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Smoking and breast-feeding

Smoking and breastfeeding – these are two incompatible things! Nicotine, which is contained in the breast milk of Smoking women, breastfeeding has a negative impact on the child, making him restless, and markedly reduces the baby's sleep time, that is the conclusion reached by scientists of the center for chemistry of Monell.

During the study, scientists watched fifteen infants in the past two days. Every mother who participated in this study were supposed to smoke 1-3 cigarettes before the period of observation in one day and completely give up Smoking the next day. Children after feeding put on the back, and waited until they go to sleep. The babies were connected activity recorders that give you the opportunity to register their well-being during sleep and its duration. Also changed the concentration of nicotine and cotinine in breast milk.

The results were as follows. In cases where the mother smoked a cigarette feeding, sleep duration of the child decreased by 37 %. And the results showed that anxiety baby sleep depends directly on contained in breast milk nicotine.

Scientists from the laboratory of Monell concluded that the higher nicotine levels in breast milk appears in about 30-60 minutes after it had been smoked one or two cigarettes. Absolute cleansing milk takes place in about 3 hours. Therefore, scientists give advice to mothers who are not able to give up the habit, feed your baby the milk only after 3 hours after Smoking.