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Pumpkin ordinary

Growing, useful properties and applications pumpkin

Botanical characteristics of pumpkin

Pumpkin is an annual plant that has a strong root system. A pumpkin vine covered with short and stiff hairs. The leaves of the plant regular and serrated, large size, arranged on long stalks. And single bright yellow pumpkin flowers are very fragrant. Pumpkins – large, spherical, they are available in white or gray. The fruit of the pumpkin can be up to 50 kg of weight. The flesh is orange, loose and has little fiber. Fruit plants are not only round shape, since its shape depends on the variety of pumpkin.

Pumpkin blooms in early to mid-summer, and the ripening of fruits takes place between the end of the summer until September. Pumpkin common in Russia, USA, Mexico and other countries. Today is grown widely more than 200 varieties of pumpkins.

Growing pumpkins

Pumpkin prefers Sunny areas with sandy loam soil. The soil for growing pumpkins should be fertilized and dug. As fertilizer ideal phosphorus fertilizer, manure, potash fertilizers and compost. Pumpkin is grown from seed. For this, the seeds must first germinate in moist gauze (in sawdust). Seeds germinate in 3 days, after which they can be sown in pots. Seeds are sown in the soil, and poured on top of the fertilizer.

Seedlings need to be regularly watered, but not excessively. When the seedlings will have 3 true leaves, it is planted in the ground or in a greenhouse. Before planting seedlings, make the beds.

Pumpkin is cross-pollinated and monoecious plant, which will give a good yield in manual pollination. Take a fluffy brush and gently run it over the pumpkin anthers of the flower. Carry the pollen to another flower and so opalite all the plants.

Care pumpkin

Pumpkin is a moisture-loving plant. She has a big root system, pulling from the soil a large amount of water that evaporates through the leaves of the plant. Especially during plant growth consume a lot of water, so it needs abundant watering in hot weather. If a pumpkin in time to add fertilizer, then in the end produced large fruit. The plant responds well to mullein and ash.

In order to get a good harvest, the plants need shaping. Forming in one or 2 of the stem. If the ovary rot, the reason for this is neopilina female flowers, in this case, you just need to remove rotten ovaries.

Properties of the oil pumpkin

The pumpkin seed oil obtained from the seeds of plants, using the method of cold pressing. In pumpkin seed oil contains essential and fatty oils, pectin, vitamins, selenium, and sterols. The pumpkin seed oil is able to reduce swelling, improves metabolic processes in the tissues and also helps with burns, as it reduces inflammation. Pumpkin seed oil is used in proctologic diseases, as it relieves pain, itching and burning.

The pumpkin seed oil contains a lot of vitamin A, so it is recommended to apply with eye diseases. Pumpkin seed oil can be used to treat BPH and prostatitis. Pumpkin seed oil has healing and regenerating properties. In addition, the pumpkin seed oil used in diseases which are accompanied violation of exchange of lipids in the body, such as, for example, obesity, eczema or dermatitis.

Useful properties of pumpkin

Due to the content in the pumpkin of many useful substances, it is used in the treatment of various diseases. The pectin contained in the pumpkin, removes cholesterol from the body. Also pectin the use of pumpkin in atherosclerosis. Pumpkin juice helps with constipation. A decoction of the flowers of the plant is effective in the presence of RAS. Pumpkin is used as a diuretic by people suffering from cardiac edema. Pumpkin flesh is used in tuberculosis, jaundice, gout, neurosis. The pumpkin has anthelmintic, purgative and diuretic properties. The plant has an antiemetic effect in toxicosis in pregnant women and people with sea sickness.

The use of pumpkin

Traditional medicine uses the pulp and pumpkin seeds in the treatment of various diseases. Pumpkin seeds are used as anthelmintic in worms means. The pulp of the plant helps to normalize the metabolism, cures dropsy, kidney and liver. Fresh juice of pumpkin will help get rid of insomnia. Pumpkin seeds are useful for mental activity and for inflammation of the prostate gland. For these purposes you just need to eat 15 seeds daily.

