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Smokers put on the account

Recently, it was reported that therapists at any clinic shall ask each patient whether he has such a bad habit, like Smoking? However, immediately with a positive answer to the question "you Smoke?"smokers put on record will not, in the beginning the man will offer specialized care that the patient was able to get rid of this bad habit.

Recently in the"MK"reported that the health Ministry of Russia has prepared a specially developed algorithm of medical care for those who want to quit Smoking. In the new document says that now, each smoker who for one or another health problem, or even just on any subject visit a health facility, can't just leave it without having to put it on the account of smokers. In addition, each smoker doctors are required to advise you about how to deal with this addiction.

There are, of course, cases of exception, namely if the received patient-the smoker not to be able to listen to lectures about the dangers of Smoking, more specifically, when the patient is unconscious or dying. On the account will put smokers in the reception, and at each visit of a smoker in the hospital he should ask:"did not give up Smoking?".

Also in the new document, the so-called order, stating that each doctor must now perform spirometry and to measure the concentration of co in the patient-the smoker in the inhaled air. This procedure is not difficult, the smoker will be asked to exhale into a tube of a special device. In addition, the doctor will have to determine with the help of special test Tagescreme how strong the degree of dependence of the patient from Smoking.

After determining the degree of dependence, physicians must individually find a way to ensure that the patient was able to stop Smoking, and start monitoring it in order to control the correctness of the treatment process. Based on the degree of dependence of man from Smoking, but also his mental state, mood, doctors will offer the following treatment options: medication, substitution, acupuncture, reflexotherapy, millimeter wave therapy. And that's not all: the doctors must pick up the smoker a special diet.

It is also worth noting that it is now the law in the territory of any medical facility, whetherbolnica ili poliklinika, zapreshaetsya kurit, eto otnositsya kak ko vsemu medicinskomu personalu, tak i k prihodyashim pacientam.