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Smoking during pregnancy

Pregnancy women who smoke, as a rule, is more severe than non-smokers or those who quit Smoking before conception. Smoking expectant mothers suffer from early toxicosis, gestosis, as well as varicose veins, constipation and frequent vertigo.

When Smoking accelerates the destruction of vitamin C, the body suffers from a deficiency and its consequences can be very serious. Deficiency of vitamin C can lead to metabolic disorders, deterioration of immunity, may also have problems with protein digestion and frequent depression.

It has been proved that because of nicotine poisoning in women during the child's conception, increases the risk of miscarriage 8-10 times.

The effects of Smoking during pregnancy

The most dangerous is the influence of nicotine on the baby in the womb. It is necessary to imagine that his life, your baby begins in the environment of nicotine poisoning (intoxication). The baby in the womb of the mother, who smokes, plays the role of a passive smoker. It is well known that adult smoker in a few hours (it depends with what intensity he smokes) forced quitting cigarettes appears to be simply uncontrollable desire to smoke or at least make one hit. The specialists call this phenomenon "nicotine hunger". Hard to imagine, but newborns and toddlers, too, is "nicotine hunger". This hunger may manifest differently (it all depends on how long and how much the mother smoked during pregnancy).

It is often such that kids constantly cry a lot and find it hard to sleep, and the reason for this is maternal Smoking. And sometimes it even happens that, the baby was born, took the first breath in life, screamed and through prosecond started to choke and turn blue. This is a manifestation of strong nicotine hunger of the child. In rare and extreme cases, doctors may even ask the mother to light a cigarette and exhale smoke in the direction of the child.

Children of Smoking mothers are far behind in development not only in utero but also after birth. Moms have this bad habit of children in utero suffer oxygen starvation and because of this are often born prematurely, they have a small weight, and they suffer from disorders of the respiratory organs. For a long time after birth, the children suffer from poisoning received while in the womb. Nicotine contributes to the defeat of brain cells of the child, which may lead to sleep disturbance toddler and unreasonablewhims.

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You need to quit Smoking before pregnancy!

It is better not to start Smoking, but if Smoking is already enslaved you, you must find the strength to quit Smoking about a year before the alleged pregnancy. Just need to the nicotine is completely gone from the female body. Some women smokers say they smoke for a long time and to kick the habit can't, but try to eat right, drink vitamins, to walk outdoors in order to Smoking had no effect on their future child. Of course, eating right, taking vitamins and walking in the fresh air is very useful, but still, the child will get their daily dose of poisoning from nicotine. That is why you should refuse this bad habit before pregnancy!

To quit Smoking really

To quit Smoking really! Say that cigarettes is a drug, although this is not true! Any sensible woman can quit Smoking. The most difficult period of quitting, this is the first 24 hours, if you endure, not give in, then the next day you may not think about what draws you to the cherished pack with nicotine. The incentive to start Smoking again can be different reasons, for example, with friends, out of habit, boredom, desire to take a striking pose, or with nervous disorders. At this time, when your hand is pulled to the sacred bundle, to get and smoke a cigarette, ask yourself "why do I need this?", after you answer yourself, try to think of another way to remove tension or just occupy their free time. To quit Smoking perhaps this should be remembered.

Abruptly quit Smoking not!

Women who smoke for a long time and more than 10 cigarettes a day, quit Smoking during pregnancy should be very careful and slow. Pregnancy is very stressful on the body, so any changes in the normal rhythm of life in this period (this number includes quitting Smoking) will only exacerbate the already painful condition women. When a woman quits Smoking abruptly, she reduced heart rate and enhanced contractility of the muscles, and this is can lead to miscarriage. Heavy, painful condition can last pretty long, from several weeks to a month. The main thing is not to overdo it! You need to understand that before you could only rely on their own strength, but now we needremember that you have another man.

How to quit Smoking during pregnancy? Experts say that in any case it is impossible to take out and quit abruptly to a pregnant woman. This should be done gradually, not in one day, and stretch it for 3 weeks.

  • At the first stage reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day in half and go for lighter cigarette.

  • In a week I reduce the number of cigarettes a day. And do yourself a rule: do not finish Smoking a cigarette to the end, took a few puffs to knock the nicotine hunger and enough.

  • On the third week allow yourself to do tightening only in the most extreme cases, if the heart begins to beat too much, vertigo, etc. and at the end of the third week you will want to take in a hand a cigarette.

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Sudden pregnancy

In most cases there is a sudden pregnancy, future parents are not quite ready for that. At the time when they learn about pregnancy, the embryo is about 2-4 weeks, and by then, he already managed to "pick up" enough nicotine. At 4 weeks the embryo begin to form in the liver, kidney, digestive tract, spine and brain, and that is liver, kidneys, digestive tract, spine, and brain affected by nicotine influence.

Women who quit Smoking early in pregnancy, the worry that has managed to poison your unborn baby's nicotine in the first few weeks. Don't panic, you can to reduce the harmful effects of Smoking during the remainder of pregnancy. Definitely need to warn your doctor that you have recently stopped Smoking. The doctor will prescribe you vitamins with a high content of vitamin C and iron. Should abandon such products that contain caffeine include chocolate, coffee, black tea, Cola, etc., Should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, drink fresh juices. Try to drink plenty of fluids, such as milk, yogurt, green tea, still mineral water, all this will contribute to the excretion of breakdown products of nicotine. Be sure to do a walk at least 3-4 hours in the fresh air, avoid smoky areas, and in any case do not allow to smoke in your presence. If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to repair the damage of nicotine to your body and give birth to a healthy child.

And dadremain on the sidelines

To quit Smoking better of course with the other half. First, it saves you from jealousy when your husband will go out for a smoke. Despite the fact that many men believe that they have to quit Smoking, not necessarily because they are not child. But it is not! There is a perception that if one of the parents smokes, it in any case affects future offspring. Nicotine poison is very strong the body is not only women but also men, and this is reflected in the quality and quantity of sperm. So in order for the child to be healthy, quit Smoking, should both parents.

It should be noted that unlike the female body, of male nicotine is excreted more rapidly in just 3 months. This suggests that if a smoker is only the Pope, then to plan pregnancy after 3 months from the time he gave up Smoking. In the case that the Pope flatly refuses to give up this addiction, try to give him the following medical studies:

It was established by scientists that if the family are smokers one or both parents, children are twice as likely to suffer diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma, tobacco contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, and greatly disrupts the oxygen saturation of blood.

Children of Smoking parents 6 times more likely to suffer diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The girls, who were born to passive smokers in later life may experience infertility.