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Planting, care and use of useful properties of Apple

Botanical characteristics of Apple trees

The Apple tree is a small tree (maximum height 8 metres). The tree has a beautiful spreading crown. This plant has vegetative and generative shoots. The leaves of the tree can be different in shape, size, but they are on the tree, alternately on short stalks.

White with pink tinge flowers are collected in inflorescence – shield. The flowers are pollinated by insects, often bees. The fruits are completely different in shape and size, even taste and smell may be different. Each fruit contains about 10 seeds, which are covered by a brown shell.

The Apple tree occurs in the wild, can grow at home, in the woods. The plant was spread throughout the Land, but in Russia it is grown more often than in other regions and countries. To the soil it is not demanding, it can grow on almost any soil.

Planting and caring for Apple trees

Apple trees can be propagated by seeds, but in this case will grow plants without the varietal characteristics. The fruits of this tree are small and not very tasty. Therefore, in the home, most often an Apple tree is grafted, that is doing the budding. It is as follows: sleeping kidney, which is taken from plants of the desired variety, implanted in seedlings one or two years of age. The following year, in the spring there will be new individual of the right kind. After 1 year you can already okulirovannyh transplant seedlings to a permanent place in the garden. When the plant will be two years from the date of disembarkation of the seedlings, it will be able to bear fruit. An Apple tree lives for over 50 years.

The Apple tree is cross-pollinated plant. If the trees are pollinated with pollen from other trees, they will give a good and great harvest. For this reason, in the same garden grow different Apple varieties. The Apple tree blooms in may-April.

Apple need time to crop and do the thinning of the ovaries and fruits. Thinning is a critical step, because if it is not done, the plants will be the fruit of poor eating quality, green and underdeveloped.

Useful properties of Apple

Thanks to its rich chemical composition of the Apple-tree has many useful properties for the body. Apples recommend taking swelling because they contribute to their reduction. Apple has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Apples contain pectin, through which are excreted from the body all toxic substances. Appleimproves metabolism in the body.

The Apple fruits is recommended for reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Apples diet a natural product, so it is often included in diets for weight loss. Apples possess tonic properties. Fresh Apple fruits have a large amount of nutrients, so they recommend eating like this.

Apples contain volatile, which kill harmful bacteria, staph, virus flu. The juice of apples is recommended to take with heart problems.

The use of Apple

Apples are used in various diseases is due to their rich chemical composition. They are used in gout, rheumatism, vitamin deficiency, multiple sclerosis, diseases of stomach, gastritis, headaches and anemia.

To improve digestion is recommended to eat fresh or baked fruit of the Apple tree, and on an empty stomach. Apples have diuretic properties. Drugs from apples help in the treatment of wounds, tumors, insect bites and bruises.

Oddly enough, but from apples depend on its beneficial and therapeutic properties, for example, apples "Antonovka" is used in dysentery, as they kill the dysentery Bacillus.

In the outer form, use the pulp of apples for the compresses, which are applied to inflammations and burns. Apple cider vinegar in diluted form helps with fever, digestive disorders, poisoning.

Apples for cough and hoarseness. Take the apples and peel them. Now take the peel in the amount of two tablespoons and fill it with two cups of boiling water. Leave the decoction to brew for an hour. Take Tahoe tool 100 ml 5 times a day before meals.

Apple gastritis. Peeled green Apple varieties need to grate. Before receiving and after receiving the apples for 5 hours can't eat or drink. Best to eat apples in the morning on an empty stomach. Eating apples throughout the month. And the second month of apples consumed only 2-3 days a week. In the third month apples you need to eat once a week. Of course, there is another condition: in these 3 months you can not drink milk, fatty and spicy foods, coffee, tea, spices and even fresh bread.

Apples for vitamin deficiency, obesity and anemia. To prepare a medicinal composition take apples, melons, tomatoes, and lemons of all these products squeeze the juice. Mix all juices: Apple – half Cup, melon, half of Cup lemon – half a small Cup (25 ml) tomato – 1 teaspoon. Accept the juicethree times a day.

Butter made from apples from cracking. For its preparation take 100 grams of apples and grate on a grater. After that, add the same amount of butter and mix. This oil lubricates the damaged area and left overnight. Getting up in the morning, you need a place wash warm water with mild soap. This oil is perfect for healing cracks on hands, lips and even nipples in nursing mothers.

Apple cider vinegar for tumors. For its preparation take the apples and mince, then put the finished raw material in an enamel pan. Now take 800 grams of grated apples, pour a container of them a liter of water and all connect-a-half cups of sugar. There add 20 grams of dry black bread and 10 grams of bread yeast. Further the container with the contents put gauze and leave it for 1.5 weeks to infuse at room temperature. Don't forget to periodically stir the vinegar, applying to this process a wooden spoon. The juice press and strain. Further, if juice came out 1 liter, add another half Cup sugar and stir until dissolved. Now the pot again, cover with gauze and leave for a month, maybe one and a half, until the vinegar is light. Filter the medicine and poured into bottles, which are closed tightly with lids. Don't forget to seal them with wax. Put the bottle in a cool place.

Contraindications to the use of apples

Apples are contraindicated in some diseases: it depends on the apples. For example, people with stomach ulcers not to eat sour apples, and gastritis with low acidity, on the contrary, sour Beers only benefit, which is not true of the sweet varieties of apples. Colitis or kidney stones apples are better to take in the missed through a meat grinder.