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Why people are struck with cancer

Physical problems

Cancer is a failure in the program playback of any group of cells, and a negative change in them. Often, in order to understand why cancer arose in a particular place, we must first understand what the function of that part of the body he was struck.

Psychological problems

Severe psychological trauma that people have experienced in childhood and those negative emotions that he carries with him all his life, be the main cause of this disease. Feelings such as bitterness of betrayal, humiliation, injustice and loneliness, when a person is rejected or abandoned, can cause serious disease.

There are people who survived not one, but several such tragedies.

Oddly enough, the cancer usually occurs in people who want to live in peace and harmony with others. But for this they have to constantly suppress my anger, resentment and sometimes even hatred to someone from parents or relatives. It happens that we get angry at God, believing that others it all goes undeserved. However, we do not allow ourselves to Express their negative emotions, the negative is accumulated and is increased each time, especially when some event reminds us of past trauma.

One day, when the negativity reaches its limit in man, as if everything exploded, and from that moment the cancer starts. The disease can occur both during emotional stress or after it.

Mental problems

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is necessary to perform my whole life. To understand that we must afford to be human with their weaknesses, to Express negative emotions, even if they are directed against family members. The main cause of the disease that you suffer and worry alone. The hope is that someday they themselves, without help, will be free from their suffering. But in my heart feel the need to find true love.

There is the opportunity to implement it. Try to forgive those who keep a grudge and get angry, maybe even hate.

But understand that to forgive does not mean to just get rid of the negative feelings of resentment or anger. For a person who has been a cancer patient, the main difficulty is to forgive yourself for negative thoughts, for wanting to punish someone, even unconsciously. The child who lives in you and is suffering, all the hurt and rage endured, so forgive him. Do not think that to be angry and to be angry – it's the same thing. Anger is a normalthe human sense. Try to pass all the stages of forgiveness.

It is impossible to get rid of the disease, not forgiving himself. This step gives you the opportunity to transform our love of self and open the soul to the good, and, as a consequence – improving the health of your heart and to purify the blood already in the body. This new, free from bitterness and resentment blood, like healing balm, will sweep the whole body, filling the health of every cell. If you find this hard to believe, try, because this damage will not be exact.

Through the stages of forgiveness has passed a large number of people, and as a reward they got excellent results:

– Take care of your emotions. Comprehend what you're blaming yourself or someone else listen and tell me what emotions it causes in you.

– You have to understand that you always have a choice how to react to the events of his life: with love or with fear. Listen to yourself, what are you afraid of? Perhaps you're afraid that you'll be charged what you used to blame others.

– Learn to understand people's feelings and to relieve tension. To cope with it, try to put yourself in the other person to feel and understand his intentions. He may have the same problems as you. Maybe he, like you, blames himself and you in the same, than you blame him. Perhaps he is experiencing the same fears as you.

– Forgive yourself. It is the main stage of forgiveness. This will give your weaknesses. Allow yourself to be afraid, to err, to suffer and be angry, have their disadvantages. Love yourself for who you are in the moment, knowing that this state is temporary.

Try the desire to apologize. Coming to this stage, imagine how you apologize to the person criticized, condemned or accused of anything. If the thought of it, you feel a sense of joy and relief, it suggests that you're ready to move to the next stage.

Schedule an appointment with that person. At the meeting, ask for his forgiveness for what ever hurt him or hated. Explain to him your frustrations. Don't say that you have forgiven him, for as long as he did not ask about it.

– Make peace with your parents, if they Harbor old grudges. In order to overcome it, takes time. The passage of one stage may take a day, and another will take the whole year. Importantly, it was sincere and came from the heart. The heavier psychological trauma, the harder it is to go through all the stages of forgiveness, and the more time it will take.