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Useful properties and applications centaury

Botanical characteristics of centaury

Centaury is not only a beautiful biennial plant, but also an indispensable herb in folk medicine. It grows well in areas where lots of light and sunshine on meadows, open forest edges and clearings. Quadrangular stem with a maximum height of 50 cm has leaves of various shapes and pink and white blossoms. This plant blooms for about two months – from July to August. This grass grows in Western Siberia and in some European areas.

The beneficial properties of centaury

This unique plant as centaury contains a number of different elements: acids and alkaloids, as well as sulfur, iron, tin, essential oils and resins. A tea made from this herb, improves appetite, and most importantly, restores the function of the intestine. In addition, the centaury and has choleretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the human body. It should be noted that this medicinal herb is used in bleeding, because it perfectly stops the blood. In folk medicine, centaury is used as a laxative.

The use of centaury

Along with folk, centaury is used in traditional medicine. Preparations of this herb are used in fatigue, nervous exhaustion and anemia, as well as helping to get rid of flatulence. Various infusions and decoctions have beneficial effects on humans with sinusitis, migraines, allergies and various skin diseases. External application of drugs on the basis of the centaury will help to cure eczema, rash or woundthat is not healing for a long time. Special charges, which includes centaury, effectively cope with alcohol dependence. In diseases of the ears apply the juice of this plant.

Centaury from alcoholism

Combined with the equally popular herbs centaury is recommended for the effective treatment of alcoholism. This plant has exceptional properties, which occurs due toelimination of cravings for alcohol, recovering the work of all internal organs and cleansing the body. Also centaury allows you to quickly cope with a hangover.

A decoction of centaury: 2 tablespoons of herbs, pour 1 Cup of boiling water and boil for at least 10 minutes, then to insist 2 hours. Next, take the drug should 3 times a day for 1/3 Cup. This decoction can significantly reduce the craving for alcohol over 10 days of use.

Alcohol tincture: for its preparation will need 1 part centaury, 1 part of wormwood and 4 parts thyme. 5 tablespoons of this mixture, pour 500 grams of 70% alcohol, let stand 2 weeks and start taking 1 tablespoon before meals three times a day. The recommended course of treatment is at least two months.

Centaury arbitrary

Centaury aritrary is a herbaceous plant whose height varies from 10 cm to 50 cm It has a taproot and smooth-edged leaves. Bright pink flowers are collected in corymbose inflorescences unusual. The fruit of the plant is presented in the form of a narrow double boxes with small seeds brown. Flowering centaury three summer months. As a medicinal plant used aboveground part of this plant, which is dried in the shade outdoors.

Centaury small

The small centaury is a low biennial plant with single stems and twigs. Basal leaves collected in the outlet. Graceful flowers have a deep pink hue. Blooms, the grass, generally from June to September. This variety of centaury can be found in the Western part of Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. This plant chooses such places as floodplains, margins of swamps and lakes. The small centaury is used to improve the work of gastrointestinal tract

The centaury

The centaury characterize of bright pink flowers and straight stems. The fruit of the plant looks like dvuhgnezdnaya box of cylindrical shape. Blooms of this variety of grass until the autumn. Bitter centaury perfectly stimulates the appetite and enhances the function of the digestive system. Along with this, this herb has anthelmintic action due contained therein of gentianin. It should be noted that in medical practice the centaury may be appointed and colds.

Centaury ordinary

Centaury ordinary thrives in the vast whole of Europe. This herboften grows in meadows and grassy slopes, sometimes found on the banks of rivers. It is a perennial plant with a small root has a single small stems and basal leaves. The best time for gathering this herb is the autumn season. Typical of this unique plant can be the presence in it of bitterness. Used in the form of decoctions and infusions, centaury affects the human immune system, acting by reflex. Moreover, this plant stimulates the heart function and whole circulatory system.

Centaury beautiful

Centaury beautiful differs from other varieties in small sizes. The stem of the plant branches from the base, with a basal rosette of leaves is formed. The drooping flowers of centaury have a delicate pink color. This grass is widespread in Central Russia and is also found in the Carpathians. The therapeutic effect of centaury is evident in his beautiful obsecenities effect on the human nervous system.

Contraindications to the use of centaury

Contraindications to the use of centaury is not available. However, people who are sensitive to bitterness or intestinal ulcer, you should not use this herb in the form of medication.