Treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines is made possible through the renewal of the cells of the liver. As a result, the intake of milk Thistle has a positive effect on the course of gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, hemorrhoids, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

  • Allergic diseases. It is possible to reduce the severity of allergic reactions by cleansing the liver of toxins.
  • Dermatological disease. Very often, skin disease is caused by disorders in the liver. If it can not cope with its functions, then it will certainly affect the condition of the skin. Through them, the body tries to rid itself of toxins, resulting in problems such as: acne, acne and allergic rashes.

  • The treatment of food, alcoholic and narcotic poisoning.
  • Treatment of intoxication by heavy metals (industrial poisoning).
  • The treatment of drug poisoning.
  • Treatment of poisoning caused by the poison of animals and plants. You can use the milk Thistle with the bites of spiders, snakes, arthropods, when injected into the body of the poison mushrooms.

  • What happens with the liver during poisoning of the body?

    The liver is the organ that is responsible for cleansing the body of toxins, takes part in the process of digestion and metabolism. All three functions are vital to humans. The entire liver is permeated by vascular mesh, which is only 60 seconds and passes a filtered 1.5 liters of blood. Such a hard working liver is required to ensure the normal operation of the whole organism. If the liver refuses to work, a person dies in a few days.

    When the liver cells are functioning to their full potential, toxins and other harmful substances in the blood and with its current spread throughout the body. In the end, develop a cardiovascular pathology (atherosclerosis) that affects the digestive tract, bones and joints (arthrosis and arthritis).

    The intake of milk Thistle during poisoning

    The modern world is not only electricity and a comfortable life. For amenities people are paying chronic poisoning. Every day people living in a big city, gets poisoning from industrial emissions, car exhausts. Suffer rural residents with the same regularity faced with harmful herbicides.

    Moreover, the vast majority of the adult population periodically poisoning yourself with ethanol. This can be attributed to the regular use of antibiotics. Since childhood, the human body is toxicity in the form of vaccination.

    In this regard, all the inhabitants of the modern world need to receive milk Thistle. This is especially true for such categories of citizens, such as:

    • People, workers in hazardous industries.
    • People living in industrial areas.
    • People who are employed in agriculture.
    • People who abuse alcohol (consider taking milk Thistle after every major feast or holiday).
    • People with excess body weight, metabolic disorders. Milk Thistle is a great tool for weight loss having a natural origin.

    The liver is the organ that has the ability to recover. Even when you delete 70% of the tissues of the body, the liver is able to function and grow just a few weeks before desired body sizes. The speed of recovery depends on whether for this purpose in the body "building materials". That milk Thistle can provide liver components that will allow it to quickly regenerate.

    The use of milk Thistle in the form of medicines

    Due to the fact that milk Thistle is widely distributed worldwide, has the opportunity to get a high-quality and inexpensive raw materials.

    Milk Thistle is available in the following dosage forms:

    • Meal (powder).
    • Oil in capsules or in bottles.
    • Milk Thistle extract.

    The use of powder milk Thistle

    To obtain