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The destructive influence of alcohol on every organ of the body


What happens to the body when alcohol enters the human body? Alcohol causes blood clots in the blood. These blood clots can't pass the capillaries, as a result they just clog. The capillaries begin to swell and the result is simply burst.

Very often you can hear that 100 grams of vodka will not harm but on the contrary, will bring some benefits. However, even this amount of vodka enough to get a few thousand brain cells were lost forever. You can imagine how many brain cells are killed at each meal, approximately tens of thousands. The next day, after a feast with alcoholic beverages, the dead brain cells are simply excreted in the urine.

This harmful effects of alcohol never ends, getting together with the blood in the heart, it continues its destructive effects there. Heart cells begin to break down, eventually appear microrubra. Heart muscle becomes less elastic, failing to push blood, it begins to just choke her. The heart of the drinking man always increased, as covered by adipose tissue. Blood clots that form in arteries and capillaries, do not allow to pass oxygen and nutrients to part of the heart muscle. In this process, the heart tissue starts to die, it is called a heart attack.


The very first kick from the alcohol takes the liver. Regardless of the dose of alcohol to the liver this devastating. What happens to the liver? In the liver cells die off, the place of dead cells is fat and connective tissue. In the result of alcohol exposure occurs fatty degeneration of the liver, called steatosis. Then it may develop cirrhosis, then cancer.


With the blood alcohol is absorbed into the pancreas, resulting in spasm of the ducts. Starts the accumulation of enzymes glands, these enzymes begin to digest the gland itself from the inside. This leads to the fact, that the gland is swelling, inflammation, further already - rotting. All these processes contribute to the development of such a painful and deadly diseases like pancreatitis and pancreatic necrosis.

The esophagus

Under the influence of alcohol is the varicose veins of the esophagus. Over time, the veins become deformed and weak. At some point, they can just burst. Which will lead to internal, and bleed. Further, the blood rapidly accumulates in the stomach, develops hemorrhagic shock. In this situation for the salvation of manrequired immediate resuscitation.

The digestive tract

Alcohol suffers greatly protective layer of the gastrointestinal tract. The microflora of the gastrointestinal tract are killed and blood circulation. As a result, the intestinal mucosa there are numerous erosion. Further, these erosions are transformed into ulcers, and ulcers are already in a malignant tumor.


Once alcohol reaches the stomach, it begins an active enzyme output. Alcohol combines with enzymes that begin to destroy the lining of the stomach and its walls. In the end, to digest the stomach itself begins. As the process of digestion goes into the process of decay, it causes the development of diseases such as: gastritis, ulcers, stomach cancer.


Blood cells red blood cells, under the influence of alcohol very quickly coalesce, forming the so-called lumps. The bloodstream they begin to spread throughout the body and clog small capillaries. Is dehydration. From the negative effects of breakdown products of alcohol affects all without exception organs and systems of the body. The man himself starts the process of degradation and rapid aging. Otherwise, this condition is called hangover.


Consider this: ten young men, cheerful, carefree, and drank no more and no less than many others. What they can expect according to the statistics? One of the drinkers girl baby is born with a disability. Due to the devastating effects of alcohol one of the young men simply cannot have children. One of the young people will lose family as just drinking. Another last years of his life will suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. Before the age of 45 years, dies two more. Three stroke one, another heart attack. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, one death kills a man and goes to jail. The other two are injured or die, again in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Ruthless statistics says almost 90% of children born with mental or physical disabilities, children of parents who drink...