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Pine water

Useful properties and application of pine water

Botanical characteristics of pine water

Pine water is a perennial water plant with large creeping rhizome. Such plants have direct bare stalks, the height of which can range up to 90 cm. a Soft linear flow bent down and sitting for 10-12 pieces in small whorls. Small greenish flowers are arranged in a kind axils of the leaves surface.

Blooms water pine all three summer months, starting in June and ending August. Kostyanovsky the fruit of the plant has inside is quite solid bone. Presented plant is common not only in lakes and rivers, but also in swamps and stagnant ponds. Water pine is found in the far East, in Eastern and Western Siberia.

Useful properties of pine water

Medicinal raw materials from water pine are solid stems with small leaves should be collected only in the period of flowering plants.

This herb has anti-inflammatory and astringent action. In addition, the plant has long been used as an excellent antipyretic.

The application of pine water

In folk medicine, medicinal infusions water pine prescribed for chronic diarrhea. To prepare the tools you will need 1 tablespoon of herbs to take about 250 ml of boiling water. To infuse this tool should at least two hours. To take this infusion can be 4 times a day for 2 teaspoons.

For getting rid of malignant and benign tumors can be applied a compress of crushed fresh leaves water pine. This compress can also be applied to the bruised places.

Contraindications to the use of pine water

In this plant no contraindications not available.