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Combine vegetarianism and raw food diet

Vegetariana, the word that do exist, but Word it constantly emphasizes. Apparently it does not like. Like many other people, for example, to my parents, but not especially it their and annoying. Well, to me it is very nice, and frees from a heap of not very nice things. In the kitchen clean and tidy, pots do nothing, wash dishes is not necessary. Even the question arises: what I stove? Well, I need was a stove of course, until much to not I learned useful.

I'm the kind of person who is open to everything new. I am a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do sports and yoga. But there was a sense of satisfaction. Seemed to have something that I haven't tried yet. After, a while I came to the conclusion that I lack the addiction to a healthy and proper diet. And then I began to try different types of diets. Tried and Kremlin diet, and fasting days also week and macrobiotico and etc, etc.. But again the results I don't bring that satisfaction, what I'd like to. Five years the search finally yielded results. And I found exactly what called vegetarianism.

Over a year ago I became a vegetarian. One the day I did not eat meat, dairy products, eggs. And forever. The result is very good, the mood is great, virtually no PMS worried. However, I am a bit spoiled baked fish and sometimes crab sticks, knowing in the sticks of little use.

Recently I came across an article: "the Secret of youth and beautiful body demi Moore: a raw food diet!". This has caused me great interest. Of course, I turned to the Internet. From the material that I found on different sites, I chose something that interested me. From this I made my system power, which I want to share with you. For those who really interested in, they will not need to waste time for finding information on the Internet. Well let's start.

1. What is the raw food diet? (the prefix vegetative use will not. I think it is clear and so what it means)

The meaning of the word raw food diet – raw food. You eat only raw foods. Steamed vegetables on a raw food diet nor what to do have. Your menu consists of 95% of apples, carrots, cabbage and so on. The remaining 5% is nuts (source of protein), dried fruit also can be consumed. In overall, everything is pretty easy. But perhaps someone will still have question: there is this oneof the few types of pleasure, so is it worth torturing yourself and to deprive of this pleasure? Maybe someone is a "torment,"and for whom"treatment"! In the truest sense of the word!

2. What does the raw food diet?

At least in order to get rid of many ailments. And it do so. Our body is a complex self-healing system. But in order that he restored, you must run this process. It is possible if you follow and live by the laws of nature. Let's remember how the ancient people lived. What he ate? The first is the gathering, a man collected their own food. After that he began hunt.( if you can eat raw meat or fish it is not prohibited). Nuts, vegetables, fruits, berries, honey is what was the menu of ancient man. Not from chips and crackers or "Sneakers".

3. Who was the founder of this theory?

If you delve to the origins of raw foodism, we will certainly have to face with yoga. If we turn to traditional medicine, then the first who started teaching about the benefits of raw plant foods, was a Swiss doctor M. Behar-Benner. The book says they are " Basics of nutritional treatment on the basis of energy" wrote:

People eating exclusively live food include fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, greens, and renounced meat and food cooked on the fire, so-called raw foodists, have found amazing health and a huge capacity for work.

Based on the above, I was convinced that a raw food diet, this is what I need for a healthy lifestyle. A month odd I strictly follow all the recommendations while well feel. For those who doubt, I can say that the results of the tests showed that I have everything in order. I finally got rid of from chronic rhinitis and allergies which have plagued me.

Of course it's difficult, but only at first. A little be involved and understand what vegetariana is the key to good health and beauty!

4. The comment of one of raw foodists

Dried fruit is neiroinfectia food! They are dead and therefore do not fulfill one of the requirements Serdjukova power:

1. vegetable

2. fresh / raw

3. live

All 3 must be met at 100%. When drying out all the moisture and water from the product, which is so important to the body. You body is all he'll say - just eat a lot of fruit at first and feel like, and then when they are digested (minimum 3 hours), eat a lot of dried fruit here and see for yourself what they are dead, because well-being dramaticallyworse.

Also the raw food diet does not include all animal products such as honey and dairy products - these are products of the murder. The residents of the great priests - even milk from their own cows under very, very harmful to the body.

All three rules must be met at 100%, otherwise it is not a raw food! I.e. in addition to fresh plant foods no more must be used. This also applies to water supply and store water. If you have no water source or spring(in the stores it is not actually there), all the liquid should be from fruits, vegetables and herbs.