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10 amazing facts about olive oil

Well-known beneficial properties of olive oil. Today we want to tell you about the specific facts of the miraculous folk remedies that is touted in every way. We will try to sort out and to figure out whether this product is so necessary.

The olive tree in Scripture is mentioned repeatedly as a symbol of grace and mercy. Olives in ancient times were compared with gold. By the way, today in Greece is assessed human well-being in the olive tree. But we don't live in Spain, not in Greece, not even in Sunny Italy. Our national symbol is well-known sunflower. But the question now is not about a bright yellow plant, and the olive tree, therefore, will not be distracted from the topic.

  1. So the first thing we can say is that olive oil is the only one where you can fry food and bring benefits to the body. Everyone knows that corn and sunflower oil have the disadvantage. You ask what? So, they are subject to oxidation, especially when heated and left on the air. In the end, it turns out the product is carcinogenic, harmful to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. But olive oil, unlike seed oils, has the highest boiling point, and can safely say, practically not oxidized, and all thanks to the fact that it contains a low content of saturated fatty acids. So if you are one of those who protects their health and leads a healthy lifestyle, for cooking a variety of dishes can be used safely with olive oil.

  2. Oliva is the warmest and winter oil, despite the fact that it grows in the South. You wonder what that means? So, the fact that the molecules of fatty acids this product is the big – and the bigger the molecule, and it has more atoms of the carbohydrate, so the more she gives of heat. The uniqueness of the olive is that she is the most bold, energetic oil of all vegetable. By the way, the same property has also sesame oil, but we find very difficult. Oil of olive gives a higher energy output, which is necessary to cope with stress in the cold season and for the normal functioning of all organs and systems. The oil contains linolenic acid, providing a rapid influx of energy needed, which helps to transmit impulses, that is, the signal from one cell to another. All this allows a person to think faster, storethe necessary data in memory and retrieve when needed. This acid also needs and the embryo that develops in the womb of the future mother. The researchers conducted animal experiments and found that if the mother does not have enough essential fatty acids omega-3, then the cubs have observed violations of learning ability. Only animal fat provides greater energy output, but, as many know, contains quite a large amount of harmful cholesterol.

  3. Olive oil has a strong choleretic and a slight laxative effect. By the way, olive oil is used only for blind sensing. This is a very rare quality as other vegetable oils do not have choleretic actions, because they are light. And bile is known to be essential for one to function properly digestive tract, and also for fat digestion.

  4. By the way, very useful information - if you drink on an empty stomach for three months every day for one dessert spoon of olive oil, you can cure stomach ulcers and gastritis. In this situation, one teaspoon of vegetable oil can cause hepatic colic. Olive oil can be safely consumed by those people who suffer with digestive disorders, are diseases of the gallbladder and liver. In addition, oil made from olives has a healing effect, a calming and detoxifying effect on the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas.

    Oil made from olives can be safely used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Scientists have proven that olive oil reduces the cholesterol that creates artery atherosclerotic plaque. In olive oil in addition to fatty acids, contains large amounts of vitamin E and polyphenols, which help reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and help to cope with certain forms of cancer. I want to add that olive oil helps to slow the aging process and prolong youth.

  5. Olive oil is very useful for children when they are weaned from the breast. Olive oil contains fats that have properties similar to mother's milk. The recommended oil little by little to introduce baby porridge and vegetable puree. Breast milk, in fact, the fatty acid composition very similar to olive oil:linoleic acid is in the first and in the second about eight percent.

  6. Rafinirovannom oil is not really oil, that is generally not oil – this product is not suitable for healthy digestion. When refining there are such connections that simply do not exist in nature. To put it more simply, the oil "dies", i.e. it evaporate all active biological substances, and remain solely the heavy fraction, over which no power nor time nor temperature fluctuations. So if you see in the store Extravirgine inscription (on some types of oil Spanish), and "refined olive oil", then you know that the suppliers of product simply just mock your lack of knowledge.

  7. Extravirgine oil from the olives of the highest quality. A low percentage of acidity (0.1 – 0.6 %) is the most important indicator of product quality. In order to produce the highest quality product, collected ripe olives (gently slipping from the trees with sticks, having spread the net under the tree), chopped with seeds and go under the press, where the separation of oil and water.

