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The benefits and harms of apples for health

Apples are one of the most popular fruit in the world. Spreading from Central Asia, the Apple tree home and its numerous varieties have become the basis of virtually every garden in Europe, China and the Middle East, and later in America, Australia and Africa.

In English and Chinese languages there are similar Proverbs which translate approximately so: "who eats the Apple, the doctor does not happen". In Russian there is a similar proverb: "an Apple for lunch – and all diseases no." It is an apt expression displays the value of regular consumption of apples, which, because of diversity of varieties and methods of storing and preserving you can eat all year round.

However, for some people, the saying is irrelevant, because in certain diseases, consumption of apples is necessary to reduce, if not stop. In addition, the benefits of apples for health can vary significantly among different varieties. To understand when, how and what apples you need to eat to maintain and restore health of your body, read the rest of this article.

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How to choose apples? Red, yellow and green

The colour of a ripe Apple signifies the presence of certain pigments. In addition, the use of Apple directly connected with this pigment, and speaks of different concentrations of other substances, characteristic for each species.

  • Green apples. Most experts in nutrition are the most useful green apples. First and foremost, this is due to the fact that of green fruits is in General more easily accepted by any body, and much less others (yellow, red, black) cause specific allergic reactions. Therefore, children should be given the green varieties of Apple, which, moreover, contain more malic acid for digestion. It is scientifically proven that green apples are more of ascorbic acid and they have lower, compared with red and yellow, the glycemic index. This means that after eating the glucose level in the blood increases slowly, therefore, diets for diabetics and patients with abnormalitiesthe cardiovascular system must specify to eat apples only green varieties.
  • Red apples. Apples red varieties are famous for their aesthetic beauty, they are often used in various commercials, although the content of nutrients is more profitable is green. The red in the apples, often, less acid (and hence, they are harder for the stomach) and more sugar (which makes them dangerous for diabetics and increases the risk of caries in children).
  • Yellow apples. Fruit yellow varieties are significantly different taste from the previous two. Some of the most popular yellow Apple varieties like Golden, not all, as they contain more pectin but less of the iron compounds. Although the concentration of iron compounds it is better to check yourself by monitoring their oxidation after the incision of the flesh. This simple practice you can see the difference in the fullness of iron-even apples from the same tree. Yellow apples also heal the liver and promote the excretion of bile.

The benefits of apples

Fresh, recently picked from the tree Apple contains many nutrients every day needed by the body for normal, healthy functioning. The main, and is especially suitable among these are the vitamins retinol, a set of different beta-carotenes and ascorbic acid.

Because of the fragility of vitamin C that is destroyed during prolonged storage, grinding or thermal treatment of the fetus, it is recommended to eat apples raw. The amount of ascorbic acid in apples is determined by their maturity, variety and conditions in which it grows the tree itself, so there may be significant fluctuations of this indicator (some apples can be 3-5 times more than others).

The presence of another category of organic compounds that are useful for body – pectin – provides apples a low glycemic index, although, as already mentioned, in green fruits it is lower than red and yellow.

But its usefulness does not end there. Apples contain a daily dose of flavonoids, which play a significant role in the metabolism and get our body with plant food. They alter the activity of certain enzymes so that slows down the synthesis of uric and accelerates the catabolism of formic acid. It improves the condition of patients with gout, rheumatism, eczema and other skin and joint diseases.

Apples nice to quench your thirst, as inon average, these fruits contain 87% of clean water. The most important substances for life – fats, proteins and carbohydrates – are 0.4, 0.4, and 11% of Apple, respectively. Separately considered dietary fiber, or fiber in their pulp and peel, only six tenths of a percent. A percentage weight is given to the Apple pectin and 0.8 g – of the ash compounds. Apples belong to the low-calorie food, since, on average, 100 g of Apple contains only 47 calories.

The use of apples in cosmetology

Applesauce, juice, meats and even flowers have long been used by beautiful half of the population of Eurasia as a raw material for preparation of various cosmetic products. These ingredients help to freshen the skin, give the face a ruddy appearance, removing the top layer of dead cells of the epidermis and to thus remove fine lines and wrinkles. As many significant holidays fall on winter, there are also recipes using dried and pickled apples.

The most simple, than everyone can quickly improve the skin condition, it's Apple massage. To do this, take a slice of fresh Apple and massage the face, especially around the eyes and on the cheeks. This procedure unclogs pores, gently moisturizes the skin, removes puffiness and bags under the eyes.

