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Where male power

One in four men in the world after forty years there was a problem with potency. And this fact no man is going to publicly discuss.

"His professional success assessed the Nobel prize, but the success in sexual life, good potency to old age is no less important. In this completely seriously, this body is called manhood. If in this area something is wrong, and "dignity" ceases to work, many men lose their meaning in life", reported at the International Congress on men's health, held in Milan, Ian Eardley – member of the European society of urologists from the UK.

Will help only women

What distinguishes a real man from males? It is the hormone testosterone. If more, then men's power depends on the amount of the hormone testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is produced in miniscule amounts, only a few milligrams a day. But this is enough to maintain the whole body in order. Testosterone also affects secondary sex characteristics: hair growth on face and body, low voice, arising from thickening of the vocal cords.

Sexual desire (libido), erection, sexual behavior and the formation of sperm are directly dependent on the hormone testosterone. This hormone has an influence on the formation of a beautiful relief of muscle because it stimulates the production of muscle protein. The normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, nervous, circulatory, and urinary systems in men are also dependent on testosterone. With performance, memory and creativity, mood and character is also directly linked with the male hormone.

After 30 years, the level of testosterone decreases in itself at 1-2% per year. In this 50 – 55 years, and sometimes faster and it remains less than in his youth. There are doctors who believe that less testosterone closer to death. This follows from the fact that for a small amount of testosterone the risk of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and other increases. But failures in sex, weak potency a lot more upsetting the man, rather than high blood pressure. Fear of impotence pushed the man to go to the doctor, is told to us the Chairman of the Russian society of urology academician Nikolai Lopatkin. In fact, as shown by years of practice, our man with this vitally important problem to the doctor is not immediately. About five years he spends time at how to get rid of this disease. Use Dietary Supplements,take medicine guided by the advice of friends, or sellers of sex shops. At the same time, losing precious time.

For the record, women don't do that. If a woman has a problem, some health, a visit to the doctor for a long time she does not delay. All of that to a woman a long time to be ill no time, it keeps a home, farm, children. This women I speak - said the academician. If you wish to live to old age with the beloved, take care of your health. If there is a problem in the sexual life, then visit a urologist first. In actual fact the problem is not the quality of sex life. It's much more difficult if there is a problem with erection, it shows the condition of the blood vessels in the body. In the penis the blood vessels the most thin and narrow, why their work is significant. For example, the vessels in the heart to visually see, is not possible. It erectile dysfunction indicates that men have a problem of the cardiovascular system. It is also possible diabetes, in the initial stage. This qualified specialist will advise the man to hand over analyses on hormones and sugar, to visit a cardiologist - explains academician Lopatkin. No need to visit a specialist, and many, as well to treat more than one disease.

Male menopause

So for some reason, the amount of testosterone decreases with age? This happens because in the blood produces a special protein that binds sex hormones, this leads to a decrease of testosterone. Such a condition

which in medical language is called "age-related hypogonadism". This process of natural reduction of testosterone may be slow, but it should work. Need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink, smoke, watch your weight, exercise. But few who bear it. In order to follow it, we need a very good motivation, good that it was enough. Age hypogonadism in people as male menopause. The symptoms of menopause are very similar to symptoms of male menopause. It can be sudden hot flashes to the face, neck, upper body, irritability, insomnia, depression, heart pain, reduction of libido, less vivid sensations from sex. If the waist of formed body fat (regardless of age), increased breast cancer, weak growth of facial hair is the first sign of low testosterone.

Healthy men is essential to national security. A healthy and numerous offspring to reward we can only healthy and strong men.