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Flint water — cure 100 diseases

The history of the discovery of the therapeutic properties of flint. Modern application of silica and water

Our ancestors in the distant Neolithic knew that flint is extremely useful. Sharp edges of this stone were used for making different weapons to help in the home and while hunting. In addition, thanks to flint, our ancestors could make fire.

Further, in the Middle ages, Europeans used the flint:

  • as means for processing of the walls in the rooms where meat was stored;
  • as material for the manufacture of Burr mills;
  • in some villages in present-day Germany flint was added to dairy products, thus preventing their premature souring;
  • in Russia, this stone faced inner part of the wells so that the water in them became much clearer.

Not past the useful properties of this wonderful stone and medicine of those times:

  • ground stone, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, is widely used as a means of promoting rapid healing of scratches and cuts.
  • in Britain flint was used infusions on the water, which is the same as the crushed stone was used as a means for treatment of wounds and various illnesses.

However, despite this popularity of flint among our ancestors, with due attention to the beneficial characteristics of this stone, or rather, the water content of flint, was identified only in 70-ies of the last century. The impetus for these studies was the study of the composition of the water of one of the lakes near St. Petersburg. This lake had some mystical glory, because there was no biological life, but people often swim in those waters, have noted accelerated healing of cuts and abrasions, their hair and nails became stronger and grew much better, and overall health improved. Later on the lake bottom, the researchers found deposits of flint, after which this mineral has been given much more attention, especially flint and water on its basis began to carefully study and research. Upon completion of these studies, scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus published information on the beneficial properties of silica and water and its positive influence on the human body.

Today, flint is widely used as a natural water filter and activator. Moreover, this mineral is popular not only in the conditions of life:

  • water for balneological procedures and for the manufacture of medicines prepared with the help of flint;
  • also water on the basis of this mineral is used for preparation of alcoholic beverages and starch.

Mineral-organic composition of flint

Flint is a mineral containing chalcedony (one of the variations of quartz) and opal. In turn, the basis of these two elements is silica, in addition to which there are about 20 chemical elements, including Cu, Ca, Fe, Zn, P. flint Also contains silica, which in a considerable quantity contains a significant part of the entire earth's crust. Moreover, in organs and human tissues is also present in the silicon.

The color of the flint is diverse (it can be either black and yellow or red colors) and depends on the presence of oxides of manganese and iron.

Opal-chalcedonic chert, which is widely used as a filter activator of water, is composed of a mass of once fossilized single-celled organisms, which many years ago was part of the flora of the rivers and lakes of the time. The researchers believe that it is the presence in flint and fossilized organics to give this stone pronounced bactericidal properties and give him the ability to activate water, to give it a lot of useful properties.

The role of silicon in the functioning of the human body

Researchers have shown that the basis for the occurrence of most widespread diseases could be the lack of silicon in consumed food. As a result, our body feels the deficiency of this essential trace element.

  • Silicon is not only an accelerator of oxidation-reduction reactions in the human body, this element also plays a vital role in the body's metabolic processes and actively participates in the formation of various enzymes and hormones.
  • Furthermore, silicon, which is the main component part of the water activator of flint, can fully absorb about 70 mineral elements, including zinc, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus and others.
  • Another important feature of silicon — a trace element that is involved in the synthesis of collagen (a protein which imparts flexibility, elasticity, and strength to all connective tissues).

Contains silicon and also in the cell structures of many other organs of the human body: blood cells, liver, thyroid etc.

A deficiency of this trace element in the human body can cause the development of manydiseases:

In addition, the lack of silicon can provoke:

So, the above information suggests that the silicon content in the human body must be carefully controlled. The disadvantage of this trace element in your daily intake of us food can be replenished with the introduction in the diet of activated silica and purified water.

Kremen natural filter water activator. Water purification with flint

Even our grandparents knew about the beneficial features of flint, as stone is able to purify and give the water healing properties. As mentioned above, in ancient Russia, it was popular reupload flint the bottom of the boreholes and wells to obtain clean and healthy water. Not passed this method of disinfection of water and our contemporaries: the villagers and vacationers, as our distant ancestors used flint in modern wells.

  • Flint activator, while in the water, has a positive impact on the energy composition of the latter.
  • Bactericidal action of this mineral significantly reduces harmful microflora of water, struggling with a variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites.
  • Note also that as a result of the relation of this mineral with water to form new substances colloids that contribute to the loss of liquid is harmful to the body salts of heavy metals, breakdown products of chemical compounds, pesticides and other harmful substances. So, it is proved that during the use of a flint filter activator calcium and barium in tap water is down by more than 2 times.
  • The made of flint water, prepared by opal-chalcedony flint has crystal water from a spring, transparency and freshness.
  • In addition, this water is stored for a long time, has a lot of both useful and therapeutic properties, thus no one year successfully used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for various diseases.


