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Useful properties and applications sferofiza sodic

Description sferofiza

Sferofiza is a poisonous perennial plant that blooms in may and June. This herbaceous plant grows up to 120 cm in height. It has horizontal threadlike rhizome and numerous straight stems slightly appressed branches. Sheets feature grass pinnate, their length does not exceed 10 cm.

Brick red flowers clustered in axillary many-flowered racemes. The fruit sferofiza represented by oblong-globose Bob bright color. The seeds of the medicinal plants are quite small, have rounded-reniform shape and matte brown color. The fruits of the plant ripen in July. Sferofiza possible reproduction by seed or vegetative way.

Sferofiza widely distributed in semi-deserts and deserts of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Western Siberia and Eastern Transcaucasia.

Useful properties sferofiza

The main active bioactive substance in the composition sferofiza is an alkaloid sferofizin. It is contained in the leaves, young shoots and flowers of the plant that are used medicinally. Raw material is produced during flowering.

Sferofiza mow, clear of impurities and accidentally caught the other plants, are laid on the ground fabric or bedding and dried in the sun. The dried product is threshed, remove coarse stems, Packed in bags and sent for further processing at the plant. Quality raw materials must retain natural color and consist of a mixture of flowers, leaves and small branches.

Such a wonderful herb as sferofiza refers to the unique medicinal plants, which very well affect the muscles of the uterus.

Sferofiza shown with a weak labor activity, for the treatment of hypertension, and also at women's postpartum bleeding. Sferofiza has excellent hemostatic and tonic properties. In addition, it exerts a powerful hypotensive action.

Application sferofiza

This plant in the form of miraculous infusions are often used for the treatment of pulmonary stages of hypertension. In obstetric practice special preparations containing sferofiza prescribed to pregnant women with weak labor activity or in case of serious bleeding after childbirth. These drugs significantly accelerate the process of uterine contractions.

Moreover, sferofiza included in many drugs,designed to treat a variety of diseases. Known drug sferofizin not only lowers blood pressure, but also can block the nodes of the nervous system. It should be noted that this drug is not toxic and not dangerous for the mother and her fetus, since it has no side effects.

Sferofiza sodic

This is a perennial herb covered with short appressed hairs. Strong straight grayish-green stems branched in the upper parts of the plant. The leaves are green, alternate, oblong, arranged in pairs. Beautiful light red flowers on short stalks in racemes. The fruit is oblong, drooping, light brown, glabrous, multi-seeded Bob. Seeds are small, smooth, crimson.

Sferofiza blooms from may to August, fruiting at different times, starting in July.

This species occurs in the Caucasus, in southern and Western Siberia, Central Asia, Northern Mongolia, Northern China. The plant is not too fastidious to soils, but prefers fairly moist floodplain meadow soil and saline substrates.

In medications used for the aboveground part of the plant. Herb contains up to 0.4 % of alkaloids, it also discovered minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and many others. Drugs sferofiza widely used in obstetric practice and in hypertension, uterine atony and with a weak labor activity. The tool is low toxic and has no adverse effect on the fetus. Infusion sferofiza also has hemostatic function

Sferofiza sodic is a herbaceous perennial, whose height varies from 55 to 85 cm. It has strong roots and straight stems. Quite large leaves are not paired.

Sferofiza used for medicinal purposes. From the overground part is made in a special healing agent. It should be mentioned that this herb is considered poisonous, therefore it should be treated with greater caution, not increase the prescribed dosage.

Infusion: one teaspoon of dried herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, simmer for 15 min. in a boiling water bath, to insist at room temperature for 45 minutes and then strain. It is recommended to take 10 mg of infusion three times a day half an hour before meals.

Contraindications to the use of sferofiza

Caution: the plant is poisonous! The use inside of products based on sferofizarequires special caution. When poisoning may occur vomiting, thirst, diarrhea, increased salivation, disturbance of blood supply to the extremities. In this case, you should immediately contact an ambulance and to wash out the stomach. Contraindications to the use of drugs plants is idiosyncrasy, hypersensitivity, renal or hepatic insufficiency, glaucoma, hypotension. They should be used only as directed and under the supervision of a physician.

Glaucoma treatment sferofiza should be agreed with your doctor. In case of overdose may cause fast pulse, pupil dilation and dryness in the oral cavity.