Pumpkin for weight loss. Pumpkin helps to eliminate toxins from the body and getting rid of extra pounds. With this purpose, you need to make an ordinary pumpkin jam. To do this, take 1.5 kg of pumpkin, 1 orange and half lemon. Pumpkinpurified from the seeds and peel and cut into slices. Orange and lemon cut into slices, combine with pumpkin and cook on a medium heat. After the first time put on the fire to cook – and a couple hours later the jam is ready. Use it daily three times a day.

Mask from a pumpkin. Take the pulp of the pumpkin and clean from seeds. Tight side, apply it on the affected area. Keep the pumpkin flesh for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water the wound using a cotton swab.

Pumpkin from worms. Take 150 grams of green pumpkin seeds and shall pound in a mortar. Add 50 grams of honey and mix. All this gruel must be eaten on an empty stomach for an hour. 3 hours after taking the medicine from the pumpkin, you must drink a laxative and an enema.

Pumpkin if you have kidney disease, liver or heart. To do this, take 15 grams of fruit stems of the pumpkin and cut into small pieces. There also add 2 grams of propolis pour 50 ml of water and put it on the fire for a quarter of an hour. The amount of broth is consumed per day.

A decoction of pumpkin seeds. To prepare the broth take the raw seeds and clean them, then crushed. Pour water facility, the number of which is two times more than seeds. Put the composition in a water bath for 2 hours. Depressing the mixture, leave to cool. Strain the finished broth, it takes 1 tablespoon for half an hour. After taking this decoction 2 days need to eat only dairy and plant foods.

Recipes of traditional medicine pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the plants of record for the presence of a variety of nutrients. It has a lot of fluorine and zinc, high in calcium and potassium, phosphorus and copper, a high proportion of iron. The pulp is rich in vitamins, including C and b and carotene. All this makes fragrant yellow berry is one of the important ingredients of traditional medicine.

Against parasites

With the help of pumpkin seeds has long struggled with the parasites: pinworms and Ascaris, tapeworms and round worms.

  1. Recipe 1: take 300 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds, crushed them and stirred well with fifty-one hundred grams of honey. Eat a little over one hour. In three hours you need to drink a laxative after 30 minutes to make the enema. Children are given a smaller amount.

  2. Recipe 2 getting rid of parasites - broth. Cleaned one hundred twenty to two hundred grams of raw seed, good ground, add 250-400 ml of water. The dishes with the mixture kept in a water bath for two hours. Wrung out of a decoction, leave for a while to cool, strain. For half an hour drink one table spoon. Two hours later, a laxative is taken on the basis of salt(without oil). And for two days it is better to eat vegetables, fruits, cereals and milk.

Other traditional medicine recipes using pumpkin

  • Pumpkin flesh has shown himself as a mild laxative and diuretic. And to strengthen metabolism and inflammation. Packs of pumpkin pulp is used, if someone got burned with rashes and eczema.
  • Cooked with honey pulp is used in hepatic and renal disease, diseases of the bladder, cardiovascular diseases accompanied by edema.
  • Baked flesh does not irritate the tissue of the kidneys, this diet food. It helps to cope with nausea for pregnant women.
  • Beneficial effect on the intestines porridge, cooked from pumpkin, honey and millet. Used in colitis, if there is difficulty in bowel cleansing.

  • Good diuretic and choleretic effect is obtained if three or four months, every day there are in one pound of raw pumpkin. You can take baked or boiled - half to three pounds.
  • Likewise a decoction prepared with fifteen minutes, taking about fifteen to twenty grams of stems of pumpkin and two cups of water. You need to drink every day.
  • When pyelonephritis, acute or chronic cystitis , and certain types of cancer "prescribed" pumpkin porridge two times a day for fifty grams. Good fresh pumpkin juice – 2-3 hours daily.

  • Insomnia goes away when taking the pumpkin juice or its decoction with honey.
  • Applied to wounds decoction of the flowers. Good diuretic - a decoction of the stem.
  • Tibetan healers believe the pumpkin therapeutic food and used when aching heart, liver and kidneys. It heal gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. Prescription daily dose of 15 grams finely chopped the stems, cooked for 15 minutes with two grams of honey in two cups of water.

  • Contraindications pumpkin

    Pumpkin has no contraindications, however, idiosyncrasy is the place to be.