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Vigorous exercise can prevent the development of psoriasis

If the woman leads an active way of life, so to speak, if she is energetic, it can significantly reduce the risk of such serious diseases as psoriasis. This disease is an immune disorder that, in turn, begins to cause a scaly inflammation on the skin surface. According to the researchers, the active physical activity, the interval of which is within three hours during the week, can greatly reduce the risk of developing psoriasis by 25-30 %.

As stated by one of the leading researchers, the Vice-Chairman of the Department of dermatology at the hospital "Brigham and Women's Hospital"in Boston (USA) Dr. Abrar Qureshi:"This discovery is another reason to ensure that people have added to my life more activity and exercise". Also Dr Qureshi reported that "the intensity of the performed exercise directly related to the fact, what is the risk of developing psoriasis, that is, if all physical activity is walking, this is not enough, and such exercises are not a protection against psoriasis."His report Dr. Abrar Qureshi published in"Archives of Dermatology" May 21.

In order to conduct a study team Dr. Abrar Qureshi gathered information about 867 000 women. As you know, the number is not small, of which 1 026 women were sick with this disease that is psoriasis.

The team, led by Dr. Abrar Qureshi found that women who had the highest physical activity had a much lower probability of developing psoriasis than women who did not have such physical exertion. It should be noted that influenced the activity of the disease and reduce the risk of the only types of physical activity, like aerobics, Jogging and gymnastics. But such physical exertion as tennis, Cycling and swimming, have no effect, and General effect on the disease is not provided.

Dr. Abrar Qureshi said that there are several of these so-called mechanisms that are the basis of explanations of these findings. The first mechanism is that physical activity affects the reduction of systemic inflammation in the body. Second, that is to say, the assumption is that the basic physical exercises directly related to the risks of some, and sometimes all diseases that are associated with inflammatory processes. This number, incidentally, includes two typesdiabetes, coronary heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer. All this said the researcher.

Not so long ago became known to all the people who excessively drink alcohol, smoke or are obese, have much worse psoriasis. Consequently, these factors have a negative influence on the course of the disease. Along with these discoveries we now know that exercise, more energetic body movements also play an important role for such serious diseases as psoriasis.

In addition, it is worth noting an important fact: vigorous physical exercise or simply sport, help to reduce not only inflammation but also reduce stress levels, help fight depression, all this, according to scientists, may also be etiologically associated with psoriasis.