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Honey will reduce the duration of a hangover

Probably, each person, well or a larger number of our population, had a hangover at least once in your life. What is it? This is the condition of human body when he is ready on anything to get this condition has and with the least losses for health. Recently, scientists from the Royal society of chemistry, which is in Britain, began to argue that the best way to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body is by all known means, namely, ordinary honey.

Scientists have conducted special studies that have shown that honey is the one product that has an action capable of removing toxins entering the human body in conjunction with alcoholic beverages. To explain it simply, all of this is due to the fact that the honey is the main active ingredient is fructose, which has an auxiliary effect on the organism of man, that he split the alcohol into harmless products.

The most unpleasant sense of a person with "syndrome" hangover delivers simple toxic acetaldehyde, it appears in the process of how alcohol reacts in a chemical reaction, resulting in the item. When you eat honey, the fructose in it very easily processed in the conventional, so to speak, ordinary acetic acid, as it is known, very simply burnt in the body during metabolism.

Recommendations provided by the experts after research, these are: honey should be consumed directly at the same time as the alcoholic beverage, as honey assists in the processing of alcohol, and can significantly shorten the duration of this unpleasant state of the body, like a hangover.

Also scientists researchers gave a little advice to partygoers. Before you go to visit (where you know in advance that there will be alcoholic beverages), drink one glass of milk, it will help greatly reduce the amount entering the body in conjunction with alcoholic beverages toxins. Used water, in turn, can quickly and easily eliminate toxins from the body, not allowing to cause serious harm to the body.