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Useful properties and applications saussurei loosestrife

Description saussurei

Saussurea is a wonderful plant with a thick woody root, the diameter of which can reach 3 see the Numerous stems with fissile bark are cobwebby-tomentose. Their height does not exceed 60 cm Lanceolate and sessile leaves are dark green have a solid edge. Pink-purple flowers appear in June or July. The fetus presented with an interesting brownish achene with a long Pappus.

As a rule, Saussurea widely distributed in the steppes of the mountain valleys and typical steppe zones. She found not only on Altai, but also in Siberia and in Transbaikalia.

Useful properties saussurei

In the grass of this plant found organic acids, alkaloids, tannins, sugar, essential oil, magnesium, calcium, iron, cobalt, aluminum, zinc and copper. Medicinal properties of the plant determine its effectiveness in the treatment of polyarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Infusion of leaves and herbs indicated for pulmonary diseases and glaucoma, colitis and gastritis, when diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Because this grass has a strong antitumor activity, it is effective to prevent the development of many tumors. Also of note is the wonderful antibacterial properties assure. A unique infusion of the roots of the plant has Antiprotozoal and tuberculostatic activity.

Application saussurei

Pulmonary tuberculosis shows the tool on the basis of one tablespoon of crushed roots saussurei and one glass of water. This mixture should be brought to the boil, simmer for about 5 or 7 minutes and then infuse for at least two hours. After straining it is recommended to take an infusion 3 times a day 2 tablespoons with or without food.

In rheumatoid arthritis it is possible to make a special tool. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of raw insist one hour for a glass of ordinary water. After that, the mixture must be filtered. Take this medicine can be up to four times daily 1 tablespoon. This great tool effectively and with a serious infectious-allergic polyarthritis.

To make an alcohol tincture in the home, on 100 ml of vodka take 4 bags of pharmacy in this grass. Insist the mixture in a tightly sealed glass container for about 10 days atroom temperature. Occasionally recommended remedy shake. Ready infusion filter is not required. It is recommended to take 25 drops adults and children 10 drops twice a day. Increase the dosage can only your doctor.

Saussurea loosestrife

Saussurea loosestrife has incredible cholagogue influence on the human body. It perfectly stimulates the formation and proper secretion of bile that promotes better to its outflow. In addition, Saussurea loosestrife improves the liver metabolism, regulates the absorption of cholesterol, and also prevents a possible increase of its level, has a depressing effect on various protozoa.

It should be noted that this plant helps to burn excess fat, restoring lipid metabolism. In addition, it is very effective to effective prevention and treatment of trichomoniasis and malaria.

Contraindications to the use of saussurei

In intestinal diseases and chronic constipation this plant to make modern professionals do not suggest. With increased blood clotting to prescribe the dosage can be a doctor. For hypertension a long course of treatment Saussurea contraindicated.