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Every 6 seconds tobacco kills one life

Smoking statistics shows that for every six seconds cigarette kills one life. And each year tobacco kills 5 million people. According to statistics by the beginning of 2030 Smoking will kill people every second and the number of these deaths will reach 10 million people . But in our time the number of deaths from tuberculosis each year is about 3 million people, and Smoking 5 million people. Therefore, Smoking is one of the main reasons for serious diseases such as lung cancer, larynx.

It is believed that in 2030 the number of smokers will reach 1.6 billion people. But at the moment this number is already 1.3 billion people.

Cigarettes are still the leading cause of death in all regions and districts of our vast country. It is believed that tobacco kills half the people who use it constantly for 15 years.

A new report

According to a new report by the world health organization, the greatest number of smokers would like to stop that habit, but I can't. Also there is mentioned that the number of deaths from diseases caused by tobacco, much more than infectious diseases. But despite this, none of the countries in the world have been unable to comply with the international requirements in the fight against Smoking. These requirements have been restated in the framework of the conference of the world health organization on tobacco control, which entered into force on 27 February 2005.

The conference States that to ban cigarette advertising, raise the price of the production and sale of this product. She also introduced measures to protect nonsmokers by prohibiting Smoking in public places. Based on this conference, label that contains a warning about the dangers of Smoking for health, should occupy half the area of packaging the product.

In this report it is reported that only ten percent of the world's population lives in countries that could undertake the implementation of measures to reduce the level of Smoking.

Tax tactics

The income of governments from taxation on tobacco in 5 000 times more money that they spend to fight it.

In the Russian Federation, every day, or rather every ten seconds, a person dies, what do you think? I'll tell you, he dies for his recklessness, and the reason is the Smoking.

65% of our men is 45 million people and 10% of our half of the floor, but it is not enough, and it is 10 million, and they all smoke.

At the moment the world health organizationsuggested several main strategies, in order to get rid of the tobacco epidemic. One of such strategies aimed at tobacco control and preventing tobacco use. As well as protecting the public from tobacco smoke, the treatment of smokers who wish to get rid of his bad habits. Informing people about the dangers associated with Smoking, bans on advertising tobacco products, taxation on these products.