In order not to harm your skin, pick the appropriate type of apples. Guided by the principle: the drier the epidermis, the sweeter it should be Apple. That is, oily skin requires an acidic fruit.

Interestingly, even a product like Apple cider vinegar (meaning a natural product, not flavored table) can be used for daily washings, if you mix a teaspoon in half a liter of purified water. A mild solution is suitable for all skin types. Specifically for normal skin, you can also prepare the broth for washings of green apples: 50 grams skin on 300 ml of water boil 5 minutes with the orange peel in the steam bath, then an hour infused in a dark place. If you add to this broth, the cinnamon, would make an excellent rejuvenating mist, which with the spray can evenly spray on the entire face.

For your hands and nails are very useful baths based on a mixture of sunflower or olive oil with Apple cider vinegar in equal proportions.

Using fresh apples it is possible to get rid of warts without harming the skin. The classic method of removal of the growths of the papilloma virus is a strong alkaline product "celandine,"which stings the epithelium. If a month to 5 times a day RUB the wart with a chunk of fresh green Apple, is in a similarapples in a glass botile easily at home, in taste, they differ little from pickled in a barrel of fruit, but the benefits of apples is preserved almost completely.

Fruits for domestic preparations must be fresh and intact without damage to the skin. Be sure to use ripe fruit, harvested in late autumn, but the flesh must be firm and elastic, overripe apples from the decaying flesh is not suitable for soaking.

For soaking fit multiple varieties of apples. Most often used Antonovka, Pepin, Titovka and pineapples. The firmer the flesh of the apples used, the longer they need to soak and soak to their density suitable for further processing. Therefore more profitable just to buy apples the desired density (not hard, not soft).

I hope for everyone is evident by the fact that the quality of the RET is necessary only organic foods grown in the gardens from the environmentally friendly zone. Contact your local inhabitants of villages and hamlets that do not know what it means to use pesticides and other chemicals.

Apples need to pick only the ripe and whole, with rind, without dents and cracks. Even a small dent makes people with rotten flesh can become the"fly in the ointment" that will ruin resulting urinating product.

When soaking in a bowl of apples that you need to regularly add clean water, as the pulp of the fruit absorbs it like a sponge. Assuming the exposed skin of the top of the fruit, possibly the beginning of the decay, which gradually infect all the contents in the tank.

Recipe. This Slavic delicacy can be cooked in many different recipes. The essence of the process is to stand the apples in water with the addition of various spices and additives such as spices, mustard, lavender, herbs (Basil, mint, oregano, thyme), honey, alum, and even berries (cherries, sweet cherries, blueberries, cranberries, currants).

Of course, you can find a complicated recipe urinating apples, for example, cabbage, which is owned by sophisticated Housewives, but it will be great risk of failure. Often the first negative experience of the hostess of the refuse of the RET in the future. To this daunting task even a novice want to choose below are simple and reliable options.

Harm apples

Today Apple diet remains quite popular, as it can help achieve impressive results in terms of weight loss. However, the constant use of the same product may have a negative impact on the condition of the body, as it losesa significant amount of useful and necessary substances, and some gets in excess of.

For example, apples contain a small percentage of roughage, but in the case of Apple mono the body, anyway, it gets too much. As a consequence, the exacerbated colitis, peptic ulcer symptoms and gastritis. The abundance of fruit acids produced daily, provokes the launch of inflammatory processes in the gall bladder.

Apples are also harmful fruit acids, and various sugars, and fruits are red varieties contain much more sweets than is healthy. This combination is devastating to enamel and thinning provokes the sensitivity of the teeth and increases the risk of all dental diseases.

Sweet apples red and yellow varieties are not permitted to consume for diabetics, as they have too high of a glycemic index. This same danger carries Apple juice, whether freshly squeezed or factory. In addition, too frequent use of Apple juice helps in dissolving of tooth enamel, which can begin to crumble teeth and developed their hypersensitivity.

And last, what is the harm of apples is parasites. On apples after considerable research, found eggs of animals, provoking and helminthiasis, and askaridoz, and nematodes. Although this applies to all fruits and vegetables, apples, as the most popular fruit, must be especially careful to wash before use, under running water.

Harm seeds of apples

Many speak only about the positive impact of seeds of Apple, when clearly, they contained hydrocyanic acid is not a useful component, to neutralize which the body requires additional resources of the liver. So everyone is talking about the conditional, but rather the right to limit to 5 seeds a day in order to avoid intoxication.

How to store apples at home?

