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Truth and myths why we can't quit Smoking

You can often hear that quitting Smoking is very difficult. Anyway over such phrases as "Smoking is bad", "hard to quit Smoking", people also think well and long as the term "grass green".

Talking about the habit, the nicotine, even on any different, but for smokers, in fact, difficult to cross even not using it. The main points that various fears, they are more and stronger than any of the habit. There are only seven.

How then to cope with stress

Smokers often are convinced that a cigarette calms, although it is a myth, but the way "had a smoke and calmed down" works. Moreover, if you try to convince yourself that cigarette smoke is a toxin that poisons the people and the atmosphere that the cigarette in his fingers to replace with a normal pencil, and for discharge to resort to walking, but still the laws of physics, chemistry and anatomy than does not replace.

Any smoker is familiar not by hearsay, that when Smoking is allocated a gamma-aminobutyric acid, it promotes relaxation or to help you Wake up, it all depends on that at the moment the person needs. For this reason, when a man gives up cigarettes, the body cannot adequately react to a stressful situation. This is because he just lost the ability to produce the desired acid, and the person begins to think about it. Because the body is not able to defend themselves from the stress when trying to quit Smoking a person thinks that he piled a heap of problems. In fact, nothing leans. More problems not getting them as much as it was always easy to deal with them more difficult.

Quit Smoking and get fat

Unfortunately, meet athletic smoker can be very rare. Usually by the health of its they are not very attentive, sometimes just lazy. To meet a sportsman with a cigarette ( in particular among those who are involved in sports because of addiction to a healthy lifestyle) in our country Smoking is very seldom. For this reason, if the smoker, especially a smoker advise to quit Smoking, they are horrified to imagine myself with 10-12 kilograms of excess weight.

To this I add, when my friend half a year ago gave up that bad habit, then scored eight kilograms of excess weight. As a result of the stylish girl she reincarnated... I can't even say that in there. Rather even stayed skinny, but with a double chin and a tummy. Despite the appearance of a plump, husky,quit Smoking, they are kinder to the world does not become ( all thanks to the stress) if you go on a diet, depriving yourself of the usual and sometimes junk food.... something about kindness here and say no.

Will not be able to concentrate

This afraid of people whose work is connected with the intellectual costs. Cigarette helps to concentrate and understand what and how to do. Oddly enough, but it's true, and proven by doctors.

Again, this is related to gamma-aminobutyric acid. This acid acts on the mental activity, promotes concentration. Often it becomes an alternative habit, if the creative process is connected with Smoking or in cases where a smoke is used, in order to figure out how to do what does not work. This boosts the smoker the nicotine, but destroys the desired acid.

Deprive yourself extra relaxation

To deprive the smoker of smoke or stopping to rest, all the same what to cut off oxygen to the diver. This problem can be attributed more to the psychological problem. But just think, no one can work eight hours without a break, the only thing that smoker this break is called a break.

For yourself you must decide how and the more productive you can replace the smoke.

Change friends

Communicate smokers usually cigarette. Any issues are best solved with a cigarette in his mouth. Its nice to twirl in his fingers when talking to her it seems there is no uncomfortable silence. How can you abandon such niceties. But if you're still not confident people, so many fears piled; how to relax, and suddenly I will not feel, how to communicate with people, etc., etc.

I will change

If a person starts Smoking at an early age, in ten years, his whole life is fumigated as incense. Cigarettes associated all his life and all experiences. This is the first love and sex, gatherings with friends, different fun and challenges. In General, all the fun. Without a cigarette he is not, to stop Smoking, then, to abandon the past and reinvent myself.

Going to be like all the boring

Of course, it turns out that the circle is made up Smoking smokers the same people. With them and talk like there is about what, and with non-smokers, well what can. They don't like tobacco smoke, when they like and do not smoke, and that's a shame, and generally they are not what you are. And with the same smoker as you, youeasy, comfortable and as "at ease". If you give up smokes, it means to betray and go into the enemy camp not smokers.

What comes out, it is not necessary to quit Smoking?

Of course not. If you agree with everything that I wrote above, you're very close, it does not mean that quitting Smoking, you can not. Very important to know what you are going to fight when you know the enemy in the face, and to beat it easier.

If only it was in the smoker, then maybe it would be all the easier. But still it is necessary to consider the factor that there are more and the people around him. How for example may be Smoking to confuse smokers who decided to quit the habit - read the next time.