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A million Russians a year die from Smoking

The international day of refusal of Smoking is celebrated every third Thursday of November for about 30 years. The purpose of this celebration is to reduce the spread of tobacco dependence, as well as the inclusion of all segments of the population to the struggle against Smoking, educate the public about the effects of tobacco on human health, as well as presenting statistics deaths arising from the habit of cigarettes.

Unfortunately, Russia is a country dominated by a larger number of smokers compared to other countries in the world. According to the statistics of smokers in our country smokes every tenth woman, and among people of youthful age – smoke 53% of boys 28 % of girls. Such a bad habit, like Smoking, subsequently causes the death of a million people in Russia.

In General, the country 65% of men 30% of women are smokers. And most interestingly 80% of men who smoke and half of the women became addicted to this bad habit in adolescence, and this means that while they have not reached 18 years of age.

After 20 years, the number of smokers has increased by 440 thousand people, and the reason for this is that more and more start Smoking women and people in their Teens.

As it turned out, in Russia the law "About restriction of Smoking of tobacco" is one of the toughest in the world, and cigarettes - the cheapest in comparison with other countries.