has simple leaves, alternate, arranged on short petioles. The leaves have two colors: the bottom-they are the silver color and the top leaves green. This plant has female and male flowers. Female flowers of sea-buckthorn yellow-green, are collected in inflorescence-brush. Male flowers differ in color from the female, they are dark brown in color, and they are collected in inflorescence-spike.

Sea buckthorn fruit – drupe globose or oval, juicy, sour taste. The color of the drupe is orange and reddish. The fruits ripen in the period from late summer to mid-autumn.

Flowering plants is in April-may. Sea buckthorn is most often found in Europe, Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus, India and China. Sea buckthorn grows along the banks of rivers and lakes, slopes, wetlands, mountains and ravines. Grow it in gardens, roadsides and parks.

Planting sea buckthorn

The place for planting the sea-buckthorn should be Sunny, which is not going to a lot of snow in the spring. Buckthorn loves a light soil, however heavy it grows well. Only in heavy soil before planting the plants you need to make organic fertilizer and river sand in large quantity.

In one area it is possible to plant 2-3 trees female and 1 male. And you can just instill into the crown of a female tree 3 branches from male plants, and that will be enough for pollination.

Early spring is the best time to plant sea buckthorn. Suitable for planting not only annual, but biennial shoots.

The hole for planting must be done the size of half a meter by half a meter. Further into the hole make organic fertilizer and superphosphate. Then planted the seedling plants from the top and tightly pressed against the soil. It should make watering a sapling.

After 3-4 years after planting, the plant begins to bear fruit. However, the fruits of sea buckthorn are formed on the gains of last year. In older plants the fruits fall to the ground because they crown a high, reduced growth, and harvest harder. So you need to do pruning in older plants the branches three years ago.

Reproduction of sea buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn can be propagated from root shoots, green and woody cuttings and grafting cuttings.

The propagation of woody cuttings – the most common waybreeding of sea-buckthorn. This method is carried out in April. For this you need to cut the annual shoots, which are well developed and matured. Further, all shoots are tied in a bundle so that the bottom of all shoots was in one side, and the top in another. All shoots need to survive a week indoors at room temperature. During this time they will bulk up the buds, then shoots planted in ready soil.

Planted cuttings need to be in a place that is protected from winds, but very lit. Need to fertilize the soil with compost or compost, and then planted it in the prepared cuttings. Before planting you should make small beds, in which the cuttings are placed vertically. The soil requires to squeeze the handle. Immediately after planting watering produce cuttings.

First cuttings of growing shoots, and then only formed roots, that is why every day you need to water the cuttings. After 25-30 days there will be roots, and after these days, you can reduce watering. If the cuttings to create the right conditions, the result of all cuttings rooted from 70 to 90 %. Well developed plants transplanted in autumn for a place in the garden. If the plant to fall even weak, its grown another year and then planted in the garden.

Collection of sea buckthorn

In early September, the ripe fruits of sea buckthorn, but the collection can begin only when they are ripe. The collection is better done with the help of forks of spring steel.

The collection is as follows: escape you need to press with a fork. Under the branch hanging canopy. Then move the fork in the run, picking berries, that will fall into the canopy. While collecting can break small branches of plants, but that's OK, because they still fall die. It is more convenient to gather the fruit will be by the following method: take a wooden tray with straps, covered with foil, and hang it on the neck of the person collecting the harvest. Thanks to this method to collect the fruits will become easier and faster because you can go to every branch. Immediately after harvest it is necessary to remove all the weeds and loosen the soil.

Care sea buckthorn

If the plant is to create appropriate conditions and to provide adequate care, the tree will yield for 30-40 years.

In the period from March until April is necessary to produce a crop of branches, in simple language, the branches need to be thinned. If this is not done, there will be a lot of dry branches, much of the crop falls on the ground, the plant will quickly grow old. Under the sea-buckthorn is not recommended to plant flowers or some vegetables because she does not tolerate such neighbourhood, she needs her space. As weeds they need to be carefullyto remove tree trunks it is necessary to mulch. When you produce a soil loosening around trees, you need to remember that this plant is very fragile and superficial roots.

