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Useful properties and applications of rosemary oil, farming

Properties of rosemary

Rosemary has such essential oils that have the greatest therapeutic effect, among them such as eucalyptus, borneol, camphor, verbenon and alpha-Pinene, which create inherent rosemary has a refreshing smell. Contained carnosol, rosmarinic acid and rosmanol create a bitter taste. Also, rosemary is a large number of flavonoids – apigenin and luteolin. Together, these substances create a healing effect of rosemary.

It is no secret that rosemary and the essential oil is a wonderful calming agent, as improve mood and help to calm down and relax. Not by chance a few drops of rosemary added to bath that also has a therapeutic effect. In addition, it helps to improve memory and the intake of rosemary nominate students that helps during session and exams, as well as students in schools during the school year.

The therapeutic effect of rosemary has long been known, it was brought home to the sick and also used in the processions or festivals, when large gatherings of people. There is even an opinion that he is able to stop the aging process, preserving youth. This herb contains volatile, which are antioxidants and affect pathogenic bacteria.

Growing rosemary at home

Rosemary the owner of coniferous, spicy smell and bitter taste, used as seasoning for various dishes. The plant can be grown at home. Propagated by seeds, February and March are ideal for planting. You need to sow the seeds in moistened soil, then cover with wrap and let stand until germination (1 month) at a temperature of +5-+7 degrees. Watering should be moderate, it is important to maintain the same level of humidity, to ventilate the room.
To propagate rosemary from cuttings is possible in late autumn. Get them by cutting new shoots already growing plants. For some time the cuttings are placed in a container with a special solution and then planted in soil composed of peat and sand. Waiting for the rooting of sprouts it is advisable to sprinkle them with water using a spray bottle. Young plants are transplanted to pots with peat or leaf soil, adding fertilizer (humus). Rosemary prefers a light place, in winter you can use artificial lighting.

The use of rosemary

The rosemary used in a tincture from the leaves to treat such diseases as asthma, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Also, the composition can be applied for redness and inflammation of the larynx and pharynx, propulsive their throats. Rosemary calms the nervous system, therefore its oil is inhaled, used in bath and for massage, as well as inside one to three drops.

Rosemary is useful in the treatment of intestinal and stomach diseases, improves appetite. It is used to reduce headaches, which are inhaled rosemary oil, and soon the pain in the head gone. Also, use an infusion of the leaves, which treats colds and also allows the headache to subside.

Infusion of rosemary added to the bath, use also containing ointment that helps in the treatment of neuritis (in addition, you can use the infusion of herbs), gout and other neurological diseases. Ointment of infusion of the plant is also used in the detection of boils, dermatological problems and slowly tighten wounds.

Infusion of leaves of rosemary, lavender has a positive effect on the movement of blood in the circulatory system of the brain that is indispensable for people who suffered a stroke. This composition is used for cosmetic purposes, applying it as a toner before bed to wipe the skin, which reduces its fat content. Containing rosemary oil cosmetic substances also strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and treat dandruff. In cosmetics used flowers, oil, and rosemary leaves for essential oils and massage oils, additives for bathing, creams, etc.

Infusion of leaves also used for neurotic diseases of the cardiovascular system as it tones the body, increases the strength of heart contractions and increases blood pressure for some time. The oil of the plant is used and patients with rheumatism, rubbing the affected areas a mixture of semidesyatiletnego alcohol and rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil is used in aroma lamps, and baths for children suffering from violation of concentration of attention, dripping a few drops. In addition, scattered around the room rosemary oil kills bacteria and cleans the air, which is indispensable for the spread of any infectious disease like influenza.

The plant is used for children with poor eyesight, adding to baths to strengthen the body.

You must remember that contained in the herb rosemary alkaloids in a while speeds up the heartbeat and increaseblood pressure, before taking therefore, not be amiss to consult a doctor. Some people use an infusion of the plant to improve the flow of menopause in women with epilepsy and failure of menstruation.

The herb rosemary and the oils promote blood circulation, help with cold feet and hands, and is indispensable for low blood pressure. The oil helps in concentration and memory, has a positive effect on the nervous system and has a positive impact on people who have impairments with speech, sense of smell or vision.

Among the useful properties of the plants - improving mood, getting rid of gloom and depression, etc.

Infusion rosemary: you Need to add two glasses of hot water, steep one teaspoon of the dried crushed leaves of the corner and shoots of plants rosemary, then allow to stand for half an hour. Drink one or two tablespoons three times a day. In infectious diseases, redness of the throat, and painful feelings in it, to gargle with this solution.

How to make rosemary oil? For its preparation it is necessary to omit some branches of the plant into the bottle or other container, add cool pressed from the olive oil and place in the sun. Six weeks pass through a cheesecloth or strainer and pour in the resulting in a dark, closed bottle away from light. The oil is ready.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary has a strong camphor aroma, reminiscent of the fresh smell of the sea. From this plant are essential oil. Wonderful product, used for painful sensations in the muscles, cramps. Used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. With his help cleaning the liver and kidneys. Useful for strengthening blood vessels, perfectly relieves inflammation hemorrhoids, reduces symptoms of varicose veins.

Contributes to the hypotensive effect, increases the acuteness of hearing, sense of smell. Applied massage movements on the temples a few drops of oil to help eliminate headaches, soothe the nervous system, normalizes sleep. Substances contained in oil, excrete the excess fluid without disturbing the fluid and electrolyte balance. Invigorating aroma of the plant improves mental and physical performance, attention, and improves memory.

Receiving oil for a particular recipe improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart, slows the aging process and activates the body's defenses. Effective masks with rosemary oil, they reduce pores,tighten the skin. Antiseptic properties favorable for the treatment of acne, boils, eczema, After regular use in the tissues by improving blood circulation occurring regeneration processes, smooths the skin texture.

Rosemary for hair

When using rosemary for hair is growth stimulation, stronger hair follicles. Does rosemary oil for hair, simultaneously moisturizes and nourishes with vitamins the scalp, which helps to disinfect and eliminate dandruff.

Rosemary acne

Rosemary helps to get rid of acnethat often appear on the face in adolescents, several procedures and pustular rash no trace remains. If oil is not available in the home medicine Cabinet can be made from dry herb, and drug use as remedies for skin problems and various diseases.

If you want to buy a universal remedy it is rosemary oil, acne help of an application that apply for the night. Magic rosemary oil (1 tsp) almond oil (8 drops) becomes effective the mixture is able to eliminate the stretching on the skin.

Rosemary for the face is useful if the skin loses moisture and becomes dry, this can happen during a holiday by the sea or chapping from the wind. Course oil therapy is able to restore skin softness and youth and to eliminate brown spots. Good various medicinal baths, they help relieve fatigue, overcome pain in the joints and muscles. Using rosemary oil for the face and body can long remain beautiful and young.

Contraindications of rosemary

Rosemary is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and low acidity of gastric juice, women during pregnancy and people suffering from regular seizures and patients with hypertension.