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Useful properties and applications SIRENIA green

Description SIRENIA

SIRENIA is an interesting biennial plant, whose height often reaches 80 cm. It has straight branched stems pubescent type. The narrow linear leaves have a threadlike shape. Yellowish flowers are charming short racemes, which elongate in fruiting.

The fruits presented a short (not more than 1 cm) pods. SIRENIA blooms, usually in July and August. This plant is very common in the steppe zone and forest-steppe of the Altai territory, Western Siberia and in the Semipalatinsk region.

Useful properties SIRENIA

This amazing plant contains active substances such as flavonoids, glycosides triancinolona actions and glycoside serenitatis. It should be noted that in its composition this biennial similar to an ordinary jaundice.

In folk medicine today sirenei water infusion is used as an excellent cordial. It is also proven that a variety of drugs with the content of the plants miraculously operate on the entire cardiovascular system.

Presents kariniotakis important not only slows the heart rate, but also increases the pressure and increases systolic volume. Special products based on SIRENIA effective with circulatory failure in most patients with heart disease and serious chronic diseases.

Application SIRENIA

For use sirenei for medicinal purposes should collect the grass either before flowering or after, because in the flowering stage its activity is significantly lower. Due to the presence of cardiac glycosides of particular drugs on the basis of such delightful plants have a unique strofantinom effects on the human body, particularly the heart.

The drug SIRENIA "SIRENE" is indicated for the effective treatment of cardiac asthma and congestive heart failure. It is proved that it is not only less toxic but also boasts of a slight cumulative effect. Along with this, such a pharmacological agent, and various infusions SIRENIA, has a strong diuretic effect.

To prepare SIRENIA need to take 1 teaspoon well-dried raw material of at least 400 ml of boiling water. Pour the mixture and insist her about one hour, after which the medication should be carefully strain.

In severe circulatory disorders to relieve the pain in the heart, withof hypertension, angina and rheumatic vices assign the administration of infusion 1 teaspoon about 3 or 4 times a day depending on the disease. You can also make an alcohol tincture: 2 tablespoons of freshly picked flowers pour 400 grams of alcohol and insist 10 days. This miraculous tincture to RUB the sore spots at least three times a day.


SIRENIA green is a herbaceous perennial, whose height can vary from 40 to 90 see the plant has a strong upright stems with fluffy branches and alternate leaves narrow-linear shape. Have bright yellow flowers is available in 4 sepals and 4 petals. They are collected in a nifty little brush. Short pod oblong type represents the fruit SIRENIA. Bloom is an excellent plant in July and early August.

This poisonous plant prefers stony slopes and sandy soils in steppes, but also often found in pine forests. It is widely distributed in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Siberia.

Contraindications to the use of SIRENIA

Due to poisonous plants may cause serious poisoning when exceeding the permissible doses. All sorts of preparations on the basis of SIRENIA absolutely contraindicated in acute myocarditis, sudden changes of blood vessels and heart, of organic origin, endocarditis, severe arteriosclerosis and cardiosclerosis.