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Treatment with aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera is often called the century plant. This is due to the fact that the plant can survive in almost any environment, or that people who use it significantly extends life – remains a mystery. Many tend to believe that it is a "speaking" name of Aloe received due to both reasons.

There are over 250 species of Aloe, most of which grows in arid areas of America, Africa, Asia and Europe. To use I human health purposes is not suitable for all types, but the benefits of Aloe Vera are well studied and recognized by modern medicine.

Benefits of Aloe juice

As part of the benefits for the human body, it will be difficult to find in nature as a precious and versatile plant as Aloe Vera. It is a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals. The juice of this plant discovered 20 amino acids, many of which the body cannot synthesize, therefore they must be obtained from outside. Aloe contains minerals: calcium, potassium, sodium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, copper and zinc, and a variety of vitamins: C, A, E, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12. Moreover, Aloe Vera juice benefits when used both internally and externally.

It is widely known soothing properties of Aloe Vera. Juice taken for digestion and normalization of the intestinal microflora. Sleep disorders can be treated by this plant. Also Aloe is a wonderful immunomodulator, is able to significantly improve body tone, promote greater resistance to viruses.

Has Aloe Vera and laxative effect, however, I believe that the regular use of this tool in order to get rid of constipation can lead to the opposite effect. Bowel gets used to this stimulation and after discontinuation of will falter in the work.

The treatment with Aloe juice

Resorting to the treatment with Aloe juice people with different problems and different health status. Popular this plant for patients with diabetes and in people suffering from allergies. Juice can lower the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Natural substances do not cause serious side effects, and are ideal for the treatment weakened body.

The composition of Aloe juice includes active ingredients who believebiogenic stimulants. These substances are able to activate natural processes in the body, which for some reason are inactive. Are faster regeneration, healing, renewal of tissues.

Aloe Vera juice is effective for inflammation, relieves pain. The antiseptic properties of the juice of this plant also affect viruses, bacteria and fungi immediately retreat. In the gastrointestinal tract, Aloe effectively fights against staphylococci, streptococci, dysentery and diphtheria sticks. In medicine this plant is used in the treatment of inflammatory processes, it is especially important for pregnant women who are contraindicated for treatment with antibiotics. Aloe Vera helps to get rid of toothache and gum disease – it is necessary to rinse your mouth with diluted plant SAP.

Widely distributed Aloe in dermatology. They treat ulcers, psoriasis, dermatitis, boils and even varicose veins. Burns, frostbite, acne is also amenable to the beneficial effects of the juice of this miracle plant.

In viral infections and acute respiratory diseases Aloe also has earned a positive reputation. The juice is effective in the treatment of cough, runny nose, even acute and chronic forms. Aloe Vera treat tuberculosis, sinusitis. Inflammation in the bronchi, lungsand mucous membranes – with similar problems is able to handle this plant.

Aloe Vera juice for face

Due to the incoming part of the juice component is allantoin, Aloe Vera has strong moisturizing effect. The juice of this plant are often added to cosmetics that help your skin stay smooth, toned, elastic. Also Aloe Vera juice helps to restore the structure of skin cells, promotes their regeneration. Apply the juice of this plant and high fat content of the skin – the tissue will gain normal, healthy appearance. Small wounds, e.g., cuts after shave, it is also useful to process Aloe juice – the faster they will heal, leaving scars, and there is no risk of infection.

To nourish the skin with essential vitamins and minerals that are in excess contains the Aloe Vera juice. Essential skin vitamin E which gives it youthfulness and elasticity. Vitamin C will help the skin to maintain a healthy color. In order to preserve the freshness of the skin, enough two times a weekwipe the face of Aloe juice or a piece of a plant leaf, which has been in the refrigerator for at least 12 days.

Aloe Vera juice for acne

For those who have a tendency to acne (acne) will surely help Aloe. Quite strong antiseptic effect of this plant dries the acne and eliminating clogged sebaceous glands and prevents their appearance. Extrude the pimple, which itches and causes pain, you can use compresses with Aloe juice – just need to attach a patch to a problem location the compress with the tool, leave it on all night. After one-two nights a pimple will either come out or dissolve.

Is it possible the fresh Aloe juice wipe the face?

It is believed that Aloe juice has no contraindications when applied topically, it can be used both in diluted and in concentrated form. However, fresh juice is recommended more for those who have oily skin. If there are problems with dry skin, then wipe the face with Aloe Vera juice, you need to apply a moisturizer. Is individual intolerance to Aloe Vera juice, in this case, you can try to dilute the juice with water by half. If this does not work, you will have to abandon the use of the juice of this plant.

Aloe Vera juice for hair

It is established that the Aloe Vera juice, once in the body, acts at the cellular level, i.e., penetrates into cells, delivering the necessary substances: vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Cells become healthier and stronger. The same applies to cells hairline. Therefore, the baldness, the loss of vitality of the hair is recommended to ingest Aloe Vera juice and RUB it into the scalp.

Also Aloe Vera juice would help if skin is dry or damaged, or have dandruff. Many types of fungal infections of the scalp, for example, strigosum shingles, also suggest to RUB the skin Aloe.

