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The truth about belly fat

When we see fat on my stomach, really wish it wasn't there. This grease even capable of hiding itself at places where it is not noticeable, however, these "inaccessible" places, he may be a greater threat to human life. Belly fat is and in people slim build. They usually are not even aware that they are present in the waist unwanted fat deposits. This begs the question, which hurts, I swear, not one person: where does this fat and how to get rid of it?

First, grease it, put on the abdomen, is more dangerous than other deposits that may be on the body. If fat in the belly area very much, it is several times more dangerous than fat in the buttocks and thighs. The problem is that abdominal fat is directly linked to very serious health problems, for example, with diabetes of the 2nd type, stroke and heart disease. If a person has a genetic predisposition to excess weight or simply to places where can get fat, unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition will only promote early fat deposition and greatly exacerbate the health situation.

Second, "beer bellies"do not grow from drinking beer. In our country, and not only us, a large number of people think that drinking beer will increase the characteristic beer belly. But studies helped to establish all points over"I", namely: consumption of beer and belly fat do not have each other nothing. If excessively eating large portions or alcohol, there are a large number of calories, it just promotes fat storage in the abdominal area. Well, after all, why beer makes men mostly start to appear the tummies? The answer is simple: all by the fact that alcohol increases the appetite and influences the hormones that are responsible for regulating satiety, as you know, people usually by alcohol consume a lot of food, and this, of course, unnecessary calories to the body. You just need not to forget that we did not use excessively, it will definitely lead to weight gain.

Third, the most dangerous for the tummy is TRANS-fats. However, not eating fatty foods increases the volume of the waist and abdomen, and a surplus of calories, and they lead to the growth of the abdomen. But there are some fats that are more harmful than others. Studies have shown that TRANS fats have such an effect on the body, whybegins to appear the belly fat. TRANS fats are commonly found in such products as margarine and in fast food, baked goods.

Fourth, deposition of fat in the abdomen is most often male. The nature of the male sex the fat in the abdomen is much more common than in women, and because men and women hormonal difference. In women under the age of 40 years fat is stored in the buttocks and in the thighs. When a woman turns 40, in subsequent years, the fat begins to be deposited already in the stomach, and all because it decreases the level of estrogen in the body.

Fifth, to drop fat from the abdomen is not difficult any other fat present in the human body. With weight loss the first place where it starts to go away fat is the abdomen. Is considered and actually is the best way to reduce your waist by changing diet and physical activity.

Sixthly, during the swing of abdominal muscles belly fat is not reduced. Crunches, squats, and also other physical exercises do not directly burn fat from stomach fat "melts"in the whole body at once, and only during sleep. But physical exercise strengthens muscle, and the more you have, the more they will"eat calories". For this purpose, suitable and aerobic exercise, be it Cycling, running, tennis, swimming.

Seventh, the lean people fat too. If a person has normal weight, and the mean level of abdominal fat, too. However, even fairly thin people can have elevated levels of visceral fat, which usually accumulates around the vital organs. Such people, if there is a genetic predisposition, often excessive levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. However, not only genetic predisposition can affect the fat around the organs, but too languid and inactive lifestyle.

Eighth, the best way to remove belly fat is to follow a proper diet. As shown by the huge amount of research, a limited amount of food and thus of calories coming leads to the fact that belly fat begins to leave. In proper diet should include the following foods: beans, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products (but the fat content must be reduced), meat, nuts, eggs, fish and, of course, the bird. Such a diet will allow you to lose weight and reduce waist size. In addition, in order to obtain the best result, experts recommend physicalexercises from hour to hour, but not necessarily regularly.