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Eggshell – the healer of the 21st century

Chicken eggshells are used in different cases. The peasants used the shell to enhance egg production of hens, they added the shell in crushed form in the feed for the chickens. Again, the gardeners use the shell as addition of trace elements to the soil, or as rascislau Supplement. Mistress used the shell as a bleach for linen. To do this in a bowl of water for boiling linen just add egg shells.

But it's not the most important of its properties. In books with old recipes you can find recipes, which include egg with the shell, there are recipes that use only the shell. The question about what are the benefits of egg shells to human health, asked a Hungarian doctor, Krompecher with a group of physicians and biologists. The studies were carried out for ten years or more, the result of these studies showed that egg shell is a perfect source of calcium, easily digestible by the body.

We all know that the most common metabolic disorders is a lack of calcium mainly in the bones. The results of this disorders - rickets and abnormal growth of teeth in children curvature of the spine, poor teeth, brittle bones in old age. Violation of calcium metabolism leads to anemia, frequent colds, various allergies, herpes on the lips, poor resistance to radiation. For women calcium deficiency threatens, the appearance of whiter, weak labor pains, atony of the muscles of the uterus. It is very difficult to get rid of disorders of calcium metabolism, since the drugs used in this case calcium chloride, gypsum, chalk – poorly absorbed by the body.

As a result of research, who conducted the Hungarian medical profession, it has been proven that the egg shells consists of 90% calcium carbonate ( calcium carbonate), it is easily absorbed by the human body. And that's not all, the shell contains such necessary microelements as copper, fluorine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and many others, a total of 27 items! As in our daily menu foods contain very little silicon and molybdenum, and they are necessary for the normal course of biochemical reactions in the body, to use the shell very useful.

The composition of bones and teeth very similar to the composition of the egg shell, which has a stimulating effect on the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, which is very important in the case of radiation damage.Regularly taking crushed shells of eggs, you get a high therapeutic activity, no side effects, no bacterial infections. Unlike the eggshell, the shell of duck eggs is not suitable for use. Quite often there are infected.

A very useful shell chicken eggs to small children. It must be consumed with one year as a child's body grows rapidly the bone tissue, and this requires a constant supply of calcium. In rickets and anemia are very useful to add crushed eggshells to baby food.

Based on the results of the research, Dr. Krompecher advises:

To apply the shell in pregnancy as a prevention;

In adolescence and youth (19-20);

Highly recommended for children from one year to six years;

As prophylaxis twice a year to apply to adults in order to prevent diseases of the spine, dental caries and osteoporosis;

Very useful to use the shell as a tool that removes radionuclides, as it does not accumulate in the bone marrow nuclei of strontium-90 (using 2 to 6 grams per day).

Application method the egg shell is quite easy. Pre-wash the eggs in warm water with soap, then thoroughly rinsed. Most often, special sterilization is required. To prepare the shell the children, need 5 minutes to put in boiling water. The shell from hard boiled eggs too can be consumed. It is less active but has been sterilized during cooking. To apply, you need from 1.5 to 3 grams each day, depending on age. Grind the shells in a mortar, and coffee grinder. However, in the grinder it turns out the medication less active. To eat well during Breakfast, adding cheese or porridge. In the West, the powder of chicken eggs sold in pharmacies since 1970.