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Wheat grass – the cure for all diseases

Why wheat grass juice every day, drink the millions of people? The reason is that they want to be healthy, young and beautiful.

In rural areas people use the wheat germ and juice of its young shoots a long time ago, since as soon as began to grow. In the Chronicles of Rome and Byzantium described the ancient recipe of the drink, which treated the wounds and maintained the power of the warriors on long trips. The great painter Rembrandt is still life, which depicts a lot of different foods, and among all this abundance – Wheatgrass.

In 1930 was held the first scientific study of the properties of sprouted wheat in the carnivorous animals, which showed that if predators feed only wheat germ, they will live, but if their diets will include just greens and vegetables, such as carrots or spinach, they die from lack of protein!

Following a serious study of the properties of wheat germ was carried out in the forties of the last century biologist Ann Wigmore. On his discoveries, she wrote more than 30 books and hundreds of patients has helped to cure serious ailments. Some of her books have been translated into Russian language, for example, software "Elixir of life". The work Anne has forced the global health community to pay close attention to the inconspicuous green shoots. More than forty scientific articles about the benefits of Wheatgrass have been published in medical journals since then, and all these publications confirmed the new healing qualities of Wheatgrass juice.

In the fifties of the twentieth century in Australia and New Zealand has a new product called Wheatgrass. Subsequently, this product was tested for many years on the market of countries that put human health first. It has been proven that Wheatgrass is literally saving people from all kinds of diseases. For example, in Paris wheat sprouts can be bought in any vegetable store. And in England, dried wheat grass in boxes are sold through the pharmacy network. In the US, the wheat germ is sold in pasteurized form, powdered or in the form of tablets. Americans use this product around the same amount as table salt.

The days when wheat germ was considered exotic, left in the distant past, today they are firmly embedded in our everyday life. For example, Americans annually consume several tens of tons of sprouted wheat, and in Australia and New Zealanddaily sell 2 500 000 doses (30 grams) of this product with a population of 19 000 000 people. Madonna and Ashley Judd can't imagine my life without Wheatgrass juice. The most popular health drink in London and Los Angeles has long been the juice, and in yoga centers, he is considered a cult. Today Wheatgrass juice is widely distributed in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If before in Europe and America the best source of vitamins and energy was considered to be orange juice, but today his place was taken by the Wheatgrass juice. Early in the morning in London Fushi bar is all, and Madonna and Kate moss, before to do yoga or go Jogging, be sure to drink a serving of this wonderful drink.

The Wheatgrass juice is one of the most incredible medical discoveries of the last decade. This is truly a miracle cure, showing sensational results in the field of rejuvenation of the body.

Without the surgeon's knife you will get a great effect!

Howard Lattes,

Director of the Institute of Preventive medicine Washington, doctor of science.

Benefits of wheat germ

Outside it is an unremarkable grass. So how was she able to attract the attention of so many specialists? Wheat germ has a number of unique properties that can improve human health, and, all of these tools affect the body in a completely natural way.

If we turn to evolution, we can see that the person has developed the green vegetable diet. Subsequently, this led to the fact that all biochemical levels freshly picked fruits, nuts and wheat germ fit us as well as the key to its lock. When a person ceases to be an active, fresh plant foods, it deprives itself of the opportunity to obtain essential vitamins, micro and macro. As soon as the plant cut from the root, in the next 15 minutes dramatically decreases the activity of enzymes and the dynamics of life processes in cells, and about an hour later, the figure is already out on the background level. The miracle called "life" ends.

Now sort out every useful current factor green sprouts of wheat, in order to reduce their originality.

Factor first

This factor is today start to be interested in modern medicine. According to the method of exposure, it resembles homeopathy, but the principle of homeopathy is to neutralize pathogenic stimuli using similar substances in the organism enters the matrix of healthy state. How is all this happening?

The receptors of the oral cavity, to be exact – taste buds are very closely connected with the ancient subcortical structures of the brain that control metabolic processes in the body and all the subtle regulatory processes.

As soon as the mouth gets fresh blade of grass, its juice enters through the mucous membrane, it excites the primal instincts of food and fills us with living energy. When the fresh juice begins to act on the taste buds of the oral cavity, a group of neurons sends a signal to the part of the brain that is responsible for the processing of signals from this receptor, and the effect is approximately the same as if you were in the morning wash with cold water. Moreover, the beneficial effects are not neutral water, and the complex of sensations arising from contact with her. The same with wheat grass – its juice gives energy first use, and then in the process of digestion of useful components.

The rhythm of life of wheat is very similar to the rhythm of life, so it helps us to Wake up in the morning and in the evening helps calm our body and good sleep. The only known drug that is very similar in principle effects on the wheat germ is Vitamedin created on the basis of honey. The differences between them, of course, is: in wheat germ there are the energy and dynamics, and in this preparation there is only energy, but no speakers.

Enzymes and enzymes

The following useful factor operating Wheatgrass after the main factor of life, are the enzymes. Enzyme therapy – the science of the treatment with enzymes. Today in the West is one of the most common types of anti-aging therapy. In wheat germ contains 461 enzyme. Meanwhile, even in the most complex compositions of dishes more than a dozen enzymes you will not find. 461 the enzyme is only a small part of all the nutrients which actually are present in the composition of Wheatgrass. Each enzyme exerts its effects on the body: how many enzymes, so many ways of influence. Will try, however, to gather them together.

