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Black radish

Useful properties, cultivation and recipes black radish

Botanical characteristics of black radish

Black radish is a cruciferous, biennial plant. In the first year of life, the plant produced only pivotal root and a rosette of basal leaves. In the second year of the plant it is possible to observe the stem on the top which has a flower. The stalk is straight and well branched. The radish flowers are white or light purple. The flowers are small in size, which are collected in inflorescence – brush. Fruit plants – large pods containing globular seeds. Seeds are light brown in color and weigh little. The plant blooms in mid-spring, and the fruits ripen from late may to late June.

Wild radish black is not found. It is grown in Europe, Australia, Russia and America. Radish prefers a temperate climate, moist and rich humus soil.

Growing radish

Radish does not require any special conditions and requirements for cultivation. The main condition is a fertile, neutral or slightly acidic soil, and in any case waterlogged. In the spring or summer need to dig the soil to the humus layer. Further fertilizers: urea, potash and superphosphate.

Sowing seeds of radish depends on the type of plant, for example, winter varieties of radish sown at the beginning of summer, and summer varieties – in the month of may. Sowing seeds is carried out in rows, keeping the distance between seed 35 cm Seeds buried 1-2 cm deep into the soil. With a lack of moisture in the soil, after sowing seeds produce watering.

Aisles should be regularly loosened, to do weeding and to thin the seedlings emerged. First thinning is carried out with the appearance of 2 leaves, and the second thinning after 1 month.

Radish responds well to the application of mineral fertilizers, but organic fertilizers it is bad: because they are deteriorating the quality of the roots. At the time when the seedlings have 3-4 leaves, are fertilization, and once fertilized after 3-4 weeks (when formed by the root).

To radish has lain all winter, it is necessary to collect until frost (18 September). When the radish will be harvested, its roots to remove, trim the tops to level with the head of root.

In order for the radish was stored for a long time, the roots should be placed in containers or boxes, paper bags, sprinkling each layer with sand.

Useful properties of radish

The black radish has long been known for its beneficial propertiesused in the treatment of many diseases. The radish contains vitamins, minerals, mineral substances, glycosides, proteins and carbohydrates. Additionally, the roots of plants rich in iron, phosphorus, sodium and other substances.

The juice of radish has choleretic and soothing effect for inflammation of the bile ducts. The same juice cure bronchitis, bronchitis, heart disease and gallbladder and liver diseases and rheumatism. Radish juice helps with neuralgia, sciatica.

Radish is recommended to use in the prevention of atherosclerosis, because this root reduces the levels of bad cholesterol. Radish seeds in powdered form is used in severe wounds and ulcers, as antibacterial agents.

Due to the fact that the radish is bitter and pungent in taste, it is used to remove from the body toxins, viruses and bacteria. As well as radish contains potassium, which causes water-salt metabolism in normal and excretes all excess liquid. Radish has a laxative and diuretic properties.

The use of black radish

Folk medicine has long acknowledged black radish is useful and effective remedy. It helps to fight many diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Radish has antitussive properties, so it is used for colds and flu. Radish juice applied externally in the form of rubbing, lotions and compresses, and the inside of tinctures, decoctions and juices.

Radish with honey cough. To prepare this medication, you must take a great radish and grate it on a grater. The juice from this radish is mixed with 100 grams of honey. Leave for 10 hours to brew and squeeze. Ready-made radish juice with honey take a tablespoon 3-5 times a day.

Radish the flu and bronchitis. First you need to ask someone help: to prepare the medicine himself. A sick person takes a hot bath, leaving her wrapped in a blanket. Someone else (assistant) mixing 100 grams of grated radish with the same amount of horseradish. This also added a little salt and honey. The sick person need to RUB your back with this mixture and drink tea with raspberries for the night.

Radish with hypertension. Take 1 tablespoon of radish juice and the same amount of carrot juice of horseradish and beets. All this stir and add the juice of one lemon. Take this juice thrice a day for 1 tablespoon before lunch and dinner.

Tincture radishwith skin diseases. To do this, take 100 grams of radish juice and add as much wine. Put on fire, closing the lid, evaporating the liquid from the contents until a thick mass. Ready tincture to lubricate the affected areas of the skin.

Alcohol tincture of radishes. This tincture is prepared as follows: the need to take 500 grams of radish, with the peel, finely chop and pour two cups of vodka. Leaving in 14 days to infuse, the contents should be stirred periodically. Take this medicine for tumors of any localization to 30 grams three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Radish rheumatism. So, you need to take 30 grams of radish juice, 20 grams of honey and 10 ml of vodka. Add a bit of salt. The tool infuse for about 2 hours and take as a wound healing remedy.

Radish for anemia. Take 6 carrots and squeeze out the juice, then adding the juice from beets in quantity of 5 units. Here also add the juice of carrots and mix everything. All poured into a ceramic dish and put in the oven closing the lid. After 3 hours take out the medicine and take before eating a tablespoon. The course of treatment – from 3 months.

Contraindications black radish

People with a sensitive stomach to begin to give a piece of radish. If there are no reactions, then everything is fine. People with gastritis, ulcer and low acidity is not something that you should not apply the medicine from the radish, but also the duty not to eat radish. Cores are also not recommended drugs from the black radish.