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Treatment Smoking anger management

Smoking and anger management

This auditory training when Smoking is designed as on a "clean brain". Presented to your attention the exercises will help you to get rid of Smoking and of the accumulated negative energy. To complete this exercise, you may begin to "emerge"from the bottom of the various subconscious negativity that had accumulated inside, it is made available to consciousness. Don't worry, let it out, all this"garbage", negative emotions, bad situations or even whole periods of life will disappear forever as exercise. During exercise you may become bored or even want to sleep, don't worry, by the end of motivational boredom, and drowsiness will pass as the accumulated negativity will disappear forever. Your task is to not to quit the exercises at the half, and pass them to the end.

Recommendations for anger management

At the end of each part of the exercise meditating your General condition should be much better than at the beginning, if that doesn't happen, you should continue the exercises. Each part of the exercise should be performed as long as the exercises will not be given to you easily and bring a sense of relaxation and complete peace of mind, only then you should proceed to the next part of the exercise. It is recommended to perform exercises in any position, standing, lying or sitting (preferably).

For exercise, you should allocate 2 hours a day and this will be enough. All communications should be turned off, as nothing should distract your attention. The eyes need to be kept open, since you have to see all around. If happens so, that at some stage will pop up, too much negativity, then you can take a break to walk around the room, deep breathe and to switch his attention to something else. As soon as you feel better, you should return to exercise and to finish what You started.

Part one

You represent, what you say: "You should not smoke"and you say in response:"Well, now I'm not a smoker(me)". You just need to imagine what you say, no matter whom and how you present. It can be abstract or very specific people. If we do not get to see everything as a picture, then you should at least have some idea about it. If you will be easier, you can use a mannequin, a doll or even any individual present the "face"as his interlocutor. Not altering the wording of the words! You get the words"You should not smoke"and give the answer,"Well, now I'm a nonsmoker(I)". Aloud the words to say not necessarily. All this you repeat as if in a circle, again andagain, as long as you don't become easy to perform this action, and will not come a sense of relaxation and tranquility. And then you can move to the second part.

Part two

Can you imagine what You say about someone, "You ought not to smoke"and in response hear,"Well, now I'm a nonsmoker(I)".

Part three

You represent, what you say: "You should smoke", and you say in response: "Well, now I'm a smoker(I am)".

Part four

Can you imagine what you say to someone: "You should smoke", and in response to hear: "Well, now I'm a smoker(I am)".


We remind you that each piece of data offered to You exercises should be performed until the end, until the final result, namely improving the General condition in comparison with the beginning, the implementation is easy, it's relaxing and calm. When all of this is you will, you can move on to the next part. After You finish the fourth part, you should go back to the first in order to check whether You have negative emotions and feelings. If you feel, during the execution of the first part of that negativity is still there, you have to make a second round of exercises. Should perform exercises in a circle until then, until you feel that negativity is no more, then exercise can be considered complete.