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How come chronic diseases


Familiar to many situation: flourishing, energetic person, suddenly becomes dull and lifeless, begins to visit the hospital more often than work. Surrounding, noticing such changes in person, I think that he is a malingerer. However, it is not so. A person acts chronic fatigue syndrome when it disappears activity in life, negative changes begin in the inner organs. And people falls into the category of stable chronically ill.

Remission, treatment, remission, and treatment – be the meaning of life

There is a different situation. Quite serious stress. Conflict situation at work, in the family, anywhere. Sometimes transferred to the legs disease, for example, influenza, stroke, heart attack, or pneumonia. Once one loses life energy, after some time it becomes stable chronic.

Why is this happening? What is an infection? What sense bears in itself the word?

This word raises many associations, and poisoning accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, and fever with a high temperature, weakness and impotence. It turns out that infection is an entity that enters the body, it begins to harm, thus, forcing the immune system to fight it. The helplessness that we feel at the same time, it is a cry for help our immune system. On the level of our knowledge, we will of course provide this assistance. Someone will take a laxative, someone diaphoretic, but many will take the antibiotics.

The effects of antibiotics

If you look closely at the word antibiotic, anti bio, which means against life. An antibiotic without killing the organism and the infection and a healthy cell, causes stress in our immune system. The immune system begins to actively save, from the effects of an antibiotic and the cells of the body and the infection. Why, then, after exposure to antibiotics survival of both man and its cells? This is because the body forms a protection in which a few cells change, still survive.

Frequently after such therapy, it is necessary to provide support to "preantibiotic" of the body, a stronger antibiotic.

The immune system, save all, save of course and infection. Infection after receiving support from the immune system, hides the body in a protective shell, in order to be reborn in a more favorable time, but in the form of mutant. This attitude of immunity to it will be quite positive. Under the influence of antibiotics, the immune system took under his protection the infection. Do not be surprised when suddenly finds what is considered to be the infection, but in the form of the parasite.

Whatthe difference in immune function with infection and parasite? In the introduction, the body of infection, immunity takes her as his enemy, enough to support the immune system and it is easy enough to cope with it. In order to strengthen the immune system suitable any ways. But if the parasites you have settled to get rid of them is more difficult. It is necessary to re-educate and strengthen our immune system, to individually select the treatment.

What are the parasites

Institute of morphology came to the conclusion to get rid of parasites, invasive forms of treatment less than three months it is self-deception. As shown by long experience and practice on individual selection of cleaning programs to get rid of parasites such as Giardia, opistorhoz, Trichinella spiral, the course of treatment for 4 to 6 months.

There are such as intestinal price, pinworm, roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm bovine tapeworm, and dwarf. This is a very common multicellular parasites. In humans, the number can be from several pieces to thousands. It is extremely a lot. However, it is very small in comparison with those of intracellular parasites, which millions, and are considered to be the infection. Some of them moved into the body during fetal development, this may explain the moodiness and the tendency to diseases of the child. Such infections include: Staphylococcus aureus Golden group streptococci ( hemolytic, bovis, alectia), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, kingella the jinghai, E. coli, chlamydia, Trichomonas mutant bergusinov, HIV, etc.

Visually these parasites won't see and hands can not touch, to determine them only according to the secondary characteristics in the laboratory, or tests. For more than fifty years the use of antibiotics, contributing to the mutation of parasites. The activity of the parasites occurs when people are calm, then they can be identified. Most often this happens during sleep. The result of their activity we see in the morning, most often it is swelling, feeling of weakness and broken state. However, tests during sleep, it is unreal. You have to pass in the morning, but the parasite is already hiding, and you still remain ignorant.

All known not known chronic untreatable diseases are formed for many years, and are the result of a combination of different parasites.

If we consider an example: a Fox is lurking around the coop, waiting for when the owners forget to close the door the night. Using the fact that the dog guarding the yard very lazy, and not paying any attention to the passing. Fox freelyis close to and even sleeping in the booth at this dog, which she already considers to be his. Anyway, sooner or later it will get to the chicken coop. Maybe it is not necessary to wait, when will this happen? Can get a new dog or rehabilitate the old one?

All diseases cause of which are parasites to enumerate a long time. But it is safe to say that all of them can be found in the Handbook of chronic and incurable diseases. First, you need to understand that miracles do not happen, that we should not fight with the disease and its cause, and all complex diseases begins with a simple this is the first step to health.