Medicinal properties of silica and water and its use in folk medicine

Daily supplying the body of silicic water, you give him a lot of advantages:

  • detrimental salt and toxins that had accumulated in it, will dissolve much faster;
  • human blood regularly consume the made of flint water, purified;
  • the muscular system is becoming better;
  • also regular consumption of silica water improves the functioning of prostate, pancreas and thyroid glands;

  • hormonal stabiliziruemost and maintained at the proper level;
  • in addition, due to the normalization of metabolic (in particular, lipid and carbohydrate) processes are systematically flint drinking water helps prevent obesity and helps people struggling with excess weight.

  • So, due to the many medicinal features (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, immunostimulating), which contains silicic water, we have a wonderful chance to use it both as a prophylactic and as a tool in the systemic treatment of many ailments:
  • Diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Through the systematic use of silica and water amount of bad cholesterol in the blood cells is greatly reduced, while the flexibility of blood vessels and heart valves increases.

  • in this regard, adherence to the diet on the basis of silica and water recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, angina and other heart ailments;

  • also this water is a great preventative measure to prevent the occurrence of heart attacks;

  • we add that the flint water stabilizes blood pressure, blood clotting and increases the level of hemoglobin. As a result, such water is useful for hypertensive persons, people with a lack of iron in the body and diseases, which cause poor blood clotting.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract. By means of silica and water:
  • comes to normal useful microflora of the intestine;
  • reduces the risk of stones in the liver and gallbladder, to some extent, disintegrate existing stones;
  • the separation of bile becomes better inflammation occurring in the digestive system, cropped;
  • the work of the sphincter becomes more active and better;
  • harmful substances in the digestive tract, absorbed by the water and naturally eliminated from the body;
  • introduced in the diet of flint water helps fight against many diseases of the digestive system: dysbacteriosis, heartburn, peptic ulcer disease, gallstone disease, constipation, hepatitis, disease of the pancreas.

  • Diseases of the skeletal system, joints and teeth. Flint water greatly increases the amount of silicon in the human body. Silicon, in turn, actively participates in the metabolism of such elements as phosphorus and calcium, which along with the very silicon present in sufficient quantity in our cartilage and bones.
  • in this regard, experts recommend that you regularly use flint water as a means of contributing to the prevention and control of diseases such as rickets, rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis;

  • also recommended flint water as an auxiliary tool for the early treatment of bone and renewal of the tendons, cartilage, connective tissue in fractures, sprains, dislocations;

  • in the case of diseases of the teeth and when for some reason the dentist could not get the made of flint water can reduce pain. In addition, such water strengthen tooth enamel and dentin.
  • Viral diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and oral cavity. The unique composition of silica and water helps neutralize the influenza virus. So the period of activity of the disease specialists especially recommend to use flint water:

  • its bactericidal composition allows to use the water on the flint not only as a drink but also as a means for rinsing the oral cavity that contributes to the fight against tonsillitis,tonsillitis, a pharyngitis and diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis, periodontitis and others;

  • in addition, flint water can be instilled into the nose, you will promptly get rid of aggravated runny nose, rhinitis;

  • regular consumption of silica water helps in better functioning of lung tissue, and is also an excellent prevention of such diseases of respiratory system like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  • Fungal disease and a variety of mechanical damage skin. Due to pronounced antiseptic effect water infusion on flint, it is widely used in folk medicine as a means of facilitating purification of a variety of cuts and even purulent ulcers (with plenty of healthy water soaked gauze or a bandage periodically apply to the sore spot):
  • due to the antifungal action of silica and water it is actively used in combating candidiasis which manifest themselves by sores in the mouth, nose, urinary organs;
  • popular water infused with flint in the fight against acne, dermatitis of different origin, ringworm, diathesis, cuts and other skin lesions. Thus water is used as a means for rinsing, or in lotions and compresses on the basis of silica and water.
  • Regularly use flint water is also recommended in certain eye diseases, diabetes, diseases of the genitourinary system and kidney disease.

  • Moreover, daily internal consumption and external use of silica and water results in a significant improvement of the psychological and emotional state of people who have problems with alcohol, struggling with neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines.

Specialists also draw attention to the importance of drinking water, saturated with flint, older people. As with the age derived from the body and so it needs silicon, silicon water naturally replenishes the body's need for this substance.

Flint water in the home of cosmetology

Silicon in the compositionactivated flint water known as the "mineral of youth" because it is so necessary for human body trace element, we have a remarkable condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Silicon actively participates in the production of human body substances such as collagen — the basic protein in connective tissue, which promotes better elasticity, flexibility and firmness of the skin.

  • Thanks to the regular procedures of washing the face and body with water infused with not flint, our skin comes to tone and wrinkles, so disturbing all of us with age, there is much less.
  • In addition, the made of flint water relieves various inflammatory processes of the skin, minimizes the formation of various redness and peeling of the skin. In this regard, silicic water is very popular as a means to combat acne (acne) , and other cosmetic troubles of the skin surface of the person.

  • Home cosmetology widely used the made of flint water, and as a means to care for hair and scalp.

