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pravda i vymysel o tom, kak brosaut kurit

Only 5% of people can easily quit Smoking

Is there a way to quit Smoking? Or smokers for life are doomed to "novel" with a cigarette? Narcologists say that it all depends on how strong the dependence in the smoker.

Only 5 % of cases Smoking can be called a mischief, and like a harmless habit. And those people who belong to this percentage, you can easily quit Smoking without any problems and symptoms. But the other things are more difficult as the remaining 95 % of smokers Smoking is already not an easy habit, and a serious illness! To cure this disease once and for all very not easy, but nevertheless possible. The years of Smoking in humans, form a kind of behavior! It can be called "Smoking behaviour". It manifests itself in a great desire to bring a cigarette to his mouth. If you don't have a smoker a feeling of anxiety. A heavy smoker, in the absence of tobacco starts to shake, it is possible to increase salivation or, on the contrary, a feeling of dryness in the mouth and headache. In the absence of getting nicotine into the body a person begins to be very annoying, since his body and he is experiencing extreme stress. But not so bad to get rid of this bad habit possible!

The patch

In medicine, there is a large number of methods that are intended to help the person who wants to quit Smoking, to cope with unpleasant symptoms during this difficult period. When a heavy smoker begins to quit Smoking, he starts a nicotine fit. In order to avoid it, you should use drugs that are delivered to the smoker of the minimum amount of nicotine. It nicotinecontaining method. This method applies a special patch. Its paste on the skin of a smoker, and with the help of this patch, the nicotine enters the blood. The patch applies during the day or 12 hours, the course of treatment of tobacco dependence takes 2 to 3 months.


Can also be used to combat harmful habit. It operates on the same principle as the patch. Nicotine enters the body through the respiratory tract. Using this method, the concentration of nicotine in the blood increases much slower than during Smoking of the cigarette, and the maximum level of nicotine in the body is noticeably smaller when compared with the smoked a cigarette.

Chewing gum

Its action starts after chewing, she intensively starts to produce nicotine and remains in the mouthbitter taste. The rate of using chewing gum lasts about a year and a half. But not so easy when you use this course, you must follow a few rules: nothing 15 minutes before and after chewing gum, and in all cases the use of nicotinamidase Smoking cigarettes, because you can get poisoned by nicotine.

Any nicotinamidase drugs are easily available, they are sold in pharmacies, but they must appoint a doctor, as there is a risk incorrectly to choose the dose of nicotine is for yourself.


In the human body there are certain points and if you know how to influence them, it is possible to eliminate the vegetative and psychological symptoms associated with quitting Smoking. This method is proven, and for this reason, many modern clinics offer this method of dealing with Smoking, promising that just one session will eliminate the urge to smoke. But not true! The method is really good, but in order for the desire to smoke is gone completely, you must do at least 5-6 sessions (this is dependent on the status of the smoker).

Cranial electrical stimulation

The application of this method is that a weak intensity of the current act on certain points on the head of the smoker. In just 10 sessions of this therapy removes all the unpleasant symptoms a person improves mood, better sleep, lost the irritability. The main difference of this method, you can say a plus compared to acupuncture, is that you can completely avoid the discomfort, and also this method will appeal to those who have a concern about the fact that with a needle, the doctor may introduce infection into his body.

"Mountain air"

As already known, tobacco smoke is carbon monoxide, which during Smoking it in the body of man enters into connection with hemoglobin, the resulting compound appears toxic substance called carboxyhemoglobin, the substance as it begins to displace oxygen from the body. The result of this is that the tissue no longer receive the necessary nutrition, that is, there is hypoxia. But! There is one plus, at the time of occurrence of hypoxia is very actively starts working immune system. Why all this story? Yes, the fact that the action represented by the device called "Mountain air", is that people quit Smoking, is breathing with the help of this device a certain gas mixture with low oxygen content. But toxic substances, of course, the body is not formed, this method is used for the development of hypoxia, as it has a healing effect. This treatment method is good in that it reduces the craving, but on the other hand, in the bodyturn on and begin to actively work the body's defenses.

Installation — drop the cigarette

To combat tobacco addiction are also used autogenic training, someone can even approach more hypnosuggestive, is when a man enters into a state of deep hypnosis, and in that time, the doctor gives him installation on Smoking cessation. But this treatment will be suitable for the easily suggestible people. But not all people are so suggestible.