Easiest way

The purpose of my articles is that you have formed such a mood, if you suddenly recovered from a deadly disease and felt such a joy of life that literally flew, not walked the earth. It is the difference of my method from the method of willpower. If you use the method of willpower, you feel constantly unhappy, deprived of something, and you will feel like you are walking on difficult, thorny path, constantly overcoming obstacles.

An important point

After you manage to quit Smoking using my method, you will wonder how you used to be able to smoke. And now you will be able to look at those who still smoke not with envy, but with pity for him. Important is the fact that you did not start to operate until you have read all the chapters. Unless, of course, you are a former smoker or even Smoking man.


Maybe you think that my request is highly controversial, but then I will explain that cigarettes are nothing at all you are not given and you do not need to smoke them. But the biggest puzzle associated with Smoking, is that when you smoke and feel the taste of the cigarette, hold it in your hands, you don't understand how you can smoke that, and why you smoke. But when you are a smoker, you very much want to do it, and now the cigarette becomes for you a special meaning. The paradox is that when you smoke you want to quit, and when you throw, you want to smoke again.

On the hook

And maybe now it is time to admit that you are in limbo, that is, you "on the hook". And once you realize, believe and accept this fact, you will constantly feel on the hook, and therefore will always tense, cannot relax or concentrate without a cigarette. So no need to try to quit Smoking until you read all the chapters. In the course you will read my articles, you increasingly will want to stop Smoking, but do not hurry, otherwise you can prevent many fatal mistakes. All that is now required of you is to follow the instructions.

My example

At the end of twelve years since I published the first time this book, I've heard many times from readers what their biggest disappointment was the fact that they can't leave until then, until they read the book to the end.

When I quit Smoking many of my friends and family followed my example and quit Smoking. They saw my example and realized that even if I could do it, why they can't. And later I was able to help quit Smoking, even those who never thought about what life can be without cigarettes.


When my book was published in several copies, I gave a couple books to your friends – inveterate smokers. They are still Smoking a cigarette and believe in its miraculous properties to make life more enjoyable. And I was sure that even if this book is for them the most boring book in the world, they will read it , though, because it was written by their friend. But what was my disappointment and chagrin when after some time I found that none of them read my book. And one of my friend who I signed his book and gave just gave it to someone else.

I was very offended by such a statement of Affairs. But then I did not attach importance to the fact that the fear of dependence is much stronger even feelings of friendship. One day, my fear almost led to divorce with my wife.


Once, my mother asked my wife why she didn't tell me she'd leave me unless I quit Smoking. To which my wife replied that she can't say, because he knows that in this case I'll leave it up himself. Painful as it is to admit it, but at that time my wife was right. Fear of nicotine addiction is so strong that you can sacrifice everything.

Many people simply do not read my book, because I know that when I read it , it will not be able to quit Smoking. Some specially read very slowly in order to delay that terrible moment when they have to quit Smoking. And those who just have to read this book for the sake of their loved ones, bound hand and foot. But take a look at the situation from the other side. What will you lose if you read the book? Nothing. If you are not able to quit Smoking by the end of this book, no one will say that you are a bad person. Which means you really have nothing to lose and maybe even gain very much.

Happy man

Maybe you have not smoked for two-three weeks until I picked up this book, and I don't know who to refer themselves. Either you are Smoking or Smoking. Then just try not to smoke during that time, while you are reading a book. Now you non-smokers. And by the end of the book you will become a happy non-smoker man!

My method differs from the conventional way to quit Smoking. If you use the common method, you're trying to find the negative side of Smoking, and then convince yourself that after a certain amount of time without a cigarette you'll just get used to it, and your body will not want the next portion of nicotine. So, you yourself become free from cigarettes.

The best way

This is one of the most logical ways to stop Smoking, andsome do with different variations of this method succeed. But to achieve a positive result in this way is very difficult for some reason:

Actually quit Smoking is not a problem. You quit Smoking every time he finished a cigarette and extinguish it . On any day you can say to yourself that you will never go back to Smoking because you have a million reasons. And these reasons are really a lot. But then, a week, a day when you will become unbearably bad, or, conversely, very good, or just when you're drunk, you smoke a cigarette and start the whole mechanism again. And since nicotine dependence is an addiction and drug, you want another cigarette, and then another, and another.

Usual thought

It would seem that our thoughts and the understanding that Smoking is just killing us, should greatly affect us, and we should then quit, but nothing happens. Not happening because the more we realize that Smoking kills us, the more smoke. Start talking to a smoker that the cigarette brings harm him, and he lit up a cigarette and continue communication with you. We take the hands of the cigarette whenever you feel emotional stimulus, whether it is positive or negative.

The opinion of the society

Society has always told us that to get rid of Smoking very difficult, even almost impossible. And in publications, which are intended to help you quit Smoking and tell you how to do it from the first page, I warn all readers that quitting Smoking is very, very difficult. But in actual fact it's simple. It is not difficult, and you can verify this for yourself. Of course, now you doubt my words, but trust me, it's much easier than you think.

Easiest way to quit Smoking is this: let's forget about those reasons, because of which we would like to quit, and look at the issue of Smoking in General and ask yourself the following questions:

What I get from Smoking?

Really I get from Smoking a pleasant experience?

If I want to continue to live, to constantly shove in his mouth himself poison and pay big money?

A profitable business

You have plenty of reasons why addiction is a very profitable business. For example, you will save a huge amount of money used to spend on cigarettes. And also before you have caused great harm. And if you want now to expose the deadly risk of their health. And also remember that all these torments of withdrawal is only a temporary phenomenon, and soon you will achieve your goal.

The pain and suffering

Many smokers are afraid that they will have to spend the rest of mylater life in pain and suffering, the longing for a cigarette during times when associating factors will remind you of Smoking. They believe that they are now life will have to engage in self-deception, persuading themselves that they do not want to smoke. No. This is not so. Remember the old saying: the optimist sees the bottle half full, pessimist – half empty. If you forget about all the factors that remind you of cigarette, if you will get a full bottle, you realize that for you there is no need in Smoking. That thing is just your attitude and approach to business. And it is probably one of the most important aspects in decision to quit Smoking.

Positive aspects

And the first thing we have to do is to convince you that Smoking does not give you anything good.

You will understand that and not give up on anything really. On the contrary, if you get rid of Smoking, they will gain a lot of positive moments. This applies to the financial and moral side of things.

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