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Reliable protection: discovery of new medicinal properties of breast milk

Nowadays, modern doctors and not only they, assert and simply convince young mothers that breastfeeding a baby is very necessary as it ensures a good protection of the child from various infections and allergies. More recently, scientists from Australia found out that the mother's breast milk helps to prevent sudden death of an infant, which I must say, unfortunately, is quite common.

Doctors came up with a very sad, one might say, even grim terms that: "death in the cradle" and the syndrome of sudden baby death. What is causing these terrible cases still remains for physicians and scientists this mystery, when fully healthy, strong all indicators of a newborn baby suddenly dies during sleep. Even after the coroner of the autopsy the baby to find the cause fails and the death of infants continues to be a mystery. The most dangerous time for the baby's life in the vast majority, when a child dies for no reason, is from 2 to 4 months after birth.

Pediatricians are now young parents usually give only the most simple tips, so to speak, it is recommended to take some measures, for example, to put the child to sleep on his back, not too wrap blankets and diapers and stuff. Medical researchers from Australia claim that breastfeeding in infancy is a very strong factor that significantly reduces the risk of the sudden infant death syndrome.

Basically most of the doctors and you can say, and all the doctors suggest mothers breast-feeding because mother's milk is capable of very good to strengthen the immune system of the child and the mother's milk protects a newborn baby from allergies and viral, bacterial infections. However, scientists researchers from the Australian charity organization called "SIDS and Kids", those who try to make fewer of these sad cases in the country but in General in the world, completely confident that mother's breast milk helps protect babies from sudden death. Recently about the benefits of breast milk came direct instructions and completely all the information about breast milk. All presented information is designed specifically for young mothers, the authors of these recommendations spent to conduct these difficult studiesas many as 15 years.

Also, these Australian doctors in addition have stated that breastfeeding should not continue, as was previously thought, and recommended, before the onset of the age of the child in 6 months, and up until the child turns one year.