  • Rinsing the hair after washing of silica and water, you will strengthen your hair follicles, promote hair growth, give them a luxurious Shine and healthy look.
  • In case of dandruff and itching on the surface of the scalp flint water will relieve these unpleasant feelings and will contribute to more effective treatment of such diseases as seborrhea.

When using water infused with silica, as a main component of cosmetic trays for nail growth last considerably accelerated, in addition, they become stronger and no longer stratify.

Methods of obtaining and application of silica and water

Healing effects that silicon has on the human body, is very difficult to overestimate. However, the amount of this trace element in most common among the residents of our latitudes the food is often insufficient and does not reach the standards recommended to meet the daily needs of the human body. However regular use of water infused with flint man gets his dose of that much needed for normal functioning of the organism.

Flint water is widely used as a beverage and as one of the components during cooking. In addition, it is very popular as a preventive tool, as a means to combat various diseases and as a means of cosmetology.

Dailyexternal application of water infused with flint, does not entail absolutely no contraindications. The same can be said about the use of silica and water inside. The recommended daily dose of water on the basis of flint to enhance the immune work of the body or prevent certain diseases is about 200 g per day. It is recommended to drink 50 g of water during the day, dividing, thus, the receiving frequency up to 4 times.

The method of preparation of silica and water

For the preparation of silica and water, the flint, above all, should be thoroughly washed, preferably under running water. After that, the flint is placed in a glass container filled with water (20 g stone, you need 2 l of water), is covered with a thin cloth or gauze and placed in a dry, dark place. Thus, water must stand for 2, often 3 days. Water, to insist, therefore, are used not all, but only its upper layers. This is due to the fact that at the bottom of the dish in a layer of liquid, only slightly covering flint, accumulate dangerous for the human body substances.

After each procedure, the infusion should be followed by thorough washing of the stone under running water and its subsequent airing outdoors in the fresh air. In the case of the activator of flint plaque stone should be dipped in a solution of water with salt for a couple of hours after that, the activator need to get it and carefully rinse it under running water. Then the stone is placed again for a few hours in a solution of soda now, after 2 hours, the stone goes and carefully washed.

To change the activator of flint is recommended every six months or 8 months, so it will be more effective as a means for water activation. To increase treatment and filtration action of the flint experts recommend to use it together with activator of water from quartz.

Prepared in the above manner flint water not be boiling or storing in cold places (in the refrigerator or outside the window in winter). It is recommended to keep containers out of glass at temperatures below +4°C.

The use of silicon for water purification in wells

Many centuries ago our ancestors has used flint as a means to purify water in wells and wells: this stone had carefully lined the interior of the well and received as a result of crystal clear, devoid of any harmful substances, water. In addition, this water is not only clean, but also has a pleasant taste, long shelf life and unique therapeutic power.

To improve water quality in modern wells flint added directly into the well, with 1 cubic meter of water only 10 g of stone. After 3 days the water in the well will become not just a liquid, fit forto quench your thirst or to cook her food, but also a great source of healing and is extremely useful substances.

The use of silica and water in the gardening and home canning

  • Seeds soaked before planting directly in the water infused with flint, germinate much faster.
  • Seedlings, which are watered by the water of silicic, less risk of the appearance on it of harmful fungal organisms in comparison with the seedlings, watered with plain water.
  • Vegetables, berries and fruits grow faster and more abundant plodorodie, if you put silicon with water.
  • Popular water infused with flint, and in preserving food. By adding to the water in the canning flint (1 cm3 of a substance in 1 liter cookware) products will not quickly turn sour, they become more pronounced taste.

  • The use of silica and water for houseplants and Pets

    Watering plants with water with the addition of flint, you:

    • make them more resistant to fungi;
    • accelerate their growth;
    • make time their flowering for much longer.

    Healthy water, infused with flint, and our beloved pet:

    • it greatly improves their state of health;
    • makes bones and teeth Pets more sturdy and strong;
    • increases protective body reserves of the animal;
    • helps him to more effectively fight different infections and diseases associated with helminths.

    Also justified by the use of flint in aquariums:

    • water with the addition of this stone will stay longer transparent;
    • it will be less prone to "bloom" and the appearance on it of the green flight.
    • of course, the quality of life of the inhabitants of the aquarium, in turn, will also become much higher.

    Contraindications to the use of silicon water

    Flint water is allowed to eat absolutely everything, because prolonged use of this element has not recorded any side effects.

    Suitable: within 3 years.

    Manufacturer: ZAO "Invit"to"Center of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy"

    By the way!

    Russian language shares words "silicon"and"silicon"(or"flint"with the accent on the e). The first is derived from the word"silicon"—all known chemical element, the second comes from the word"flint" — described in the article and respected for many centuries mineral. Very often, due to the similar sound of these confusing words. But as we found out, it's completely different substances, which, moreover, have different chemical composition:

    • mineral flint is referred to as SiO2;
    • the chemical element silicon, as Si.

    okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist