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k 2030 g. ot kureniya ezhegodno budet umirat 10 mln chelovek

According to the statistics of Smoking by the early 2030 Smoking will kill people every year. The number of these deaths will reach 10 million people. World Association of lung diseases, said that this year the number of deaths will really achieve such huge numbers! Mainly this will occur in developing countries.

But in our time the number of deaths from tuberculosis each year is about 3 million people, and Smoking is 5 million people. Therefore, Smoking is one of the main reasons for serious diseases such as lung cancer, larynx.

At the moment, in developed countries reduce the volume of cigarette sales, but in developing countries the number of smokers increases from year to year. Despite the fact that the government is actively trying to propagandize a healthy way of life, while the number of smokers is still increasing. It is believed that in 2030 the number of smokers will be more than 1.64 billion people. But at the moment this number is only 1.3 billion people.

According to members of the American society for the study of cancer, the main producers and suppliers of cigarettes are such countries as the USA and China. A large number of smokers live in China, Djibouti, Cambodia.

In the fight against Smoking and its effects developed countries have decided to impose a ban on Smoking in public places. A recent example is Israel. A little early this ban was introduced by the UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France and many other countries.