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Terrible statistics of Russian families

Not everyone knows that every day more than 700 people in Russia die from diseases associated with Smoking. And worst of all, a large number of these dead people were still of working age. You just think of these colossal figures, 700 people die each day because of some cigarettes. In this situation, it may be any, be it your friend, family member or a close person. And, as you know, smokers live 10-12 years less than people who do not smoke.

According to the head of the Duma Committee on health protection Tatyana Yakovleva: "We must win this era of Smoking, which always kills a certain number of people every day. In our country, smokers make up 50 % of adults and 40 % of adolescents, which means that almost every second person in the country smokes. And these numbers are increasing every day."

It is known that in families where there is at least one smoker, 15-20 % of the family budget goes to buy cigarettes. And ironically, this low-income families.

The world health organization is confident that tobacco and poverty are the main components in Russian families and are closely associated with each other. And if you remember that Smoking causes many diseases, which are then difficult and expensive to cure, it turns out that all the money that you spent on the consumption of cigarettes, and then for the treatment of disease from these cigarettes have been wasted. For anybody not a secret that a discarded cigarette on the street, which was not extinguished until the end, is the cause of many fires in forests, fields and cities. And the most serious that in consequence of this killed hundreds and thousands of people.