Buckthorn responds well to phosphorus fertilizer. Organic fertilizer should be made in moderation. Before planting and every 3-5 years we need to amend the soil lime.

Sea buckthorn is a moisture – loving plant, so it needs regular watering. It is impossible to plant sea buckthorn in areas of stagnant groundwater at 2 feet from the surface, as this will lead not only to the fact that she was not accustomed, but also to its rapid demise. So the plant died from disease and viruses, you need to crop withering branches.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a miraculous plant that has long been famous for its healing qualities. Useful properties of sea buckthorn are used in inflammatory conditions, in the presence of RAS. The fruits of sea buckthorn have pain-relieving properties. The plant contains vitamins C and e that improves elasticity of blood vessel walls. Sea buckthorn strengthens the immune system.

The fruit of sea buckthorn is very valuable, and that they owe their composition: they contain sugar, ascorbic acid, tannins, organic acid and various vitamins. Due to the fact that sea buckthorn has a full set of vitamins, it has antioxidant properties, normalizes metabolism and improves the health of the person who has a chronic illness.

Sea buckthorn oil

Of fruit plants get the sea buckthorn oil. This oil contains carotenoids, organic acids, glycerides. Most often sea buckthorn oil is used as a multivitamin means. It is used in the case when the person had a serious infectious disease. Also, sea buckthorn oil is recommended for the flu.

Sea buckthorn oil is used in atherosclerosis, stomatitis, disease of the stomach and intestines. The oil of this wonder plant to cure wounds that heal slowly. The healing properties of sea buckthorn oil is used for lubrication of surgical wounds after operations on the stomach, esophagus and other operations.

Dermatitis and many skin diseases cure by sea buckthorn oil. It can be applied topically and inside. Inhalation of this oil helps in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

If it is not possible to buy a sea buckthorn oil, do not despair, it can be prepared at home easily and quickly. It is prepared in two ways. The first kindoil of sea buckthorn is prepared as follows: take of the fruit of the plant and squeeze with the juice, put in a cold place, then you will see, on the surface float the oil. It should be easy to remove.

Oil second the production method has fewer useful properties. For its preparation you need to take the cake and pour it with sunflower oil, leave it in a warm room for 20 days for the infusion, and then using the pressing to separate the oil.

Sea buckthorn oil can cure gastritis, ulcers, burns, anemia and other diseases.

The use of sea buckthorn

In folk medicine is widely used and quite varied sea-buckthorn and preparations from it. Tincture from the fruit of the plant is used for stomach ulcers, diseases of the intestines, avitaminosis and dysentery. Fruit in fresh form are used as a multivitamin means, with low acidity, constipation, poor metabolism.

Sea buckthorn is recommended to use for blood disorders, cancer, fever, liver and lungs. From the leaves of sea buckthorn prepare decoctions and infusions, which are used for burns, obesity, respiratory. Sea buckthorn has properties that can lower the amount of cholesterol. Topically, the sea buckthorn is used in gout and rheumatism in the form of baths. A decoction of the seeds of sea buckthorn has a laxative property.

A decoction of sea buckthorn. Take 10 grams of fruit plants and pour 100ml of boiling water. Put on fire for 10-15 minutes. then remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Strain the finished broth, you can apply it to 2 tablespoons before meals.

Broth with hair loss. For its preparation you need to take 1 tablespoon of leaves and fruits and pour them a glass of boiling water. Leave it for 4 hours to infuse, do not forget to cover the dishes. Take broth 150 ml twice a day – morning and evening, before meals. And at night you can RUB broth into the scalp.

Treatment of cervical erosion. It is necessary to take sea buckthorn oil and moisten the swabs. To change tampons every day.

In cancer of the stomach and esophagus need to eat every day 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn fruits 3-4 times a day.

Packs of sea buckthorn. Take the warm decoction, soak a cloth in it and apply directly to the affected area. Next, once the fabric is to be applied a plastic bandage (layer). On this layer you should put a piece of cotton, which is fixed with a bandage. Compress on a sick leave more than four hours.

Contraindications to the use of sea buckthorn

Because of the content inthe plant large amounts of beta-carotene from the use of sea buckthorn may receive Allergy. Sea buckthorn is prohibited for people with pancreatitis and cholecystitis.