Apples are great stored at home may lie all winter. But it is important to store only perfect to choose fresh fruit without spots and the slightest sign of decay is one rotten fruit in contact with other apples can spread damage on all stocks and reduce their shelf life.

Keep apples in a cardboard or wooden boxes, RUB them with glycerin and wrapped individually in a thin sheet of paper, lay the sawdust. Room temperature storage should not rise above zero degrees Celsius,optimal humidity is 80-90%.

If you have a suburban area, but no cellars to store fruits even in shallow pits (45-50 cm), dug specifically for this purpose. The bottom of the recesses lay branches of conifers to prevent spoilage by bacteria and rodents. Immerse the fruit in a plastic bag, tightly tied, is lowered into the hole and sprinkle the ground.

How long can you store apples? Apples summer varieties are on average two to four weeks, if you do not take special measures to prolong their "life". Autumn and winter varieties, like Anise, Antonivka, Florina, Winter bees, Autumn striped and others may be a month or two, and under special conditions – from seven months to a year. For the safety of the summer varieties of apples, it is important that the temperature never dropped below zero, the winter varieties can withstand temperatures down to -3 degrees, but the increase above +5 do not tolerate spoiled.

How to store dried apples at home? If the storage of fresh apples in the refrigerator, it is important not to let the fruit lost moisture, storing them in tightly sealed plastic bags, for the preservation of dried apples it is important to avoid increasing the humidity level. The best storage capacity of Apple dryers – glass jar with a screw lid, put it on the top shelf of the closet where the air is dry and warm. The permissible storage temperature is 0 to +8 degrees Celsius.

Apples: what is possible and what is not?

Can the apples for gastritis?

Apples can be included in the diet of patients with gastritis with high acidity, but in the period of exacerbation should be preferred sweet varieties and eat them in baked form. Sour green apples varieties of gastritis are useful netherton the form on an empty stomach in the morning, combining it with a special diet that eliminates sugary, fat and spicy food, fresh bread and other foods that trigger bowel irritation. The use of apples for medicinal purposes in gastritis is courses – the first month they need to eat every day fresh in the morning, in the second month three times a week. During periods of exacerbation, it is recommended for two weeks to eat apples, only baked without sugar.

As mentioned, apples are better not to eat at night – they stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite and contribute to increased gas formation, does not fit with the normalsleep.

Is it possible apples while breastfeeding?

Green apples – the most safe for consumption, they can be used even weakened after childbirth women to eat and provide the body with vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber. During pregnancy and after it can disrupt the intestines, women often have constipation – apples help to solve this problem. But there is one caveat – fruits and vegetables in raw form can cause flatulence, so if significant discomfort after eating apples, these fruits should be avoided. To minimize this risk, if there is a apples baked.

Red apples in a period of lactation should be used with caution. First, the plant pigments that give the fruit-peel red hue, are often allergens and can trigger rashes and intestinal disorders in the newborn. Second, red apples are often sweet varieties, and sugar combined with fruit acids damage tooth enamel, promotes leaching of calcium from the body, which is especially dangerous for nursing mothers, and so lose lots of calcium through breast milk. In addition, a large number of carbohydrates in sweet apples can trigger pain and colic in infants, violating the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

Apples contain bio-available mineral complex, provide the body with calcium, sodium and iron help to restore hemoglobin levels when lowering and normalizing blood pressure. The high content of dietary fiber in apples helps to normalize the digestive system and processes of purgation – enough to eat one Apple per day to get the necessary daily requirement of fiber.

Baked apples are not only delicious dessert but also a very healthy product. As such, the apples easier to assimilate in the process of roasting them concentrated pectin substances, which have anti-inflammatory action not only helps with intestinal disorders, normalizing the activity of the digestive tract, but also speed up the process of recovery of women after childbirth. To prepare this dish is very simple and quick – two to three minutes is the cleansing of the apples from the core (from the inside you can fill them with honey and crushed walnuts) and fifteen minutes to bake.

Apples are useful not only for nursing mothers, but are used as first foods for six-month infantsstarchy aroma and flavor, and shelf life of the potatoes decrease.

Can I eat apples at night?

One answer to this controversial question is no. On the one hand, eating an Apple before bed helps to satisfy your hunger, using a small amount of calories. In the absence of adequate conditions (e.g. camping) Apple helps clean the teeth from plaque and to prevent the propagation of carious bacteria.

On the other hand, eaten on the night of the fruit stimulates the appetite which will force you to eat something extra, and contained in apples fiber can trigger colitis and flatulence.

Therefore, in order to make the right decisions about the use of formal Apple can also watch this video: