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Developed a new drug for the treatment of lung cancer

Efforts and the efforts of experts from Britain has managed to develop a new drug, which, according to their preliminary data, they are able to treat lung cancer. However, it should be noted that this new drug cure lung cancer is the so-called combination of two well-known drugs from cancer "Vandetanib and Solomatine".

Scientists researchers have conducted special studies, in the result, it was found that this combination of drugs can not just block malignant cancer, without giving them the opportunity to develop, but also are able to take required nutrition in tumors that over time leads to the fact that cancer cells are destroyed.

As stated by the developers of this drug, it can be successfully used also for treatment of already serious stages of lung cancer, when other medications are commonly used, are considered to be already useless.

When conducting follow-up studies of this drug, the researchers collected a special group of patients, consisting of 40 people who have had lung cancer in various stages of the disease.

It must be said that the conduct of these studies with this combination of drugs started quite recently, for this reason strongly to speak about any concrete results even earlier, however, the experts in this field and researchers are quite optimistic, and therefore their mood, in patients with lung cancer there is hope.

According to specialists and researchers, the ongoing test, the so-called study is the first of its kind for the reason that before these two drug - "Vandetanib and Solomatine", together in one combination not used for the treatment of patients and General people.

Unfortunately, at the present time cancer of the lungs occurs more and more often, causes the development of which there are a variety of factors, including Smoking. With this terrible disease even the latest modern medicines and methods of treatment of lung cancer are not always able to give 100% positive result. This is due to the fact that over time cancer cells, as it adapted, so to speak, acquire resistance, "immunity" to all of the ongoing therapies and treatments.

In order to obtain accuratethe results of the ongoing studies of combinations of drugs will need to wait quite a long time, however, the first data, the so-called effectiveness of this drug, or rather, combinations of drugs will be available soon enough, so to speak, in the near future.