First, enzymes Wheatgrass have a unique ability to participate in digestion. They, being in the stomach and intestines facilitate digestion and reduce the load on the pancreas.

Second, some enzymes have a beneficial impact on the mucous membranes of the mouth and digestive tract, improve the supply of organs with oxygen, neutralize inflammation and restorenormal metabolism of cells.

The third important factor is that the wheat grass juice contains many fermented items, which have the ability to penetrate through the mucous membrane under the tongue directly into the blood (as a Demulcent) and humoral (through the liquid medium) to exert its healing effect on the entire body.

The fourth method, perhaps the most mysterious and unexplored. Since the enzyme is a complex protein molecule in its composition contains active ion center. But the body is so constituted that has not conceded in an unknown protein molecule. In order to enter the body, it must be divided into peptides or amino acids before reaching the bloodstream, it is impossible to give any guarantee that this amino acid is formed, the original enzyme molecule. But do not forget that the use of plant enzymes has a specific, powerful effect on the body, characteristic only for this enzyme.

The famous microbiologist, Professor Pastushenkov among the many known wheat secretes enzymes such as superoxiddismutase, cytochrome oxidase and transhydrogenase. In our country the study was conducted superoksiddismutazy in the early 60-ies. The tests showed good results in the treatment of cancer, as was also his doctoral dissertation, but then the topic was closed. Now in Europe, popular cosmetic companies use superoxydismutase in the production of means for skin care, providing antioksidantnoi, protective and rejuvenating effects on the cells.

Cytochrome oxidase is an enzyme which in large quantities contains in wheat germ. He mainly manages the process of assimilation by the cells of oxygen, helps to maintain energy balance. Professor Pastushenkov, given all of this, just opened antihypoxic activity of green Wheatgrass. That is why wheat germ can be used for the treatment of diseases which are caused by insufficient supply of oxygen to the tissues: cancer, ischemia, asthma, bronchopulmonary disease, etc.

Transhydrogenase is the name of the function of the enzyme, which is responsible for the movement of water. But if you consider the fact that we are 80% water, and thanks to her all metabolic processes, the importance of this function is difficult to overestimate. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the production of this enzyme decreases, the skin loses moisture, it begins to wither, fade and SAG. It is the enzymes of wheat seedlings help to eliminate the lack of water in cells andsupport the skin turgor.

Let us now discuss the amazing live pigment called chlorophyll and its role in the body. A proven fact is that chlorophyll is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. He literally burns them from the inside! There are even some medicines, which are based on chlorophyll concentrate, and the effect they are superior to chemotherapy. Wheat germ is one of the main suppliers of chlorophyll as it contains up to 70% of this substance!

Another important feature is that the chlorophyll molecule is the exact copy of the hemoglobin molecule, but the active ion in chlorophyll the center atom of iron atom replaced by magnesium. That's why the chlorophyll is able to activate the blood and improve blood. In addition, the residual chlorophyll has strong deodorizing properties. At the same time he fixes it (not scored) persistent odors such as from garlic, cigarettes and alcohol.

Vitamins and micro – nutrients

How important is the role of vitamins to human health, known to many. But about the role of micro - and macroelements do not know everything, and the end can't appreciate how useful they are these substances for the body. Good health is impossible without a proper balance of vitamins, micro - and macroelements, which allow us to synthesize the necessary enzymes and proteins.

If you know that the region in which you live, is extremely poor in minerals, to fill this gap, of course, possible artificial vitamin and mineral supplements. In addition, you can protect yourself from vitamin deficiency, you can use fruits, vegetables and juices. But why spend so much money if there is wheat germ, which is available to everyone and contain 32 39 vitamin and minerals! Why not grow them right on the window below at any time of the year to maintain the health of the whole family?

Now we discuss how Wheatgrass affects the long and bulky on the body. In the case of this body suffers the whole body. The weight of the body about three pounds, but hold it in your hands entirely not even the surgeon. We speak of course of the intestines. As we mentioned earlier, due to the evolutionary changes in fiber Wheatgrass is best suited to supply the friendly bacteria and putrefactive microflora is practically not absorbed them. In gratitude for such healthy food, like any symbiont, bacteria give us necessary for organism vitamins.

Adsorption properties

In the clinichospital therapy at the 1st medical Institute for getting rid of asthma and to minimize the allergenic background of the body of patients, specially selected wheat variety. He possessed the greatest ability to rid the body of allergens. Again, fibre of sprouted wheat very well stimulates peristalsis, which contributes to good stool, and naturally cleanses the body of toxins.

Now consider how, in practice, used wheat germ. Just as each person daily washes, cleans teeth, does other hygiene procedures, the use of wheat germ should be included in our everyday life. In addition to the previously described diseases in the Russian oncological Institute under the guidance of Professor Petrov proved that the use of wheat germ reduces the number of metastases and significantly inhibits the growth of tumors. The fact that wheat grass is one of the most effective means for cancer prevention, know of any oncologist about the third year of the Institute. So why wait for problems?

The result of the use of wheat germ

Regular intake of wheat germ helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, increases energy vitality, strengthens the immune system, has a stimulating effect and helps cure any disease. Every day eating a serving of green sprouts, you restore your health, while avoiding the unpleasant effects of stress, fatigue and other negative conditions. Even if you are young and healthy, Wheatgrass is and for you a pleasant surprise. As specialists have found out that regularly drinking Wheatgrass, you retain youthfulness and prolong the active life of approximately 30 years.