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Even everyday sounds kill the ear

According to scientists from the University in Shanghai (East China) and the University of San Francisco (California, USA), normal, seemingly not loud sounds, for example, from a regular desktop fan at work or at home, TV, radio, can be very damaging to human hearing. To this surprising conclusion came scientists once did some special experiments on rats.

Scientists in ten hours rodents subjected to noise at 65 decibels, as you know, it's a bit below the usual accepted level of noise, and then the rats gave as much as 14 hours of complete silence. The sound cycles every day scientists repeated for two months. These sound tests were a kind of imitation sound of noise that people get during life at work and at home.

After the above tests, which lasted two and a half months, scientists made on the rodents a few tests and one of them showed a curious result. Those rodents that were exposed to sound, or rather noise, the test is noticeably slower perceive and distinguish sounds than their other counterparts, which was not subjected to such noise tests. Also in rats that have experienced noise exposure, revealed the lowest activity in the auditory region of the cerebral cortex, when they again felt the noise impact.

They claim the work carried out, very loud sounds can damage the hearing threshold, moderate same sounds do not affect hearing sensitivity. For this reason, those sounds are still, unfortunately, considered safe, and, I must say, this view is mistaken. All the results of these studies were extensively published in the journal "Nature Communications".

It is worth mentioning that in all European countries, where in total population of about 41 million citizens, every day people are exposed to very high noise impacts, for example, road noise there exceed 55 decibels.

This noise contributes to the fact that people are beginning to disrupt sleep, decreases learning ability, in addition, it affects that begins to increase the blood pressure in the night time, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that they begin to develop serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is also necessary to mention the fact that about 3.6 million people through difficult life situationsjust forced to live in such conditions where noises exceed 70 decibels.