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Alcohol and brain rot

In humans there is no such body which alcohol does not act destructively. However, it should be noted that the strongest changes occur in the brain in humans. So how exactly in the brain the poison tends to accumulate. Once a person drinks a mug of beer or a glass of wine, 100 grams of vodka, the alcohol contained in these drinks is absorbed into the bloodstream. Next, the flow of blood, this poison enters the brain, leading to the rapid destruction of the cerebral cortex.

In 1961, three American scientists-physicists failed to consider the mechanism of destruction, as it turned out, that it is not so complicated. To do this, they looked at the long-focus microscope, made by them, of the human eye. They sent the microscope on the pupil, namely, the small vessels of the retina, laterally directed light, and for the first time in the history of science has been seen as inside the vessel the blood.

Physicists have managed to see the vessel wall, leukocytes (white blood cells) and erythrocytes (red blood cells responsible for oxygen transport from lung to tissues, and carbon dioxide in the opposite direction). This entire process they recorded on film. It was clear, as long as one of your customers, they found walking through the vessels clots (clots, gluing of erythrocytes). These clots resembled bunches of grapes. These adhesions consisted of 5, 10, 40, 400, and 1,000 units of red blood cells. Physics was very surprised and frightened by what he saw, however, the person felt nothing. Further this phenomenon, scientists have discovered several clients. After a thorough customer survey, we found out that these people the day before the survey drank.

The red blood cells appears very different properties, they begin to stick together, forming larger bulbs. When it is noticed that the amount of alcohol consumed affects blood a snowball effect, that is, the dimension increases with the amount consumed. In various parts of the body, the diameter of the capillaries is different. For example, in the brain or the retina of the eye, the diameter of the capillaries are so small that red blood cells have difficulty passing one at a time, sometimes at the same time, pushing the capillary walls. The smallest diameter of the capillary is 50 times thinner than a human hair and is 8 micron (0.008 mm) diameter of the smallest red blood cell is seven microns (0,007). Given these findings, it becomes clear that the education, which contains a few red blood cells can not pass on such small capillaries. This coupling pushes on the branching arteries, and then arterioles and even smaller caliber and in the end reachesarteriole smaller diameter than the clot. This clot just clog the arteriole, the blood flow stops in it, therefore, ceases and blood flow to certain groups of neurons in the brain. Form these clots are not correct and contain about 200-500 erythrocyte size, they have approximately 60 microns. Seen, even such clots, which contain thousands of erythrocytes. Of course, that such clots can block arterioles not only of small diameter.

Red blood cells cease movement microcapillaries, and therefore the oxygen supply to the brain cells, it leads to hypoxia, otherwise it is called anoxia (lack of oxygen). This phenomenon is perceived by man as intoxication. This same phenomenon leads to "numbness"and further to the death of parts of the brain. However, the person thus feels a sense of euphoria, freedom from problems. In fact, the part of the brain is disconnected from"unpleasant"information coming from the outside.

Finally, scientists were able to prove that hypoxia causes a simulation of freedom, which feels a drinker, after drinking alcohol. This feeling is what attracts most people, and this feeling tends to get people when drinking. In fact, this is not freedom, but only a dangerous illusion drinker. The man is trying to dissociate itself from all of his problems, but still, he remains surrounded by the same people and circumstances, not able to assess the situation and to control their actions.

You should pay attention to the fact that the so-called"sleep"coming in a state of extreme intoxication, the physiological understanding is not a dream. Rather, it is a condition, loss of consciousness due to neurochemical disturbances caused by alcohol brain hypoxia are other names for alcoholic coma. More is available this can be explained as follows: when oxygen starvation waking the body is not able to breathe, in order to facilitate breathing ( avoid death) triggers a defensive reaction of the organism, the so-called"dream", in which metabolism is greatly reduced.

Large vessels located in the hand or in the foot at the initial stage of alcohol consumption clots of red blood cells is not terrible. Only now have people who are long time drink alcohol, change the color of the face and nose. As in the nose a person with a lot of small blood vessels, the bonding erythrocytes, formed as a result of taking alcohol when he reached the small vessel, causing his aneurysm (vesselinflated). The vessel dies, after which the nose becomes blue-purple color, since the vessel no longer works.

The processes occurring in the mind of all is practically identical. Is the human brain of 15 billion nervous cells (neurons). Each nerve cell (neuron) fits your capillary, which feeds the blood. The diameter of the capillary is so small that the red blood cells to squeeze through to power the neuron can only be in one row.

As soon as the alcoholic gluing a base to the base of the capillary, it is his clogs, after 7-9 minutes, the brain cell dies forever.

So every meal with the "moderate"alcohol consumption leads to the fact that in the mind of a person is the new cemetery of dead cells called neurons. Almost the same picture seen by the doctor, the pathologist, revealing the skull of a deceased person a"moderate" drinker. It wrinkled the brain, smaller volume, and the entire surface of the cerebral cortex in microrubra, microjava, attacks structures. All consequences of alcohol consumption.

Why at a young age alcohol violations of the circulatory system and their consequences are not so noticeable, for example, the same at older ages? This can be explained by the fact that in the young organism has only 10% of all capillaries, because the young organism has approximately 10-fold margin of capillaries.

But the supply of the capillaries is depleted and the time of alcohol poisoning becomes more noticeable. As drinking today, the modern man, at the age of 30 years in the body found violations of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver. Again and disorders in the sexual sphere, neurosis, etc. it is Necessary to remember that alcohol acts destructive to any organ or system of the body, so the consequences are always unexpected. According to some scholars, from drinking 100 grams of vodka dies not less than 8 thousand active cells, especially germ cells and brain cells. Irreversible death of neurons due to thrombosis and small strokes in the cerebral cortex leads to loss of information and to violations of short-term memory.

In the first place die off of brain cells responsible for memory. This can be explained by the fact that the census people didn't remember in the morning. In addition, the processes of information processing considerably difficult, leading to the consolidation of essential parts in the neural structures and responsible for long term memory.

What surprise of doctors pathologists revealing of alcoholics who died from alcohol poisoning, and it is surprising they are not then how much it destroyed the brain, and how you can live with thatbrain.

From the foregoing the conclusion is that alcohol is a powerful weapon which intentionally deprives a person of reason. The worst is when he drinks the whole nation, when people are driven into the swamp of alcoholism. People of intelligent, creative people turn into a biped or just working stage.