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Fighting dandruff

With such a problem as dandruff, perhaps, met each of us at least once in your life. Dandruff is white flakes that remain in the form of a rash of white color, most often on the shoulders and hair, creating a rather unpleasant aesthetic effect. Let's talk more about the causes of dandruff, as well as some methods of dealing with it. To begin to determine the root cause of occurrence of dandruff, it should, so to speak, to look inside the human body.

Possible causes of dandruff

First, hormonal failure often is the main reason of occurrence of dandruff, in the same way as acne on the skin. Hormonal changes occur in the human body mostly aged 15-25 years.

Secondly, the cause of dandruff may be the wrong lifestyle and nutrition. For example, large amounts of fatty and sweet foods, lack of vitamins in the body, Smoking, severe fatigue combined with stress can cause dandruff.

Thirdly, the cause of dandruff may also be incorrectly matched care products for the hair, e.g. shampoo, as well as abuse of various hair products. Cold weather conditions can also be one of the main reasons, which may appear dandruff.

Fourthly, violation of metabolism in the body may also cause dandruff. People suffering from this disease, all the dead skin cells begin to quickly glued together from the seal. The result of all of this is dandruff.

Fifthly, the cause of occurrence of dandruff can be a microscopic fungus. All the people on the surface of the skin heads have their own microorganisms. These microscopic organisms create the natural flora on the scalp. At infringement of balance of living on the scalp the fungi begin to provoke the sebaceous glands to work harder, causing starts to appear dandruff.

Methods of dealing with dandruff

Shampoos treatment. In their composition usually includes some active ingredients which are able to providecompletely different actions on the scalp. Included in some therapeutic shampoos selenium sulfide exerts a retarding action on the rate and cell division. There are some shampoos which include salicylic acid. These shampoos help to detach flakes from the scalp.

In order to stop the multiplication of the fungus and also remove bacteria, it is necessary to apply an antibacterial substance. In very severe cases, in the most critical situations, you can use a special, very strong tar shampoo. However, using this shampoo has its own characteristics: people who have light or gray hair, use this shampoo should not be, because after its application the hair color will become brown.

At the very first stages of development of dandruff, use shampoo only twice a day. However, always use this shampoo should not be, because he's too strong for daily use. It is recommended from time to time to change such a strong shampoo to a milder remedy for dandruff.

The use of essential oils has a good antiseptic and antifungal action. Attributed to useful tools, you can the following essential oils: eucalyptus, patchouli, lavender, mint, cedar, tea tree, geranium, grapefruit, rosemary and others. To use these oils as prevention, this should be added to your shampoo about 6 drops of the chosen essential oil.

Very useful for fighting dandruff, as weird as it may sound, massage of the scalp. There is also a kind this massage with the use of salt. To carry out this massage before washing hair, massaging the scalp with salt. This kind of peeling of the scalp. Such a method of struggle helps to remove excess fat and dead cells of the skin, additionally, it promotes active growth of hair. The duration of this massage 5 to 10 minutes, it can be done on dry or wet hair, massaging your head easily with the fingertips.

National Council for combating dandruff

For oily type of hair dandruff very very good lemon. For this the scalp should be rubbed with lemon juice, then leave to soak for 10 minutes, then wash hair. Regularly conducting such a procedure, the duration of absorption of the juice into the scalp can be increased to 30 minutes.

As a useful rinsing your hair you can use the following folk recipe: take two tablespoons of chamomile blossoms, 1 liter of water, combine and bring to a boil, then strain. The resulting broth should wash my hair about twice for oneweeks.

Folk medicine has also given us a very good recipe for a hair mask that is very highly appreciated by specialists. It is prepared in the following manner: mix equal amount of honey, cream, aloe juice, lemon and castor oil. Grind two cloves of garlic as an important ingredient added to the mix. Ready mask should be rubbed into the scalp and hair, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Suggest as professionals, in order to achieve best result, the dandruff problem should be approached comprehensively. But regularly to choose the most suitable tools and methods for your hair, and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.