  8. What is cold pressed? So, this technology involves the maintenance of a certain temperature mode, that is, not above twenty-eight degrees, at which the oil separates from the water and not connected to it. Spin, in fact, is only cold type, since at high temperatures all its valuable oil loses quality and it is not Extravirgine. Second grade oil is virgine (acidity above 0.5), the third grade is fine (olive) and fourth grade oil is justoliveoil (refined).

  9. World leaders in production of oil from the olives of Italy, Spain and Greece. There is one rather interesting fact: the volume of olive oil production in Spain exceed those in Greece, almost three times the oil they have class Extravirgine is only the fifth part of the total production. At lower volumes, Greece produces mostly oil of this class (ninety percent) and offers optimum ratio of price and quality. Actually, to be honest, the people of Greece can not do the marriage, and on oil, which is produced from the olive tree, they just pray. We can say, safely, that in Crete the technology of production of olive oil matured so thoroughly that for the past few millennia remain strictly unchanged.

  10. And you know thatcosmetology is widely used olive oil. If you after a shower, put on olive skin mask, you can be sure that she will say thank you. The beautiful half of humanity Greece combine olive oil with vinegar in equal parts and apply the mask on your hair. After this procedure, damaged hair restored. But in India, olive oil is used as the basis for many balms and perfume. In addition, it is used for polishing diamonds and used for oil lamps and torches, since it burns without soot.

  11. This butter has a yellow color, bitter taste and a pronounced smell. Storing oil should be not more than one year in dark bottles in a locked Cabinet. Refined olive oil has no taste characteristics, for the reason that they are hiding deliberately in order not to issue low-quality raw material. But of course, oil of olive refined can be stored for years and not deteriorate. Easy to understand why, as it is inedible, even for microorganisms.

It's all in the quality!

Remember that quality and taste characteristics of the olives, and this means that the oil differs depending on the area where they are grown, the climate and, of course, soil. Let's look at the example, and so, the Greek oil is produced in Crete, has a light aroma of herbs. And all because Crete is, after the Amazon in second place by the number of medicinal plants and has its own unique microclimate. In Greece, olive trees are like family. The Greek people, protects them, cares for, and tries not to hurt them. By the way, if an olive tree proper care, it can live to one thousand years. By the way, in Greece and in the business of making olive oil, family.

Let's deal with the fats

And finally, let's understand fats. Natural oils are of 3 types, namely saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Saturated fats raise cholesterol, increase the risk of heart and vascular diseases, cancer and many other serious diseases. They are easily recognizable, because in the cold they become matte and firm. Is animal fats.

But polyunsaturated fats, even in the refrigerator remain liquid and transparent. Therefore, it is vegetable fats. This form of fats, for all the usefulness there is onequite a dangerous feature - they are subject to oxidation, especially when heated and left on the air. Fried pies, chips and other joys fastfotoscale deep-frying is the highest dose of free radicals, which cause destruction of cells of the nervous system and other vital human organs. All of this can cause reduced mental capacity, accelerate the aging process and occur cancer.

As is clear, monounsaturated fats occupy an intermediate position between the saturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is oil made from olives has oil perfect formula, namely, it contains high monounsaturated, fats are easily degradable, and low in saturated, solid fats, and almost seventy-five percent monounsaturated fat is the most valuable of them is oleic acid (almost four times more than other oil).

In conclusion I want to add that olive oil, like many centuries ago is very popular. The benefit of this valuable and healthy product, no one is questioning. First, it is not only the most valuable dietary product, but also healing. Even if you eat just by eating olive oil, it will have to have on the body and its beneficial effect.

Olive oil not only has a positive impact on the digestive system, but helps reduce blood cholesterol and helps speed up the metabolism. In addition, it has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, namely, the oil strengthens the vascular wall, leads to normal pressure, prevent thickening of the blood and accelerates its progress through the vessels. In addition, olive oil slows down the aging process, and the fact that it contains high amounts of vitamin E. it is Very difficult to list all the beneficial properties of olive oil, but we can safely say that it really is an indispensable dietary product, which significantly improves the quality of life and helps to maintain the health.