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Vitamin B17 against cancer

American writer and documentarian Edward Griffin wrote a book called "World without cancer", which describes the discovery of such substances as vitamin B17. He also called laetril or amygdalin. Its uniqueness is that he is able to destroy cancer cells in the body. In his book, the author suggests that prevention of this terrible disease is quite simple, but, however, he failed to understand that modern clinics waive this vitamin, while others successfully use it in cancer prevention.

Griffin not looking for an answer to their questions in science, and looking for them in the policies designed for treatment and prevention of cancer. The essence of the problem lies in economic issues and in the management of medical institutions.

Every year on research in the field of cancer costs millions of dollars and others millions of dollars come from the sale of chemical compounds. Knowing this information, it becomes clear that people living through cancer, much more than people dying from this terrible disease. And if the cure for cancer is found in one simple vitamin, every minute could collapse a huge industry at the moment who is trying to resist.

All pharmaceutical companies conduct their research exclusively from those chemical compounds, which they invented, as if the drug will be approved as a medicine, these pharmaceutical companies get the exclusive right to sell, and therefore get a lot of money. All pharmaceutical companies will never go to conduct research normal eating, the patent for which they will not be able to, as it is freely available in any supermarket.

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A substance that has the ability to kill cancer was found a long time ago, in the bones of a large number of fruit, especially apricot. Even 35 years ago it was announced that the family of the apricot is, as a cure for all known cancers. Scholars have argued back then that if the seeds of apricots are included in the daily human diet, the cancer cells will not grow and develop.

The pharmaceutical transnational companies, together with medical institutions of the USA "forced" control the food and drug administration to make the sale of fresh raw apricot kernels, along with vitamin B17 was illegal. It was found that the apricot seedcontains hydrocyanic acid which is very poisonous and, therefore, in any case can not be used. However, the content of this acid is so small that does not bear any harm (to 10 seeds a day can be eaten without fear for their health). In seeds of peach, cherries, grapes, apricots and the seeds of apples were found in vitamin B17. Also this vitamin have been found in some legumes, as well as in a large number of herbs and bitter almonds.

Solid core, which is located in the depths of the apricot, not to just throw out. In fact, this is a solid shell serves as protection for one of the best products on earth. Dr. biochemist from San Francisco, Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., dared to put forward such a theory, which States that cancer is the same disease as scurvy and pellagra, i.e. it does not arise because of some mysterious bacteria, toxins or viruses, but is a result of vitamin deficiency deficiency of essential components in the diet. He identified this component as a part of a family of nitrilosides, which can be found easily in nature, as is found in over 1200 edible plants.

Which contains vitamin B17? It should be noted that in a large number this component contains the seeds of the fruit belonging to the Rosacea family, Prunus, namely, seeds: bitter almond, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, peach, plum. It can also be found in grasses, sorghum, millet, corn, cassava (tapioca), Apple seeds, and flax seed, as well as many other products that have been completely removed from our diets due to modern civilization. That evidence, which could result in their support, Dr. Krebs is truly staggering.

If you go back a few centuries, it will be seen that before in the food people consumed more vitamin B17, as eating unleavened bread, but at the moment a large mass of people prefers to eat white bread, which does not have this vitamin.

Before our grandmothers pounded in a mortar seeds of grapes, plums, apricots, apples and many other plants and fruits, and all this added to the jam homemade and in various canned products, however, humans have consumed large amounts of vitamin B17. As shown by independent studies, a tribe of Hunza had never met with the disease cancer, because until recently, their diet was very rich in apricots and millet. Now, as soon as they started to eat in the West, they began to get cancer. This finding, just can't stun.

We many years ago were able to cope with this disease, as vitamin C deficiency (scurvy), but for some reason we are still powerless against cancer?

The answer actually lies on the surface, it's obvious! At the time, was successfully carried out the campaign against vitamin B17, which was based only on the fact that this vitamin contains a deadly cyanide, namely, salts of hydrocyanic acid. But vitamin B12 also contains quite a significant amount of cyanide, but why not withdraw from the sales in the stores?

Dr. Krebs received his laetrile, apricot seed, and then synthesized it in the form of a crystal. And then, suddenly, management on control over products and medicines, just filled up the media with a story about a poor, unfortunate couple from San Francisco who ate raw apricot pits, and then poisoned. This story spread through the whole America, being on the front pages of popular printed publications. It should be noted that the journalists who dealt with this issue, trying to identify this poor couple what to do and they failed. BUT ever since that happened, so that eating apricot seeds or vitamin B17, was to associate all people with a real suicide.

If you believe the Almanac nutrition, it is during the day you can use from 5 to 30 apricot pits, only you can't do that, you need to stretch it for the whole day, little by little, it will be a good preventive dose.

Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency, which is accompanied by nervous disorders, muscles lose their strength, there is a cyanosis of the tissue, teeth begin to fall. In rare cases, occur hemorrhage in various organs.

Pellagra is an endemic disease of the skin. Symptoms of the disease: redness of the skin, diarrhea, and nervous disorders.

Anemia – anemia, decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

Dr. Krebs is fully proved in the 50 years that vitamin B17 does not harm the people. At first he tried the vitamin only to animals, but after the successful testing he was injected with a huge dose of Vitamin B17. Dr. Krebs Died in 1996.

Why vitamin B17 is harmless? Because each molecule of this vitamin consists of only 1 compound of cyanide and benzaldehyde and 1 2 compounds of glucose, which is compact and tightly Packed together. In order for the cyanide was dangerous, it is necessary at the beginning of the "open" molecule, thereby releasing it from there, and this can only be done by an enzyme calledbeta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is in human body in extremely small quantities, but 100 times more in tumours. Since the cyanide is released only in cancerous areas of the body, even amazed at how this destructive effect on all cancer cells. All the cancer cells die.

  • Attention! Vitamin b17 is not a panacea! Use it only in complex treatment! In a very large volume of apricot stones can harm, follow the dosage!