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Whether it is difficult for me

Quitting Smoking is largely determined by your desire, but there are some factors that you are not even aware and which may cause difficulty in your decision. It's your job. You will say to yourself that you have a busy day or something to come up with themselves. In order to understand how much you will have difficulty, let us consider a few examples that should help you.

You may think that the easiest position from the employees of the medical sphere, but you are deeply mistaken. Probably you cite in justification examples such as "they more than anyone know about this problem," "bump into her constantly", "see the consequences".


You should be the doctors and understand that excessive knowledge of a problem gives no advantages, but rather the backlog. You will ask: why? I answer you: the problem lies in the fear that envelops you. Moreover, the work in medicine is far from tranquil, on the contrary, there is only one stress.

But that's not all. Stress is just the tip of the iceberg, and below is hidden by such factors as the man himself. For example, a doctor - first and foremost representative of a healthy lifestyle and has a habit, like Smoking.

Error-choice method

My advice: don't quit on such a system, as an abbreviation, as you so simply will never get rid of this bad habit. The first and most important error of this method is that you wind yourself on the brain that today, two tomorrow and one cigarette. Kill you these thoughts and you start clinging to each cigarette, and even worse - constantly think about it and anticipate its taste. So you just keep Smoking, just not constantly. You will be just a miserable person that nobody wants. You will cease to feel happy, no longer taste my food and not even believe it myself, but the pleasure from sex is also forget.

You should make it so that you just forgot about cigarettes, you simply should solve, whether you smoke or not, or if you just say it. Decide once and for all that you need. And then you will see what you are so long forgotten - namely, the taste of this beautiful life, in all its senses perfect. But once you decide this, you, according to all the rules of life, there will be boredom, especially in those moments when you think that you could smoke. However, this happens only due to the fact that you forgot the real taste of this life. You should just think about it, that's all.

But, as you already know, a similar situation is easy to feel if you are working correctly. Don't worry, you always remind us thatyou have quit Smoking. Similar points apply to additional time to rejoice in their freedom from the evil monsters. If you correctly tuned in, the discomfort will turn to you in pleasure.

Remember one thing: people regardless of gender, age, place of work, you may quit Smoking. You just need to remember it.

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