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Treatment of tansy and its properties

Botanical characteristics tansy

Tansy refers to perennial plants in the family Asteraceae. This plant contains useful substances: for example, in the leaves and capitula of tansy discovered essential oils, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids. The people tansy called wild pock. This name it received because of the shape of its inflorescence. As a rule, in medicine tansy is used in the treatment of worms. The powder of this plant used as a drug for the destruction of noxious insects. If you try to grind the flowers of tansy, you will feel a pleasant spicy aroma. Tansy blooms for a long time: flowering begins in late June and ends in September.

Flowers are bright yellow, they are small, so to form a flap on the top of the stem of the plant. Also tansy is bearing fruit in the form of seeds, they ripen around August-October, have an elongated shape and a length of 1.2–1.8 mm. tansy grows practically in all territory of Russia, except the far North. Typically, it grows along roads, dwellings, meadows, steppes, on the banks of rivers. Only recently, tansy has been used as a medicinal herb, and spicy food.

In order to use medicinal flowers of tansy, in rare cases – sheets. To treat the flowers begin to collect in the flowering beginning, without peduncles. Dry them in a dryer or under a canopy, the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Flower baskets tansy contain various bitter substances: tanatsetin, essential oil (0,3 %) with the content of borneol, levorotatory camphor, a ketone thujone. Also, the plant contains organic acids, ascorbic acid, flavonoids, terpenes, tannins, alkaloids.

Treatment with tansy

If you use tansy in hepatitis, it is able to reduce the amount of mucus that accumulates in the bile. In addition, the plant is able to tone the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and increase secretion. According to the results of experiments on animals the infusion of the flowers of tansy has a positive effect on the heart, and it increases the amplitude of heart contractions, increases blood pressure, slows the heart rhythm.

Some authors believe that treatment with infusion of baskets tansy promotes scarring ulcers of the duodenum and stomach. This infusion shouldapply 70-100 ml 2-3 times a day.

Preparations, tansy is also used as cholagogue. Such properties of herbs are due to the presence of flavonoids. Broad use of tansy received in folk medicine. To treat the use of the aerial part of the plant, treat the enterobiasis, hipotezy gastritis, hepatitis, colitis, ascariasis, cholecystitis, chronic disease, nervous. A poultice of tansy is used to treat gout, and also in suppurating and long healing wounds. As mentioned earlier, tansy is used in people for getting rid of Ascaris and pinworms.

The juice of tansy, used in various ailments, such as, for example, intoxication after tuberculosis, fever, and also in the treatment of epilepsy, headaches, painful or excessive menstruation, ulcers, joint pains, rheumatism, colds. The juice has a sedative effect.

If you wish to prepare a decoction from this plant, it is necessary to do so: 2 tablespoons dry tansy is poured half a liter of water, then cook on low heat for about 10 minutes. The resulting broth infused for about an hour, then take 1/2–1/3 Cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

In the treatment of rheumatism usually use wine from tansy, it is prepared as follows: 50 g of inflorescences of plants pour a bottle of Muscat wine. It is necessary to insist within 8 days, then drink 30-40 grams after a meal.

For getting rid of ascarids and pinworms use this recipe: 1 tablespoon chopped flowers of tansy, wormwood and chamomile should pour 250 ml of water, bring to boil, cool, add mashed garlic cloves, leave for three hours. The broth is filtered and used in the form of mikroklizm. The procedure should be carried out at night, and after the enema you can't stand 40 minutes.

Since tansy has the property to destroy the pests it is used against moths, cockroaches, bedbugs and flies. For this procedure, prepare the broth is evaporated and mixed with sugar or with a sweet syrup.

Contraindications to the use of tansy

Medications from tansy in any case can not be used during pregnancy because they act as abortifacient drugs! Also you can not use tansy young children, as it slaboyadovitym tool.

Thus, the tansy is not toxic. In 1974 in Moscow was defended the dissertation on competition of degree of candidate of biological Sciences on the topic of comparisonthe toxicity of de-worming drugs, Baturina T. A. during the two-year experiment on cats it has been proven that a ten-fold excess of the dose of tansy (calculation was done per kg of body weight) does not cause any pathological changes and toxic effects in the body.