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Five reasons why men should not be drinking beer

Everything is good in moderation. This also applies to what we eat and what we drink. Much has been said about the benefits this can bring alcohol in small doses, and about the dangers of large doses of alcohol and not necessary to say, is everyone knows the truth.

Note, this applies not only to spirits. Weak alcoholic drinks such as beer mistaken for a harmless drink. But it is not. Beer harms the health of not less than alcoholic beverages. According to scientists, particularly on male health.

In the beer contains phytoestrogen, which is secreted from the hops in brewing. He inhibits the secretion of the male hormone testosterone. As a result, the body begins to take the upper hand the female hormone estrogen, which is a little active in the normal state, and should not prevail. There are hormonal disturbances.

We offer five of the most serious reasons not to drink beer.

Raises the level of cholesterol

Research conducted at the University of Leicester (UK), showed that young people with marginally elevated estrogen had the highest rate of cholesterol. As you know with age, the health problems only compounded. For this men have turned forty years of age, even the smallest deviations lead to big problems. Estrogen promotes the formation of "bad cholesterol", it in turn helps to develop cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Also prevents the formation of "good cholesterol" which improves the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents heart attacks.

Rises obesity.

Beer belly grows, not to make it more fit. Again, all because of estrogen, it promotes the deposition of fat in the waist area. ( For this reason women get better during hormonal therapy). Fat cells secrete an enzyme that male hormone testosterone turns into estrogen female! That's what troubles us is presented physiology.

As a consequence, sagging muscles, not passing fatigue, problems with libido. Increases the risk of developing diabetes and other diseases, which are the companions of obesity.

Inflamed prostate

The lack of estrogen in the body, men have a risk of prostate cancer. But excessive amount of it not too helpful for this body. However, the precise mechanism of dependence is not detected, under the assumptions of doctors, the estrogen in nemerennothe number leads to prostate enlargement and malfunction. When the gland becomes enlarged, it puts pressure on the bladder and duct, as a result, often have the urge to urinate.


Many women would like to be able to painlessly increase the chest. But unfortunately this opportunity have men. As a result of hormonal disorders in men easy to appear the female form. As the fat under the influence of the female hormone deposited it where he tells his this hormone.

The heart weakens

As found by Polish researchers, there is a direct correlation between high estrogen levels and heart failure, as a consequence, this leads to early death. People with similar symptoms die two times more often than others with heart disease. Also men with elevated estrogen have a predisposition to deep vein thrombosis as a result to heart attacks. According to doctors and excessively low estrogen levels leads to the same results.