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Useful properties and applications of simmondsia

Botanical characteristics of simmondsia

Simmondsia is branchy evergreen shrub, whose height is in the range from 1 to 2.5 m. sessile leaves do not have stipules. The roots of simmondsia go to a depth of about 20 m. are wind-pollinated; This dioecious plant has small flowers without petals. This unusual flowering shrub in the spring. Top the ovary has a single semjazachatki. The fruit of simmondsia presented in the form of triangular boxes. This plant lives in the thickets of shrub oak in the North American deserts. Also it is widespread on the Pacific coast of California and in the Northern region of the beautiful Mexican highlands.

Useful properties of simmondsia

Active ingredients such a delightful plant as simmondsia you can call various fatty acids, esters of fatty acids, collagen, amino acids and vitamin E. the Wax is contained not only in the cortex but also in the fruits of this unusual shrub. In addition, the wax simmondsia remains liquid even at room temperature, thus widely used in cosmetic area. The oil extracted from this shrub, perfectly restores skin elasticity.

The use of simmondsia

Exquisite oil simmondsia boasts of its chemical composition. In fact it can be called a liquid wax, obtained by cold pressing the fruit of the shrub. In cosmetology is appreciated particular amino compounds. With this tool, the skin becomes younger and healthier. Achieve elasticity of the skin due to the content in the composition of plant collagen.

Simmondsia Chinese

Simmondsia Chinese is a remarkably branched shrub that prefers to live in deserts. This dioecious plant has small flowers. The fruit of this remarkable plant is a triangular loculicidal box. This superb shrub is indispensable for the production of modern cosmetics.

Simmondsia California

Simmondsia California is an evergreen shrub that is known throughout the world for its exceptionally effective oil in cosmetics. This nondescript shrubs that look like boxwood, is native to Mexico and the United States. Simmondsia California fruits oily berries that are more of a grape. Oil analysis allows us to call it a liquid wax because of the uniquesostava.

dannaya maslyanistaya substanciya polzuetsya bolshim pochetom u sovremennyh kosmetologov, poskolku pozvolyaet reshat takie problemy kak dryahlost i prezhdevremennoe starenie kozhi. krome togo, takoj vosk yavlyaetsya prekrasnym sredstvom dlya zazhivleniya ran i oblegcheniya rodovoj deyatelnosti. sleduet takzhe otmetit, chto maslo simmondsii kalifornijskoj obladaet bozhestvennym orehovym aromatom, a takzhe ono mozhet hranitsya v techenie dlitelnogo vremeni bez poteri vkusovyh kachestv i ni s chem ne sravnimyh poleznyh svojstv.

protivopokazaniya k primeneniu simmondsii

poskolku maslo etogo kustarnika vyzyvaet bystryj rost volos, bolnym s proyavleniyami gipertrihoza v oblasti lica ne rekomenduetsya primenyat eto sredstvo v chistom vide. krome togo, protivopokazaniem k upotrebleniu preparatov na osnove simmondsii yavlyaetsya individualnaya neperenosimost.