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Excessive flexibility in children. Good or bad?

A large number of gymnasts and also acrobats from birth have some so-called innate feature, namely, their connective tissue have an increased tendency to stretch. And, as you know, is from this indicator depends entirely on the overall flexibility of the human body. There is an opinion that greater success is just impossible to achieve in ballet, gymnastics, figure skating and synchronized swimming without the special skills of stretching of the muscles. However, as doctors say, the features of connective tissue exists and is the thin line that if you cross it, all the delights of this feature can very easily develop into a dysplasia of the connective tissue, which at first the symptoms are very easily confused with simple natural flexibility.

What is dysplasia? This kind of pathology, which is passed through the hereditary line. This pathology is valid so that there is a violation of the condition of collagen fibers, which become significantly vulnerable, in addition, sharply decreases the rate of recovery. However, dysplasia is considered a disease and is not necessary, as it is not, because it's just some specific feature of a human body, but in the future she can develop into illness. In dysplasia, it should be remembered that the physical activity virtually banned because they can lead to serious injury and in some cases even fatal.

To see the manifestation of dysplasia of the child's parents are able. When dysplasia the skin of a child may be easily retracted from the forehead or hands may be delayed from one centimeter or more. Also, the child is very easy to plant a foot behind your head or finger to touch the brush and so on.

In the smallest age, so to speak, in infancy, symptoms of dysplasia may begin to occur as a hernia, and the curvature of the legs. When children grow up, the disease begins to manifest itself in the form of hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Also, the reason dysplasia is a pain in the feet of the child because of flat feet, or from distortion of posture.

If you or your child has been identified, connective tissue dysplasia, an urgent need to establish before she can escalate in a more complex and serious disease or not. In order to establish the degree of development of dysplasia, you should go to the doctors-geneticists, when it comesabout the child to the pediatrician. In addition, you need to make special laboratory tests, namely x-ray, heart ultrasound, tomography, and so on. Children with this diagnosis, as dysplasia of connective tissue, should be given to the doctor-orthopedist, surgeon, dentist, Laura and the optometrist.

So how to change in any way the system of connective tissue it is impossible, in the early definition of the child such features can completely change its way of life that in the future will help to avoid many problems and serious consequences. The child needs to significantly increase locomotor activity, and it is very helpful to do yoga, swimming, but in any case it is impossible to prevent sudden movements, heavy lifting and too much stretching of the muscles. Doctors recommend to provide the child with a good massage. You should also make sure the boy slowly ate the protein.

Yes, of course, the treatment the child has a connective tissue dysplasia is very, very difficult job, one might even say very hard work. However, the result of this hard work is the future health of the child, his full and happy life, and this, perhaps, is any hard work.