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What to do to improved memory

If you go to the doctor with complaints of memory impairment, of course, he will prescribe a treatment according to the standard scheme. But it is unlikely he will talk to you heart to heart and give instructions how to keep your memory to old age. You've probably heard, and perhaps even met with the facts of missing people. Sometimes people, even youngish, suddenly forget the way home, can't remember where they live and their relatives; moreover, you can't call your own name. They go into urban transport and going in an unknown direction. And then the family begins the search for the lost memory of loved ones, and it lasts for months.

A large number of children, boys and girls face problem in memorizing information. It is difficult to understand the lesson, questions and stories of the teacher not deposited in the head, came home and forgot about what was discussed in class.

So the question arises: is it possible for all life to keep a good memory? Is there a way to improve it? As a qualified specialist, I can confidently say "Yes".

All organs, including the brain, have many levels of protection. To say that the brain potential infinite, it is impossible. Nothing lasts forever, everything comes to an end. Only the universe is infinite. In order to activate the biochemical and biophysical processes occurring in the brain needs training. If you do not train the muscles, say, on the legs, they will become flabby and progressively waste away. The same thing happens with the brain.

Our task is not to let the organs, body systems and brain cells to stand. How to implement it? Legendary healers were able to find the answer to this question. Dr. ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, China, Greece, recommend their patients on a daily basis to do something new. For example, to read, count, solve puzzles and riddles, to force the brain to think.

Here is an example from his practice. About six months ago I came to accept quite a wealthy man: "Doctor, I advised you to contact your former patient. Then you gave him help. Help me, please." "What is troubling you?" I asked.

"Something happened to my memory. I became to forget things. I forget the names - middle names are important for my work people. Forget the promises that I give not remember what you promised me. Forget about the meetings and the questions that I wanted to solve them. After negotiations, I can't remember what was discussed. This is so reflects negatively on my business. For me this is a real problem," he told me.

I told him, of course, advised to pass the examination. After seeking treatment. TreatmentI advised him, was essentially to load the brain.

To study a foreign language, to provide training for the brain to remember large numbers and unfamiliar words that have appeared from other languages, the folding method of associative chains. Even crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles. My patient was clearly disappointed with such recommendations. He wanted me to write him a miracle drug, by adopting which he could instantly recover the memory.

I to it have fairly told that the drugs that help to improve memory, exist. But they are without brain training is ineffective. This our conversation ended. Of course, a man forty-two years old, a successful businessman, expect me to only healing pills.

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6 months later I was approached by a former patient, who recommended me to that businessman. And they came to the reception together. And that's where I was able to substantively chat with our hero. From the story I learned that he hails from a family of high official of the Soviet era, so get great tools and connections, they gave him the opportunity to start a business and successfully run a business.

Lifestyle he, of course, health is not added. Having a car freed from walking. Accordingly, there was excess weight. In the day of physical load is also not included. All the pleasures of the rich life - stress, a night of entertainment brought to the beginning of insomnia, began to disappear memory.

And miraculous pills nobody invented. And it is unlikely that someone will invent. Of course, there are drugs that have a high efficiency. But they benefit those who are able to understand that nothing is free. And health money can not buy.

Our brain is so constituted that it must be kept in good shape. Reboot it impossible, as he will immediately understand that something is wrong.

So what will help our brain to maintain it in good condition? These simple recommendations:

-Hiking.... It is necessary to pass kilometres 6 - 8 a day.

- To use the vitamins, particularly the B vitamins, especially vitamin b-12 (cyanocobalamin); it is necessary to consider that people after 45-47 years lack this vitamin, more specifically, in the form that is formed after transformation in the body of the cyanocobalamin. Vitamin therapy should be under the supervision of a doctor, because regular use of vitamin b-12 increasesblood clotting, which increases the risk of blood clots in blood vessels. This is especially dangerous for people with coronary heart disease. Lack of vitamin b-12, in middle age causes negative processes in the brain, it contributes to memory impairment.

All people - regardless of age, should eat a healthy diet so the body receives enough calories, essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and so on. For normal and productive work of the brain need fruits and vegetables: apples, citrus fruits, various berries garden and woodland, bananas, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, vegetable oil, corn and sunflower. Note will say, in tomatoes contain pectin, organic acids, nitrogenous substances, minerals (i.e. manganese - a microelement necessary for people engaged in mental work ), vitamins C, b (especially b-1), RR (nicotine acid), vitamin K, carotene (provitamin A).

By the way, carrots significantly slows down the aging process, including in the brain. Also long used rosemary and juniper to improve mental performance.

Give you one wonderful recipe, which is very useful in bronchial asthma, physical and mental exhaustion, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal diseases, weakness after severe disease, generalized atherosclerosis (and atherosclerotic vascular lesions of the brain) to improve memory.

To prepare the medication you need pine cones, certainly collected in may(!), while they are not ripe. We'll cook pine honey. To prepare one kilogram have 70-80 cones. In enameled pots need to be placed cones, fill them with water (a little more than one liter) and cook for one hour. Readiness is determined when the cones are pierced with a fork. When the bumps are soft, water time to drain. A necessary condition – used immature cones. Otherwise they will not be punctured with a fork. In the warm broth need to add one kilogram of sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved, then add a little citric acid to the broth is not sugar. This solution can be stored in a cool dark place in a tightly sealed container. To use it you need one tablespoon three times a day with water for 30 - 40 minutes before eating.

Also to improve memory apply pine buds collected in early spring. The buds are washed and eaten for two or four stuff 1 - 2 times a day before meals. It is very beneficial for memory status.