The therapeutic mask of Aloe Vera juice, is able to return the hair to its former beauty and lustre, can be done on the basis of burdock or castor oil, egg yolks, yogurt, lemon juice. You can add honey, garlic, or onions – this will significantly strengthen the structure of hair. Masks are applied two to three times per week on wet hair, after 30 minutes the mask is washed off with shampoo.

Aloe Vera juice in the nose

From nasal congestion and runny nose there is no better means than the Aloe Vera juice. When compared to pharmacy drugs – drops that constrict the blood vessels, it is possible to draw conclusions about the advantage of natural herbal remedies. First, elderly unsafe to apply drops, constricts blood vessels – this can cause a jump in pressure. Secondly, it is not recommend medication and young children who often get sick. Thirdly, the drops do not cure, but only temporarily hide the symptoms from a common cold can turn into chronic forms of rhinitis, sinusitis, and even sinusitis.

Helps Aloe juice and for allergic rhinitis. It includes a catechin – a substance that fights the symptoms of allergies and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Also Aloe Vera juice has antibacterial and astringent properties, perfectly removes inflammation. In addition, if you drip in a nose Aloe juice during the epidemic of Influenza, the chances of getting sick are reduced to zero.

Aloe Vera juice when cold

The high efficiency of Aloe Vera in the fight against colds due to the fact that on the inner surface of the nasal passages are lined with many blood vessels. Aloe Vera juice is instantly absorbed through these vessels, enters the bloodstream, neutralizing toxins and killing bacteria and viruses. Also accelerates the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, edema of the mucosa is lost, it quickly restores the barrier quality. The cilia covering the mucous membrane of the nose, begin to move faster, stops the growth of bacteria. It is important to note: the sooner you start treatment runny nose Aloe juice, the more likely it is to cope with the disease in a short time.

Aloe Vera juice for eyes

Successfully used this plant to treat many diseases of the eye: of conjunctivitis, keratitis, atrophy of the optic nerve, cataract, myopia, glaucoma, blepharitis. Most inflammatory diseases of the eye treated with Aloe. Usually, an aqueous solution of Aloe. The plant leaf is crushed and poured boiling water, after 3 hours, the infusion can be used to rinse the eyes. Procedure is desirable to do at least three times a day.

Aloe Vera juice for weight loss

Scientists have proved that to lose weight with Aloe is much easier and more efficient. This is because the active components included in the chemical composition of Aloe, beneficial to the digestive system, normalizes the body's absorption of nutrients, accelerate metabolism. In addition, the Aloe Vera juice acts as a mild laxative, cleans the intestines from toxins, toxins and fecal stones. This plant also promotes the breakdown of fat deposits and eliminate them from the body. Of course, Aloe isfast and aggressive, as medical fat burning medications, but the effect is more prolonged. On top of that Aloe will rejuvenate and heal the whole body.

Application of aloe Vera juice

Aloe juice with honey

The use of Aloe juice with honey is indicated for many diseases. Aloe Vera is a biogenic stimulator that promotes the growth of new cells, while the honey enhances the action. Besides Aloe Vera juice with honey boosts the immune system, restores strength, struggling with chronic fatigue, removes toxins. Also, this "elixir" it reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and viruses, making it an essential tool for colds and diseases of the nose and throat. Use of both internally and externally for burns. Most often, a mixture is prepared from equal parts of honey and Aloe juice consumed before meals. In the fridge more than a day is a means to store is not recommended.

Mask with Aloe juice

Masks with Aloe Vera juice is equally good both for skin and for hair. Skin with a mask is cleaned of dirt, dead skin particles, sebaceous plugs. If the skin is too oily, you will lost an unhealthy sheen, fabrics are much healthier. Dry skin will become smooth and soft, and lost the feeling of tightness of the skin. To prepare the hair mask, as the basis for the use of various vegetable oils, dairy products, egg yolk. Facial masks usually do with more noble oils (olive, wheat germ) or fruits (persimmon, avocado).

Aloe Vera juice to children

For the treatment of children's diseases, especially at an early age, Aloe is almost the perfect option. After all, kids get sick regularly, and antiviral and antimicrobial drugs are often given to kids to not give – they destroy the cells of the liver, and disturb the microflora. If you mix Aloe Vera with fruit juice, the child will not even notice it. On the other hand, self to do be very careful, and preferably under the supervision of a physician.

How to make Aloe Vera juice at home?

To get Aloe Vera juice at home, you should follow some rules that will allow you to extract maximum benefit fromthe resulting "elixir".

  1. First of all, you should know that the plant must be aged at least three years.

  2. The need to use only the bottom leaves of Aloe, which before the cut should be well cleaned, but not washed.

  3. The leaves are cut, wrapped in a towel for two weeks and placed in the refrigerator. Under these conditions, the leaves produce specific substances – biogenic stimulators, is able to awaken the active life of the cells.

  4. After they lay there the necessary time, with the help of grinder have them grind and press the gauze.

  5. The juice should be used immediately.

  6. In order for the Aloe juice for longer, it is possible to preserve medical alcohol. To 8 parts of juice, you must take 2 parts of alcohol, mix, then store in the refrigerator.

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist