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Who give birth to female smokers?

It has been said that Smoking during pregnancy is a bad influence on the unborn child. Newborn babies of Smoking mothers suffer poor health, they have weakened immune system, hence are frequent colds and other illnesses, and these kids are usually born with very little weight. Scientists have proved that children who are used to nicotine in the womb have a greater likelihood of becoming in adult life smokers suffering from nervous diseases (in other words, Smoking loonies).

About the dangers of Smoking

Even though it sounds strange, but about the serious harm of Smoking to the health of all mankind began to learn only in 50-ies of XX century. Until that time, the doctors were sure that tobacco does not cause any harm. But it should be noted that all the same doubts assailed then adults, that children nicotine is better not to abuse. This is evidenced by the fact that in the 1920-ies the Soviet government issued posters with the words "Smokers, students learn worse!". Their attitude to tobacco doctors changed only in 1956, after he compared the case histories of their patients 40 thousand doctors from different countries. After that, and it turned out that smokers more often suffer from cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer. Doctors and scientists hastily rushed to study the effect of nicotine on living organisms.

The doctors began to conduct experiments on animals, and found that nicotine causes the animals to die from here and went to saying "a drop of nicotine kills a horse". Further studies have shown that Smoking affects not only the lungs and heart, but also is a violation of the digestive process, spoil the teeth, disrupted endocrine glands, as well as men have problems with potency and significantly deteriorate the character. But the greatest harm, as it turned out, Smoking causes babies. Scientists managed to establish that nicotine, carbon monoxide, and even radioactive substances that are contained in cigarettes, directly into the baby through the placenta if the mother will make at least one hit. It was noted that the concentration of all these substances in the body of the fetus is much greater than that of the mother, because of this, there is a spasm in the blood vessels of the placenta, which leads to oxygen starvation of the child. Harmful substances contained in cigarettes, penetrating to the child, have an impact on absolutely all vital organs of the baby, thereby preventing it from developing. In the end, a greater number of children born to Smoking parents, are born prematurely, with low weight and are susceptible to various diseases. And in addition, the development in the future is they have a muchslower than their peers.


According to statistics, Smoking, no matter how much is smoked cigarettes during pregnancy, much increases the risk that this pregnancy will end badly.

To quit Smoking is not all

Once published, these data scientists, it became clear to all, in order to have a healthy baby, you must quit Smoking before pregnancy. But after all expectant mothers become aware of these data, many are unable to refuse this addiction for nine months. All statements, warnings about a small child's weight, poor health and delays in development seemed women a bit abstract.

Although many have tried to quit Smoking, but no nicotine patches, no gum, no acupuncture sessions, neither positive moods did not help them do it. And approximately 25% of women in state of pregnancy, continued to smoke.

The effects of Smoking on children

Towards the end of the twentieth century, published new data about how Smoking affects pregnancy, and these data are simply shocked the entire medical world. These data are not just talking about the fact that Smoking has a negative impact on the physical condition of the child, but also on the mental health of the unborn child. German scientists have fully proved that the children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, even at an early age was observed inattention, impulsivity, overactivity stupid and mental development was below average.

It is worth noting that these children are extremely aggressive and several times more prone to cheating than children whose mothers did not smoke during pregnancy. English doctors were able to conclude that in children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, children are born with 40% more often with this disorder, like autism. The reason for that is the fact that while Smoking mothers fetus is suffering from oxygen starvation, also the doctors attribute this to the fact that nicotine has a negative effect on particular genes, which are responsible for psychomotor functions of the body.

Frightening facts

Research scientists from the international group of Emory University located in Atlanta Georgia, was able to establish some fact pattern that children born to mothers who smoke, for the most part more aggressive and more likely go to prison for violent crimes. Was conducted a study, consisting in the tracking of 4,000 men who were born from Smoking mothers in Copenhagen from September 1951 to 1961. It showed that these menv poltora raza chashe popadali pod statu.

no eto eshe ne vse strashnye otkrytiya, svyazannye s vredom kureniya pri beremennosti materi. uchenye iz britanii v 2003 godu sdelali eshe odno uzhasnoe otkrytie: kurenie, osobenno na rannej stadii beremennosti, privodit k tomu, chto deti rozhdautsya namnogo chashe s takimi otkloneniyami, kak «volchya past» i «zayachya guba». provedennye dopolnitelno issledovaniya dokazali, chto u 42 % materej, kotorye stradaut tabachnoj zavisimostu, deti s takim defektom rozhdautsya chashe v dva raza, chem u nekuryashih materej. amerikanskimi uchenymi bylo dokazano, chto risk rozhdeniya rebenka s kosoglaziem u kuryashih materej na 34 % vyshe, chem u nekuryashih. takzhe bylo dokazano, chto esli kurenie materi v period beremennosti sochetaetsya s nasledstvennostu kosoglaziya v rodu, to etot risk povyshaetsya v 20 raz!

poslednie dannye

deti, rozhdennye ot kuryashih materej, riskuut k 16 godam zabolet saharnym diabetom ili ozhireniem. u malchikov, chi materi kurili vo vremya beremennosti, yaichki menshego razmera, a takzhe koncentraciya spermatozoidov v sperme na 20 % menshe, chem u malchikov, chi materi ne kurili.

deti materej, kotorye kurili v period beremennosti, vo mnogo raz bolshe imeut veroyatnost togo, chto nachnut kurit sami v starshem vozraste, chem te deti, chi materi ne byli podverzheny etoj pagubnoj privychke. eto dokazano!