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In Russia every 10 seconds a smoker dies

According to statistics, Smoking men in the Russian Federation, every day, or rather every ten seconds, dies people. What do you think? I'll tell you, he dies for his recklessness, and the reason for that is Smoking! In our country smoke 65 % of men, which represents 45 million people and 10% of women that up to 10 million.

This is the official data

The Director of the State research centre preventive medicine, Professor-cardiologist Rafael Oganov announced on our channel important news:

in Russia 70 % of smokers are male population and 30 % - beautiful half floor, he also said that in Russia people are dying from Smoking much more often than in Europe. Whereas in Eastern Europe the death from Smoking comes only in 22 % of all deaths, and in Belgium and the Netherlands this the percentage is 35 units. Oganov said, in the near future in Russia will hardly have the opportunity to remedy this situation and to affect the fight against Smoking. But this is doesn't mean is not accepted any measures.